Most Attractive Zodiac Signs (& What Makes Each One Special)

We've read the stars so you don't have to. These are the most attractive zodiac signs - and the results might surprise you.

Published August 7, 2023

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and everyone has a different opinion of who the most attractive zodiac sign is based on what stuff sends their stomach butterflies a-fluttering. But, the cosmos does have their own opinion about which zodiac sign is the most attractive, and we've read the stars so you don't have to.

Can't remember what you or your partner's zodiac sign is? No need to fret; we break down all the zodiac signs and their traits in this helpful guide.


Without a doubt, the cosmos did Libra a solid by making them the most physically attractive zodiac sign. Ruled by Venus (a planet and mythical god that both represent beauty) and gifted with the most amenable personality ever, Libras were just destined to turn heads.

A hundred years ago, Libras would be the muses that every artist wanted to capture in their medium. But it's not only their good looks that make them so attractive. Easy-going is their middle name, and it draws people to them like moths to a flame.


For all their internalized feelings and hard-to-read nature, Scorpios are a bunch of classic beauties. Although they're not going to immediately walk the catwalk, their uncaring, breezy vibes will catch everyone's eye. They can't help it that people want to peel back their mysterious personality and get to the gooey center. There's just something innately magnetic about Scorpios that can be communicated in a single look; like Gorgons, you'll be struck by a Scorpio's sensuous glance.


There's a reason 'fake it 'til you make it' is one of the most popular pieces of advice today. Confidence makes even the most unconventional-looking person attractive. It's hard wired in us to be drawn to people that're feeling themselves, and Leos are always feeling themselves. Sometimes it might border on being proud, but it doesn't stop people's eyes from wandering their way.


You might consider Taurus a dark horse in the most attractive zodiac sign race. But, for all their lack of flash and bang, they're enamored with the beautiful things in life. Tauruses surround themselves with beautiful stuff - fashion, home décor, makeup, style, art, etc. When you take in so much beauty, it's bound to reflect back out of you. You'll know what clothes to pair together for a flattering look and what ways to trim your hair to accentuate your features. This instinct towards all things beautiful helps push them towards the top of our list.


Aries is a confident sign, ready to jump headfirst into being a trailblazer. They're often at the forefront of new trends, which makes them endlessly cool but not always appreciated right away. Their penchant for conflict might mangle a nose or split an eyebrow, but it's this in-your-face look that draws people to them. And, when they lower that tone and start taking charge, some people can't help but perk up and take notice.


Sagittarius lands dead center in the pack when it comes to physical attractiveness. They're bound to have a mesmerizing feature or two, but they don't have the type of beauty that people spend years carving into stone. But what they lack in classic beauty they make up for in charisma. Sagittariuses are so adept at filling a room with their infectious energy that they're never lacking in admirers.


Aquarius is a quirky sign, often noted for being full of people who march to the beat of their own drum. It's this individualistic approach to life and style that makes them a sign that grows on you with time. While they're not always turning heads right away, their unique choices in how they represent themselves through fashion and style make them memorable. And there's something very attractive about someone you can't forget.


Geminis may not be one of the most physically attractive signs, but their adaptability makes people swipe right time and time again. They're witty, good at conversation, and will adapt to any situation you throw them into. And, unlike some of the more reserved signs, Geminis are comfortable and confident navigating a room, which can dazzle any day of the week.


The Pisces zodiac sign isn't so preoccupied with external beauty, but rather with internal allure. They're driven by compassion for others and a deep sense of empathy that translates into an inner beauty that's quite striking. Caring for others is a romantic trait, and it's something that most people will swoon a bit over.


Cancer is a true water sign; just like the tides, they can be gentle in one moment and aggressive the next. And while a Cancer's face might help them get lost in a crowd, there are other traits that pull people in. Thanks to their deeply caring and nurturing nature, the people they set their sights on will be pampered and doted upon. This amount of attention they give you will send a tingle down your spine.


Capricorns are the bosses of the zodiac world. They're here to dominate, surround themselves with luxury, and conquer any challenge that comes their way. They're striking not because of their looks but because of their powerful personality. Like Scorpios, they keep their better parts close to their chest, but when they show off their charm and dry humor, they can take your breath away.


Virgos are by nature more subdued and plainer. They spend so much time focusing on planning the details of their life that they sometimes forget to be an active participant in it. But while they pride themselves more on their brain than their beauty, their ability to cut through the noise in any situation and make a decision has its own charm.

Everyone's Got Something That'll Turn Heads

To quote 2000s pop icon Christina Aguilera, "you are beautiful no matter what they say." Don't let the universe get you down; every single zodiac sign is attractive in its own unique way, and for some that just happens to lean more towards the physical realm. Just remember that, at the end of the day, the most attractive thing you can do is to be you.

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Most Attractive Zodiac Signs (& What Makes Each One Special)