Saturn in Scorpio: A Passionate Person in Life

Published April 26, 2021
Saturn in Scorpio

Saturn in a birth chart is never easy, and Scorpio is the most passionately intense zodiac sign. If an individual has Saturn in Scorpio, their life will not be easy, but they're survivors who will continue to function, endure, or persevere despite suffering setbacks, losses, and failures.

Saturn in Scorpio

Saturn, the father archetype, judges, disciplines, restricts, and demands that you learn and grow. It's a social planet that represents themes encountered in life, but these themes go above and beyond the individual. Scorpio, the fixed water sign, is swampy, deep, dark, mysterious, intensely emotional, and passionate. Scorpio is a sign of extremes. Individuals with Saturn is in Scorpio will grow through Scorpio themes. They are being taught to trust and embrace all the agonies and ecstasies of life.

Saturn in Scorpio Dates

Saturn takes about 29.5 years to circle the zodiac and spends about 2.5 years in each sign. If you were born during the time frames below, you have Saturn in Scorpio.

  • December 19, 1923, to April 6, 1924
  • September 13, 1924, to December 2, 1926
  • October 22, 1953, to January 12, 1956
  • May 13, 1956, to October 10, 1956
  • November 29, 1982, to May 6, 1983
  • August 24, 1983, to November 16, 1985
  • October 5, 2012, to December 23, 2014
  • June 14, 2015, to September 17, 2015

Saturn the Lord of Karma

The greatest fear of those with Saturn in Scorpio is that others would have power and control over them. They may have experienced physical, sexual, or emotional abuse and children. Or they may have dealt with a family member who insisted on controlling every aspect of their life. It's also possible that their early life hardships are karmic payback for controlling or ruthless behavior in past lives.

Trust Issues

Whatever the case, these individuals have serious trust issues and are on constant watch for danger. Throughout their lives, those with Saturn in Scorpio will be confronted by their fears of:

  • Losing control
  • Trusting others
  • Emotional intimacy
  • Sexual involvement
  • Change

Saturn in Scorpio Traits

Whatever else their birth chart reveals, individuals with Saturn in Scorpio will have some traits listed below.

  • Defensive
  • Demanding
  • Tenacious
  • Magnetic
  • Stealthy
  • Suspicious
  • Secretive

Saturn in Scorpio at Its Worst

At their worst, those with Saturn in Scorpio can misuse their power and become controlling, manipulative, ruthless, and unforgiving. Saturn in Scorpio often compels them to say and do inappropriate things if they're not aware of its influence.

Saturn in Scorpio at Its Best

At their best individuals, Saturn in Scorpio are hardworking and ambitious. Their strong work ethic and tenacity can lead to a successful career and positions of power. They face and move through both the good and bad that life throws at them. If anyone can completely transform a horrible situation into an extraordinarily good situation, it's an individual with Saturn in Scorpio.

CEO in big corner office

Healing Saturn in Scorpio

When an individual has Saturn in Scorpio, stress is heightened. They need to practice appropriate exercise to release the tension produced in their body due to worrying about what they can't control. Meditation, yoga, and martial arts can help relieve their stress. The discipline required in such practices can lead to a great sense of freedom and release that an individual with Saturn in Scorpio longs for.

Celebrities With Saturn in Scorpio

Madonna, Prince, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Sharon Stone, Michelle Pfeiffer, movie director Tim Burton, and Edgar Allan Poe were born when Saturn was in Scorpio. These famous individuals each had their own way of captivating and controlling the public by freely expressing the Scorpio themes of sex and death.

Saturn Is a Lifetime's Work

Over a lifetime of trial-and-error experiences, Saturn in Scorpio will teach these suspicious individuals that everything is not a life or death situation. Gradually, they will begin to let go, trust, and allow others the autonomy they never had growing up.

Saturn in Scorpio: A Passionate Person in Life