Every Zodiac Sign Ranked From Most to Least Emotional

All those emotions you've got inside? Yeah, the stars might be responsible.

Published October 5, 2023

Some of us wear our hearts on our sleeves, and others shove their emotions down deep. Could the stars be to blame for the extra boxes of tissues you keep hidden around your house and car? You’d be surprised at just how much our astrological signs can influence how we process and express our emotions. Discover who’s the most emotional zodiac sign and how the others shape up on our emote-o-meter.

Don’t know which of the zodiac signs are at play in your life? Explore the different astrological signs.



Poll any Cancer on who's the most emotional zodiac sign, and without a doubt, they’ll admit to you that it’s them. These self-aware crabs can’t help topping the emotional charts. Driven by the Moon, Cancer’s feelings ebb and flow with the tides.

As one of the most empathetic zodiac signs, Cancers are bombarded with other people’s emotions all the time. Couple that with a penchant for feeling their own emotions in extremes, and you’ve got a seriously emotional bunch.



Pisces comes in at a close second to Cancer for being emotional. Fellow water signs, Pisces are naturally going to be more emotional than most of the twelve signs. And while they’re empathetic, too, they internalize a lot of the feedback they absorb.

They might not be as quick as Cancers to outwardly process the more violent emotions (like rage or spite), but they feel them just as deeply.



It might surprise you that Scorpios are in the top three of the most emotional zodiac signs, but Scorpios get a bad rep. Although outwardly they can be very intimidating and mysterious, their cool façade doesn’t stretch beneath the skin. In a way, their emotions are more volatile than their sister water signs’ are, which causes that typical moodiness they’re known for. Processing their intense emotions doesn’t come as easily to Scorpio as it does a crier and screamer like Pisces and Cancer. Instead, it bubbles just beneath the surface, adding to their moody air.



Naturally, you couldn’t follow up the water signs without Marco-Polo-ing the fire signs. Aries comes in first for the fire signs in terms of emotionality. They might not feel their emotions to quite the same depth that the water signs do, but they ratchet up the intensity as quickly as lighting a match.

Their emotions — for there are many of them — get expressed as anger more often than not. But like a locomotive, all you need is to let them blow off some steam, and cooler heads will prevail.



By nature, Leos are passionate people. The way they understand human emotions makes them so good at capturing people’s attention.

As a true leader of their pack, they’re sensitive to their loved ones' emotions, and they’ve got no trouble expressing what they’re feeling (or blasting what you’re feeling, too). Where Scorpios are quiet about their emotions, Leos are loud. But what can you expect from the boldest zodiac sign in the bunch?



Sagittarius might seem like an entirely optimistic sign that lets anything but positive emotions roll off their back. But if you’ve seen a Sag in the worst of times, you know that sunny disposition can be sent behind the clouds in seconds.

Although they don’t internalize other people’s emotions, they’re well attuned to their own. To others, they appear to be incredibly unpredictable, going from high highs to low lows. But to them, their fast-paced vacillation from one emotion to another is crystal clear.



Libras aren't super emotional, but they're gifted at navigating other people’s emotions. As a compassionate, diplomatic sign, they’re well-known for making friends out of enemies and soothing tantrums in seconds.

It’s this innate emotional intelligence that lands them firmly in the middle of the pack. But because they’re so emotionally intelligent, you won’t often find them having outbursts or bottling up their own feelings. They know what they need to do to process their feelings, and they’re all-the-more healthy for it.



Tauruses aren’t going to win any awards for crying at the drop of a hat, but that doesn’t mean they’re a heartless group. While they might be careful about who they show their softer side to, they are capable of being vulnerable and expressing their needs. And the arena they’re most comfortable being emotional in is when their loved ones are being threatened. Nothing quirks a bull’s attention like needing to act on their loyalty.  



Aquarius spends so much time in their own world that they’re often disconnected from their emotions. It’s hard to stay tuned in when your consciousness is constantly being dragged away to some errant thought or interesting perspective.

Although you won’t hear them belabor their emotions, you can see their feelings represented in their creative output. Art is catharsis, and Aquariuses are inherently creative beings. So of course they’d use their art to explore the emotions that they don’t always processes in real time.



Gemini isn’t represented by the twins for nothing. They spread their emotions around, so they don’t ever have to really deal with them. It’s easy to disconnect from your emotions when you’ve got so many different sides of yourself.

Similarly, Gemini is too adaptable to be caught up in intense emotional escapades. A snarky phrase or an inconvenience won’t throw them down the deep end. It’ll all just get added to their mental party stories folder to break out at their next get together.



Virgos are the absolute best at compartmentalizing their emotions. Come on, though, what more can you expect from a sign that can’t stop organizing and analyzing if they tried? Of course, Virgos still feel emotions. But they tend to only respond to the more personally hurtful ones, like embarrassment, inadequacy, and self-loathing.

Because they’re not as intrinsically driven by the heart as much as their head, you don’t often see their emotions bleeding through. But we can assure you, they’re still there.



Capricorns are best described in the iconic comparison outlined in Shrek — they’re like onions. They’ve got layers. Hidden layers, at that, but emotional layers all the same.

Without a doubt, Capricorns are the least emotional zodiac sign. They’re unflappable and steady. Nothing phases them. They’re not particularly sensitive to the emotions around them, nor to their own. That just means that their gooey centers are buried down deep beneath layers and layers. But if you dig deep enough, you should strike gold.

They've Got the Range...The Emotional Range


If you've always been sensitive or found it difficult to connect with other people’s emotions, then your zodiac sign may be responsible. As humans, we’re all emotional creatures. How we process and express those feelings vastly changes from person to person. But you can take solace in the fact that there are more people like you than you think.

Every Zodiac Sign Ranked From Most to Least Emotional