Simple Advice on Dating a Scorpio Man

Published June 4, 2020
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A few simple tips and advice help when you're dating a Scorpio man. Knowing his zodiac nature, can prepare you for that important first date and all the dates after.

Dating a Scorpio Man Means Gaining His Trust

Although a Scorpio man may appear to be easygoing, he's a highly complex zodiac sign with an air of mystery. It will require patience to get to know him since Scorpio is very private. He must be certain he can trust you before opening up and allowing himself to be vulnerable.

Be Open and Honest With Scorpio Man

You can encourage a Scorpio man to trust you by being open and honest. As you are getting to know him, share highlights of your life with him, but don't give everything away. After all, Scorpio enjoys solving mysteries and is drawn to a mysterious mate.

How to Act on Your First Date

Your first date with a Scorpio man will be extremely romantic. The first date is an audition for both of you. He'll spare no expense to show you just how passionate and romantic a lover he can be.

Dress With a Sophisticated Style on Your First Date

Scorpio will most likely take you out for a formal romantic dinner or at the very least, a place where you'll need to wear your best attire. Choose something sexy, but not flashy. You want to present a sophisticated, cultured appearance.

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Keep the Mood Light and Fun

You want to be yourself during your date with a Scorpio man. Try to keep things light, since Scorpio has enough emotions for the two of you. His intensity may prove overwhelming at first, so make sure you have a few great jokes to lighten the mood when he grows too serious.

Play It Cool During Early Dating Stages

In the first stage of your relationship with a Scorpio man, it's best to wait on him to make the first move. This man has trouble committing to a relationship until he is 100% certain he can trust you and that you're a good match.

Learn to Cope With a Scorpio Man's Sensitive Nature

Scorpio is a water sign, and this means your man's emotions run deep. He tries to keep them in check and hides them in the beginning. You really won't know how he feels about you at first. He won't tell you until he's sure he can trust you with them.

Understand Scorpio Man's Dating Habits

A Scorpio man will let you know he's interested in you when you first meet with subtle nuances. He'll flirt with you, but not openly in public. He'll make everything very personal and private. He'll send you thoughtful, little gifts that are specific to you, demonstrating how he pays attention to the smallest details you share about yourself.

Don't Display Affection in Public

You don't want to openly display affection toward him, since this water sign tries to hide his emotions from the world. However, when you're in the privacy of your home or his home, Scorpio is a sexual powerhouse.

Don't Play Games That Deceive Him

However, if you attempt to hide something significant about yourself or attempt to deceive him in any other way, a Scorpio man will know since he has excellent intuition and psychic abilities. You should always be upfront with him about anything that could impact your budding relationship.

Expect Intensity in Love and Sex From a Scorpio Man

When it comes to choosing a partner, the Scorpio man is intense. Some signs can't take Scorpio's powerful emotions that run very deep. A Scorpio man knows how to flirt with just a single look directed to you across a room. You'll feel as though you've been zapped by that infamous Scorpion sting.

Appreciate Scorpio As a Possessive Lover

While a Scorpio man rarely shows his emotions in public, he unleashes all his passion in private. He is an accomplished and thoughtful lover who also enjoys experimenting. He believes life is to be experienced, this includes all emotions, the good, the bad and the ugly. The contrasts in emotions are what help him to define the meaning of love.

Be a Loyal and Devoted Lover

A Scorpio man needs to know what he can expect from you as far as loyalty and of course devotion. He's an intense and attentive lover and quickly dedicates himself to his chosen mate. He expects the same amount of attention from you.

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Be Faithful

Infidelity is a hot button for a Scorpio man. He doesn't understand disloyalty and will swiftly end your relationship at the first sign of infidelity. You will quickly be out of his life with him moving back into the search mode for his ideal mate.

How to Handle a Scorpio Man's Jealous Nature

Scorpio has a wide streak of jealousy in his emotional nature. Since he feels everything so deeply, his jealousy has a negative impact on his emotional nature. If you are faithful and in love with a Scorpio man, make sure you send him all the right signals, so he doesn't get jealous and lash out at you.

Avoid Confrontation

If you suspect jealousy is about to erupt in your Scorpio man, curtail it by doing something thoughtful for him that conveys how much he means to you. Choose something that makes an irrefutable statement of your love for him. Remember, the slightest deviation in the way you typically respond to him may cause him to misinterpret your messaging, so make it clear that you are his and he is yours.

Using Tips and Advice on Dating a Scorpio Man

A few helpful insights on dating a Scorpio man can get you off on the right foot. When you understand which buttons not to push, you can have a very meaningful and passionate love affair with this water sign.

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Simple Advice on Dating a Scorpio Man