Ways to Turn On an Aquarius Male

Updated July 22, 2019
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Many people wonder how to attract an Aquarius man and how to keep him hooked. As the eleventh sign of the zodiac, an Aquarian's dating and love tips don't conform to the norm. Typical seduction techniques won't work with an Aquarian man, but he can go weak in the knees if you seduce him with your intellect.

Find Ways to Turn on an Aquarian Men

If you have your eye on an Aquarian man and want to turn him on, forget about looking "sexy" or being cute, coy, adorable, or touchy-feely. It's their intellect that guides an Aquarian man in all things. Stimulate their intellect and you've discovered their erogenous zone. Typically, an Aquarian man is a loner who has a lot of casual friends but few intimate and close friends, which means you might get only one shot at piquing his interest. Make sure yours conveys a person who is intelligent, exciting, and a bit edgy.

Be on The Ball

Intelligent and witty conversation is like an aphrodisiac for an Aquarian man. So, show your smarts about the world and the people in it, say something interesting, original, and express your beliefs and opinions. Then listen to what he has to say and be open to a friendly debate.

Show Your Quirky Side

An individual who thinks, acts, dresses, etc. outside of the box, who's not reserved or coy about their eccentricities is a big turn-on for an Aquarius man. So, find that part of you that's unique and play it up.

Be Mysterious

Be friendly, but a bit aloof and mysterious. Never reveal every intimate detail of your personal life during your first encounter with an Aquarius man and don't ask about his; be cool, calm, and collected.

Qualities That Attract Most Aquarian Men

As with most men, there are certain qualities that Aquarian men find attractive.


Independence is one of the essential qualities an Aquarian man looks for in a potential partner. He's attracted to someone who's going places in life, has a career and a plan for themselves. One who also has ideas of their own lives on their own and is not afraid to do things by themselves.


A person who has an open-minded, not easily shocked and is willing to experiment with new and innovative ideas, as well as eclectic places, peoples, and things will be irresistible to an Aquarian Man.


An Aquarian man finds altruism attractive, So if you're passionate about a cause or active in helping others, your selfless nature is very compelling quality to a man whose interests lie in making the world a better place for all.

How to Make an Aquarius Man Want You

In addition to all the above, if you want to make an Aquarian man want you; play down romance, be his friend, give him plenty of space, go on with your life, and avoid the word commitment.

Ways to Hold on to an Aquarius Male

The ways you turn on and attract an Aquarian man are the same ways you'll be able to hold on to him. An Aquarius man is turned off by jealousy and emotional drama and can be suffocated by a needy, clingy person. So, if the turn-ons mentioned don't come naturally to you or they don't seem romantic enough, perhaps you're just not compatible with an Aquarius man.

Looking for Love

Regardless of how cool and detached or how unconventional his love traits, an Aquarian man is looking for love. But he seldom rushes into a romantic relationship. He needs time to see if you pass muster. An Aquarian would rather be alone than be tied to a person who's not his intellectual equal, or he thinks could not be a friend; first, last, and always.

Ways to Turn On an Aquarius Male