Venus Conjunct Mars in Aries

Updated May 30, 2019
Man and woman arm wrestling

If you have Venus in Aries and Mars in Aries, you'll know this conjunction is especially important. Learn how it can influence your life and decisions in both good and bad ways. Luckily, Venus and Mars are not conjunct in Aries often, because those with this signature are fighters and not for the faint of heart.

The Specifics of the Venus Conjunct Mars Aspect

First, an aspect talks about the relationship between planets. A conjunction occurs when two planets or more are found holding hands in the same part of the zodiac. When two or more planets are conjunct, they're said to be unified; they combine to act as one unit and there is strength in numbers. When the planet Venus and the planet Mars are conjunct, it means there's no separation between what you love and value and how you act and go after things. As you can imagine, for better or for worse, this is a very powerful aspect.

A Clearer Picture

To provide an even clearer picture, here are some key-phrases that are associated with astrological conjunctions:

  • A conjunction creates a sense of urgency.
  • There's a unity and fusion of the planets.
  • The indicated energy is subjective, very strong-willed, and one-tracked in its intention.
  • Strong impulses are associated with this aspect.

Suffice it to say that a conjunction of Venus and Mars is one of the most intense and personally felt aspects.

Venus Conjunct Mars Explained

Venus conjunct Mars usually leads to a blending of the natural feminine and masculine energies and to a blending of love and sex. Here's the lowdown on this aspect:

  • The person possesses a great deal of personal magnetism.
  • They live and breath romantic/sexual relationships.
  • It is second nature for them to ooze with charm and sexuality.
  • They require a lot of excitement, adventure, and passion in their lives and in their relationships.
  • Unless the Venus-Mars conjunction is afflicted, it's easy for them to form relationships with others.

A Venus and Mars Conjunction in Most Astrology Signs

When it comes to a Venus/Mars conjunction in most astrological signs, there's usually a pleasing blend of self-assertion and cooperation within these individuals. Love and sex are joined together, and the person knows how to assert themselves without stepping on anyone's toes. But that "assert themselves" is taken to the extreme when Venus and Mars are conjunct in Mars-ruled Aries.

The Conjunction of Venus and Mars in Aries

Aries is the "me, me, me, now" sign of the zodiac. For those with a Venus and Mars Conjunction in Aries, the sex drive and "I what I want when I want it" rules. They are not shy about going after anything they want, be it in business or in love. What and who they want is a Venus conjunct Mars in Aries individual's battlefield. Mars in Aries is supercharged, forceful, and at times aggressive and when sensual Venus is holding hands with and ruled by a thrusting, warring, and macho Mars in Aries she says to hell with cooperating, being nice, and double standards, they're both fighters and survivors.

Examples of Venus Conjunct Mars in Aries Individuals

These are some examples of those born when Venus and Mars were conjunct in Aries.

  • The adult film star, Ron Jeremy, born March 12, 1953, holds the dubious distinction of appearing in more adult films than any other performer. Jeremy was short, fat, hairy and certainly not handsome. He owes his popularity to some very masculine physical attributes and his Aries Venus and Mars sexual energy.
  • Pete Townshend was born on May 19, 1945. Townshend was "The Who's" driving force and is noted for his violence against guitars.
  • Television personality Elisabeth Hasselbeck was born on May 28, 1977. Before her fiery stint on The View, she appeared on, the then relatively new reality show, Survivor.
  • Priscilla Presley, born May 24, 1945, was the child bride of Elvis Presley.

The Extreme of the Extremes

In short, individuals with this aspect tend to be extremely assertive, amorous and passionate. They hate and won't go without a romantic relationship or sex for long. Once those with Venus and Mars in Aries conjunct in their birth chart find someone or something they want, they go after them or it in an ardently passionate fashion and telling them "no" won't dissuade them. Additionally, their creative impulses are unusually strong, so finding work they love, that also offers some sort of creative outlet, is helpful - as long as they can be the leader and the driving force in any and all of their endeavors.

Venus Conjunct Mars in Aries