All Zodiac Signs Ranked From Luckiest to Least Lucky

Do you make your own luck, or is it written in the stars? It's probably a little of both, but being one of the luckiest zodiac signs could help.

Published June 6, 2023

Whether it's looking for four-leaf clovers or carrying a rabbit's foot around, we all will do wild things to add a little luck to our life. But some people are just more blessed with it than others. Can we chalk it all up to the stars? There's definitely a rhyme and reason to the luckiest zodiac signs, and if you're really lucky, yours might top the list.

Not sure what your astrological sign is or want a refresher on the zodiac, check out this quick zodiac sign breakdown.


It's à-propos that Sagittarius would be the luckiest zodiac sign of the bunch, what with the whole horseshoe wearing half horse thing. Ruled by Jupiter, a planet known for providing good fortune, Sagittarians look at the world through a perpetually optimistic lens. So, what others might think is unlucky, a Sagittarius will see it as a doorway that opens to great fortune instead. When you put it out into the universe that you want all that life has to offer, Mother Nature sends you every good opportunity she has.


Naturally, Libras - who get along famously with Sagittarians - are one of the luckiest zodiac signs. Ruled by Venus and gifted with her charm, Libras know whose good graces they need to get into to bring them good fortune. Being such apt negotiators and great at weighing the pros and cons of any situation means Libras can sniff out a scam and put their name into the hat for things they really think they'll win.


If Libras are gifted with charm, Leos are gifted with charisma. Sensing a pattern here? Zodiac signs that send positivity into the world have it sent back to them. And being so self-confident helps Leos attract opportunities they can capitalize on. They're so passionate and convincing that they'll get whatever they need from you before you can blink.


Whether it's in the stars or not, Capricorns have an indomitable willpower to make their own luck. When a Capricorn wants something, they get it. This includes a fortune-filled lifestyle. Now, the stars aren't sending as many lucky chances Capricorn's way, but the stubborn old goat seems to dig them up, anyway.


Tauruses are the most level-headed and steadiest of the zodiac signs, making them less prone to fanciful ideas and schemes that'll lead to bad luck. They're just as determined as Capricorns are to manifest the lives they want, and theirs are usually full of wealth and luxury. Being steady means that Tauruses can wait for the right opportunities to come their way, which is a kind of luck all on its own.


Similar to Capricorns are Aries. They're not gifted with star-given luck, but they're brash enough to beat bad luck into something better. They're daring enough to go after high stakes situations, and they're bold enough to navigate them confidently. And they don't let any bad luck linger inside of them; instead, they unleash the anger and frustration to face a new day fresh and ready to take on better opportunities this time around.


Pisces can be lucky in certain areas of their life, particularly in creative and artistic pursuits. They're naturally gifted with a strong intuition, which can lead them onto paths that bring good fortune into their lives. Yet, as we all know, your intuition is only as good as you hone it to be. So, undisciplined Pisces might find themselves mistaking the signs and making bad decisions over good ones.


Geminis aren't unlucky, per se, but they're not really blessed with a penchant for finding four-leaf clovers. They're wise enough to make intelligent decisions, but those decisions can be easily swayed towards less-than-fortunate ones in the face of making someone unhappy. Geminis thrive on validation, and they're not as likely as other signs to take chances that could lead to lucky scenarios if those chances put validation at risk.


The straight-laced Virgo is too skeptical of luck in general to be able to accept the good from the bad. They're focused on tangible data, and luck isn't something you can articulate in numbers on a spreadsheet. So, their logic-oriented brains can get in the way of embracing lucky scenarios when they present themselves.


Where Tauruses are steady and resolute, Cancers are mercurial and reactionally motivated. So, instead of only moving towards positive opportunities, Cancers can jump headfirst into negative ones. A Cancer's emotions can cloud their better judgement, making it hard to put their foot on the brakes. Impulsivity can lead to some luck, but it can also lead to some very bad luck just as easily.


Aquarius babies are independent thinkers and prone to flights of fancy. With their heads in the clouds, they don't get joy out of hunting luck down or maneuvering into situations that will bring them better luck. They're not bothered by change though, and this flexibility means that they can stir up some luck every once in a while.


Scorpio, watch out. You're ruled by Pluto, which represents tragedy, and that doesn't lend itself to a happy-go-lucky life. So, individual Scorpios might be making the wrong decisions or getting into troublesome scenarios. When it comes to luck - or rather, bad luck - for Scorpios, you just have to chalk it to not being in the stars for you.

Blame It on the Stars

Whether you're full of luck or you can't win anything to save your life, you've got the consolation of blaming the stars. However, luck isn't something that's set in stone. If the stars aren't giving you the kind of luck you want, then go out there and make your own!

All Zodiac Signs Ranked From Luckiest to Least Lucky