Which Crayola Crayon Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Pop open a fresh box of this zodiac 12-pack and get your coloring book out.

Published May 17, 2023

With names like asparagus, macaroni and cheese, and eggplant, there's something mouth-wateringly delicious about Crayola's collection of crayon colors. Just like when you're coloring and you know exactly which shade feels right to pick, there's a perfect Crayola crayon color for each zodiac sign. From bold and loud colors to your primary staples, these are the crayon colors of the rainbow that best match your sun sign.

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Aries: Scarlet


Aries are known for being bold and courageous, ready to fight for what they believe in at a moment's notice. For the most hot-headed fire sign, there's no crayon that better suits Aries than Scarlet. It's a rich red color that matches their quick temper and dynamic personality.

Taurus: Brown


Taurus is the steadiest sign of the zodiac. Just as reliable as they are, Brown is the Crayola color that most embodies Taurus energy. Brown, like Taurus, is consistent but uncompromising. After all, when you mix all the other colors together, you always end up with beautiful brown.

Gemini: Confetti Crayons


Noted for their dualistic personalities, Gemini sun signs with their twin symbology are incredibly versatile. There's no situation you could throw a Gemini into that they wouldn't be able to navigate. Add to their adaptability a sense of youthful energy, and you've described the Confetti crayon series perfectly. Filled with a mixture of multiple crayons, these super-flecked ones are just as unpredictable and multi-faceted as Geminis are.

Cancer: Sea Green


Cancers, an obvious water sign, have a deep connection with the ocean. And what better way to represent that connection than with Crayola's Sea Green crayon? Not too flashy, but unusual enough to create imaginative tableaus, sea foam green is a great pick for the crabs of the astrology world.

Leo: Laser Lemon


Leo sun signs shine brighter than the sun itself. Bold, self-interested and confident, Leos aren't meant to hide in the background. Nor would they want to. There's no better way to embody their particular brand of infectious enthusiasm than with a shockingly bright crayon color like Laser Lemon.

Virgo: Blue


Virgos have a reputation for being a bit uptight, but it's their practical and meticulous nature that makes them such good people. Where would the more mercurial, creative signs be without their Type A counterpart? Their practical inclinations make Blue crayons the most Virgo of the bunch. They're a primary color and, as such, are incredibly sensible; there are so many different colors you can make with just one blue crayon on-hand.

Libra: Magenta


Libras are easygoing and super gregarious by nature, with romantic leanings that have them flirting with anyone who catches their eye. They may not be the life of the party, but they're the social network, knowing all the hot gossip and dealing it out to those they deem worthy. It's this fun-loving and flirtatious nature that makes Magenta the top crayon color pick for Libras.

Scorpio: Black Gold


Scorpios have quite the reputation. While they're filled with passion, it can read as incredibly intimidating. They're mysterious and intense, which makes the newer crayon color Black Gold a perfect pick for them. Hidden within their depths are sprinkles of their sparkly insides, just like the glittering speckles in this gorgeous dark black crayon.

Sagittarius: Razzmatazz


Sagittarius sun signs are the life of the party. They're talkative, sociable, and honest to a fault. They like to stay on the 'glass-is-half-full' side of the debate and make for the most entertaining of friends. It's their bombastic attitude that makes Razzmatazz the only crayon color befitting of holding their title.

Capricorn: Royal Purple


Capricorns might be a bit on the frosty side in terms of energy, but they're incredibly loyal and responsible. Out of all the zodiac signs, Caps are most likely to rule the world. With a 5-year plan always in place to make them as successful as possible, the only crayon deserving of a Capricorn is the Royal Purple.

Aquarius: Carnation Pink


Aquarius are the odd bunch of the zodiac, known for being a bit daydreamy and creative. Much like Sagittarius, they're honest and friendly. But it's their original outlook on life that makes them such a captivating air sign. This softer version of independence makes Carnation Pink a perfect crayon color for them.

Pisces: Aquamarine


Pisces sun signs, like the other water signs, are rather emotional, and could fill up an ocean's worth of tears on a good day. With a gentle spirit and an artistic sensibility, Pisces are happy to just keep swimming, making Aquamarine the best crayon color for them.

The Zodiac 12-Pack of Crayons Everyone Needs


Crayola crayons have been around since 1903, and in the past 100+ years, there have been some seriously memorable crayon names to roll off of the assembly line. Each color packs a punch in its own way, and this sense-tastic feature means that you can use them for way more than just coloring. In fact, you can tailor a specific crayon to your zodiac sign. For an even bigger challenge, see if you can create a birth chart using only color-matched crayons as your supply.

Which Crayola Crayon Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?