Best Colors for Every Zodiac Sign: Find Your True Hue

Color seasons are a thing of the past. Step into the future by embracing your zodiac sign's best colors.

Published December 11, 2023

You asked the question, and the cosmos has answered. The best zodiac sign colors range the entire rainbow, and are tailor made to complement each one’s unique traits. Who are we to challenge Mother Nature on the things she knows best?

Aries: Red

Aries is a powerhouse of a zodiac sign. A fire sign through and through, they’re ready to jump into the fray at a moment’s notice, and they have a reputation for being quite hot-headed. They burn bright and quickly, which makes red a great color for them.

The bold shade mimics their sharp but jovial personality. Whether it’s from bloodied noses or beautiful blushes, Aries is known for splashing red across their world.

Taurus: Green

Taurus is a steady earth sign, so of course their best color would come from the natural world. They're known for being calm and careful in their interactions — people turn to them to be pillars of strength. If you’ve ever looked to nature to calm your head and give yourself a boost, then you’ll understand how green is a great fit for Taurus.

Green is a reliable color you can pop into almost any color combo and isn’t too flashy — a true Taurus trait if ever we’ve seen one.

Gemini: Yellow

Geminis rival Libras for their social nature. They love to have a good time, and they’re not afraid to try new experiences. Most people walk away from a Gemini interaction feeling a little boost like they’ve sat outside on a sunny day. Yellow is a great match for the twin sign's generally friendly disposition. 

Yet, much like yellow is a controversial color that people either really love or really hate, Geminis can be just as polarizing. They’re a bit impatient and unpredictable, which means they’ve got the same number of admirers as they do enemies.

Cancer: White

When you think of Cancers, the ocean probably comes to mind. They’re a sensitive and emotional water sign. Much like the frothy white suds that come from the waves breaking on rocks, they’re prone to expressing themselves through volatile outbursts. Yet, they’ve got pure intentions and have a deep desire to get along with the people around them.

White is a perfect color for Cancer because of this natural purity. A Cancer will reflect your emotions back to you in the same way that white reflects the heat rays sent toward it.

Leo: Gold

Out of all the zodiac signs, Leo was the one who couldn’t be saddled with a basic color from the crayon box. This sign thrives on attention and loves to stand out, so their perfect color has to be as bold and eye-catching as they are.

Gold, with its sumptuous glitters and reflective sheen, is a match made in heaven for the proud leonine zodiac sign. Found in the lions’ coats that hunt the Savanna, a Leo can’t go wrong when decked out in gold.

Virgo: Brown

Virgo is one of the most sensible zodiac signs, priding itself on being logical, analytical, and highly organized. As an earth sign, Virgos are more subdued and prefer to stay out of the limelight. Brown, a highly versatile color, brings out the best qualities in this earth sign.

If you’ve mixed a bunch of random paint colors together, you’ll find that no matter the combination, you always end up with some sort of brown. This utilitarian nature speaks volumes for Virgo’s own love of the practical things in life.

Libra: Pink

Libra is a romantic sign led by the planet Venus. They thrive on harmony and seek comfort in surrounding themselves with others. They’re known for having both an inner beauty and an outer one, and this soft, loving quality makes pink a perfect complementary color for them.

From bold magentas to sweet pastel pinks, this color is less arresting than red and easy on the eyes, much like the Libras of the world are.

Scorpio: Black

Scorpios, for all of their poor pop culture marketing, have a severe and intimidating disposition, which makes black their best color. Scorpios are naturally more reserved, happy to sit on the sidelines and let others command the conversation. You could say that they prefer to stay in the shadows.

At the same time, black is also quite a powerful and seductive color. They don’t call it a little black dress for nothing. And Scorpios score the highest marks on the seduction scale.

Sagittarius: Purple

Although Sagittarius is another fire sign that burns brightly and loudly, their best color isn’t found in flames. Instead, the perfect pick for Sagittarius is purple. An austere color with deep historical roots in honor and prestige, purple pulls out the intuitive and philosophical notes in the Sagittarius personality.

Sagittarius may love to live life, but they love to learn about life just as much, so a fun color (but not too fun) like purple is a great pick for them.

Capricorn: Gray

Capricorns are the most reserved zodiac signs, keeping their emotions deep under the surface and their eyes focused on achieving their goals in the shortest time possible. They’re serious about getting things done and beating the competition, which makes gray a wonderful color for them.

Gray is a powerful shade that evokes a subtle confidence that speaks to Capricorn's own understated authority. They don’t need to hit you over the head with their words or energy to command a room, and gray is the blank slate they need to reinforce their status.

Aquarius: Blue

Aquarius is a delightfully unique air sign that flits from project to project, armed with new ideas and perspectives. Their foresight might make them idealistic, but unlike the water signs, they’re detached enough to cut through any emotional attachments.

As a sign that’s sure of themselves but not trying to compensate with an in-your-face approach, they need a softer color. Blue is the ideal one for them. After all, they're represented by the water-bearer, and so blue is deeply rooted in their astrological properties.

Pisces: Green

Pisces people have a mystical and emotional quality to them, which are each enhanced by being a water sign. They’re compassionate and spiritual. As a creative soul, they can’t help but want to fix other people’s problems. 

They feed people’s emotional wells in the same way that the rain feeds the natural world. This symbiosis makes green a great color for them. It’s calm, inviting, and a visual byproduct of the effect their influence can have on the people around them.

Maybe They're Born With It, Maybe It's Their Zodiac Color Match

From color seasons to color stories, people are always trying to pin down the right shades made for them. Here’s where that guessing game comes to an end. Look to the stars and let them guide you to the perfect zodiac sign colors. Or, mix and match with your birth chart to create a color palette to die for.

Best Colors for Every Zodiac Sign: Find Your True Hue