What Emoji Are You, According to Your Zodiac Sign?

From the stars to your screen, these emojis capture the essence of each zodiac sign.

Published August 4, 2023

What's more telling than the emojis we use? From the first three non-face emojis describing your upcoming week (book, heart, notebook), to your first three face emojis describing your personality (cry laughing, happy cry, heart eyes), to the last row of emojis showing how your love life is going (sweat smile, pen, dog, crossed fingers, fish, and star - oh boy), there's an emoji reading for any situation. And now there's an emoji that's perfect for your zodiac sign.

As you set out on your stars-meet-emoticons journey, you can use this chart to find anyone's sun sign. Then, you can update everybody's contact information with the proper emoji.

Aries: Fire Emoji


Witty and adventurous Aries, there's no sign more passionate. 100%? Not enough! An Aries will burn a candle at both ends and give 110% with every task. So it's fitting that Aries is a fire emoji: it's the perfect symbol for their burning passion, fiery spirit, and energetic persona. Of course, a flexing arm for their assertiveness and strength is a close second.

Taurus: Tree Emoji


Stubborn, rooted Taurus is more than just a bull! The tree emoji is peak Taurus. A sign of their grounded and stable nature, the Bull is reliable, weathers any storm, and has loyalty that runs deeper than a tree's roots. Of course, the diamond emoji is nearly just as perfect -- Taurus has an eye for beautiful things, be it nature or comfy blankets.

Gemini: Twin Emoji


Gemini, the twins of the zodiac, can only be the twins emoji. What else could better represent their dual nature? With their adaptable personality -- swinging from chatterbox to careful listener -- they're as ready to learn new things as they are to share what they've found. However, a tornado emoji is a close second to Gemini's restless and ever-changing nature.

Cancer: Water Wave Emoji


As the cardinal water sign, it's the easy and right pick for Cancer to be the water wave emoji. Cancers are as moody as the sea, but with a depth that plunges far below the surface. What better to represent Cancer and their love of home, family, and friends than a place that's home to so many animals and a source of joy for so many? Although, you could argue that the home emoji perfectly captures the comfort they give.

Leo: Sun Emoji


Although the lion is Leo's crest, the sun is a more apt emoji. The radiant sun captures Leo's charismatic personality, their warm hearts, and the loving nature of the sign. Sometimes self-centered, the sun is the core of our solar system, just where Leo prefers to find themselves. No need to grab the SPF, though, as the crown emoji is a royal choice for this sign, too. Their sense of pride isn't just for themselves, but for those around them as well.

Virgo: Magnifying Glass


Virgo, the most discerning, detail-oriented, and sharp-minded zodiac sign, is without question best represented by the magnifying glass emoji. They've always got their eye on the little things, and they have a keen eye for detail and a knack for not missing a thing. Nothing gets past them. But Virgo's fierce curiosity and desire to find meaning in everything means the crystal ball emoji isn't far behind.

Libra: Scales Emoji


Sweet, harmonious, loving Libra. Of course, the best emoji for this sign is the scales. They want everyone and everything in their life to have balance, and they want everyone to be happy. So long as justice prevails, Libra can rest easy. Libra might be the perfect diplomat, but their heart is even bigger, so a cherry blossom emoji and all its beauty, much like Libra's love for beauty, is a close second.

Scorpio: Crystal Ball


Poor, misunderstood Scorpio. Their intense and mysterious nature is easily misread. And for so many, Scorpios can be as hard to read as a crystal ball. Scorpio's soul is brimming with a love for the mystical and a drive to seek out the unknown, just like those who seek the answers in a crystal ball. And if caught in the right light, they'll set fire ablaze. But curious Scorpio's emoji could just as well be the detective emoji.

Sagittarius: World Map Emoji


Good to see you, Sagittarius! You've paused just long enough on your adventures to check out the internet. It's no great mystery that the world map emoji is the best choice for goal-oriented Sag, who has an unquenchable quest for knowledge that they can only find by jumping into the world with both feet. Naturally, a shining star emoji is equally Sag with all their optimism and positive vibes.

Capricorn: Mountain Emoji


Driven from project to project, Capricorn is always ready to climb the next mountain. Someone this practical, patient, and committed could be no other emoji than the mountain emoji. For it takes an unforgiving and stubborn soul to tackle mountain after mountain. Although, for the Caps who are happy to avoid nature, the briefcase emoji is an excellent representative of this sure-footed and hardworking sign.

Aquarius: Wind Blowing Emoji


The most iconic of all the air signs, Aquarius is as free-spirited as the breeze that ruffles the leaves on the tree and the swirling dirt devils that appear on windy days. Ever the abstract thinker, wind can't be caught, much like detached Aquarius. Unpredictable yet friendly, a breezy wind emoji perfectly captures their spirit. And as a close second, their thoughtful and intellectual nature lights up lives, much like the lightbulb emoji.

Pisces: Fish Emoji


Pisces is always dreaming and seeking connection with the unseen beyond what others see. The fish emoji is peak water sign, Pisces. Much like a fish schools with others, Pisces are happy to be part of the group, but they're just as happy to swim alone. It's a key part of their duality and ease in navigating between spaces, people, and emotions. But when Pisces isn't lost in their sea of thoughts, their heads are a thought cloud emoji, with their feet barely planted on the ground.

The Emoji Star Chart You Needed


Of course, your emoji adventure doesn't stop here! You can't forget to check out your big three, your sun, your moon, and your rising signs. You can even build out your entire natal chart using emojis. Then go let your friends know that you're a crystal ball sun, scales moon, and twin rising.

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What Emoji Are You, According to Your Zodiac Sign?