Zodiac Sign Outfit Styles That Make the Stars Align

You don't need a stylist - the stars are all you need. These are the perfect fashion styles for every zodiac sign.

Published July 5, 2023

If you haven't stared deep into the recesses of your closet in dismay because you can't figure out what to wear, then lucky you. But for the rest of you who feel choosing outfits is like a coin toss, look to the stars instead. Look to your zodiac sign to choose the perfect outfits for your vibe.

Feeling lost about where to start? Look no further than this quick zodiac sign breakdown that'll tell you everything you need to know.

Aries: Streetwear


Aries sun signs are vivacious and have their fingers on the pulse of the latest fashions. But they're not stuffy enough to wait for clothes to hit the runways; instead, they embroil themselves in the communities around them. Streetwear is the cutting edge when it comes to fashion, and Aries people are daring enough to rock looks that might not be seen as 'in' yet.

Taurus: Coastal Grandma


Beauty, in all its forms, captivates Taurus - the natural and the artificial. This is where the coastal grandma aesthetic comes right in. Not only is it casual enough for Tauruses to feel comfortable (after all, they're grounded enough not to seek too much attention), but it goes with a cozy vacation environment - something Taurus loves.

Gemini: 60s Mod


Geminis are a quirky, playful bunch whose moods can flip on a dime. Match that ever-changing spirit with a 60s mod style that mixes bold colors and prints together in eye-catching outfits. Geminis will feel right at home with these retro silhouettes that convert perfectly from day to night, so they can mingle with every one of their groups all day long.

Cancer: Luxury Loungewear


Cancer sun signs are highly empathic to both other people's emotions and their own. This can make navigating the world a bit exhausting, which is why they thrive so well in the places they call home.

When protected in their little shells, Cancers feel the most like themselves. What better way to complement that energy than with luxury loungewear? We're talking silks, satins, and bright colors, because loungewear doesn't have to be drab.

Leo: Camp


Leos are the most self-confident and brashest of the zodiac signs. They love being the center of attention and find a lot of pride in curating a perfect appearance. Only someone who was as sure of themselves as a Leo would be able to look at home in the biggest camp outfits available.

Camp focuses on exaggerating silhouettes, fabrics, and forms. With camp, you're meant to stand out, not fade into the background…as if a Leo ever could.

Virgo: Preppy


Virgos have quite a geeky reputation because of how scheduled and analytical they are, but being intelligent and practical doesn't mean you have to throw fashion to the wind. Instead, Virgos need a style that's classic and timeless.

They'll want pieces that serve multiple purposes and can match tons of other items in their wardrobe. This makes them the perfect kind of preps. Stick to a simple color palette, standard silhouette, and traditional pieces, and you'll be ready to go.

Libra: 90s Kidcore


Libra sun signs are good-natured, level-headed, and super socially adept people. They can weave in and out of almost any group and use their diplomatic abilities to stray away from any kind of conflict. This breezy, everybody-loves-them energy is best matched with a 90s kidcore fashion.

Think overalls, striped long-sleeve t-shirts, and baggy silhouettes. Libras need to be comfy when they're bouncing back and forth between friend groups, and 90s kidcore mixes fashion with comfort in the best way.

Scorpio: Biker Aesthetic


Scorpios are moody and reserved, with a hard shell of a personality that you have to slowly chisel away at to get to the gooey center. Because of this, Scorpios should lean into a biker aesthetic. This tough style enhances Scorpio's natural energy, but it's uncomplicated enough to fade into the background, just like a Scorpio likes. When emulating this, you obviously need a leather jacket, some comfortable but fitted t-shirts, and denim for days.

Sagittarius: 70s Glam Rock


Sagittariuses are the life of the party and original to a fault. These signs are really a dance-to-the-beat-of-their-own-drum kind of people, and in a very loud way, at that. Because of their infectious energy, Sagittariuses need to wear a style that's just as bold and unique as they are.

Look no further than 70s glam rock icons like Marc Bolan and David Bowie. We're talking sequins, animal prints, jumpsuits, bright colors, and patterns that'll hypnotize you if you stare at them for too long.

Capricorn: Business Casual


Capricorns spend most of their day hunting down success with a laser-eyed focus that's unmatched among the zodiac signs. Sure, they like luxury, but they're not going to lean into gaudier aesthetics like the fire signs love. Instead, they look best in business casual. It's appropriate for any situation and is the quintessential dress-for-success cultural model. With business casual, you can't go wrong with a two-piece suit and some beautifully tailored button-downs.

Aquarius: Craftcore


Aquariuses are known for being the odd ducks of the zodiac signs. They're super creative and have a unique perspective on everything they're interested in. This makes them valuable assets to every friendship group.

Because they love putting their own stamp on things, Aquariuses should look to craftcore for new fashion ideas. This style focuses on adding handmade textiles like crochet, knits, and quilting to your closets. Think fun knitted beanies and quilted dresses.

Pisces: Boho Chic


Pisces is also an incredibly empathetic and intuitive sign with a creative bent. They need a style that'll flow around them like water and help ground them as they navigate their day-to-day activities. Boho chic can be a perfect complement to their needs. This style includes flowy fabrics, floor-length pieces, and natural textiles, and it won't constrict a Pisces in any way.

Style So Good, It's Your Destiny


Fashion might be subjective, but these styles are your destiny. It's never too late to experiment with new styles and silhouettes, so break away from your typical outfits and try something that's guided by the stars.

Zodiac Sign Outfit Styles That Make the Stars Align