36 Powerful Alternatives to "Rest in Peace"

Sometimes finding another way to say RIP can make your words even more meaningful and special.

Updated May 6, 2024
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It's so important to express your sympathy to someone who has lost a loved one, but what you say and how you say it really matters. There's absolutely nothing wrong with saying "rest in peace," but there are actually some very meaningful rest in peace alternatives that can be even more comforting.

Like many sayings we hear all the time, rest in peace can lose its meaning and power to comfort with constant use. By using another way to say RIP, you personalize your message or sentiment and make your words more touching. We've got lots of great tips and examples to convey the depth of your condolences or sympathies to the family of the deceased. They'll know just how much you care, and feel comforted that you're thinking of them.

Non-Religious Alternative Sayings for "Rest in Peace"

Whether your message is for a card, funeral flowers, a memorial service guest book, or any other kind of condolences, you've got lots of options. Unless you share the faith of the bereaved person, it's very important to keep your messages non-religious. There are so many ways to say rest in peace that don't involve a specific faith:

Rest and be with nature, Grandma. I'll think of you every time I hear the wind in the trees.
  • I'm so sorry your family is experiencing this great loss. May your loved one rest easy.
  • Your dad was such a kind person. May he rest well.
  • May your mom rest in the love we all feel for her. I'll remember her forever.
  • Rest and be with nature, Grandma. I'll think of you every time I hear the wind in the trees.
  • Rest well, dear friend. It's been an honor to know you.
  • Wishing you peace and love as you mourn the loss of your sister. May she always be remembered.
  • Sleep in peace, dear child. I will hold you forever in my heart.
  • There is a comfort in knowing the suffering is over and the peace has come, but I will miss you forever.
  • May you sleep in eternal peace covered by the blanket of our endless love.
  • Your long journey has come to an end, my dear friend. Sleep now.
  • Rest easy and know your memory will live on.
  • I will see hear your voice in every summer storm, but I know you know only peace and silence.
Quick Tip

If you're looking for another way of saying RIP, turn to other messages of sleep and tranquility. The sentiment itself is really lovely, and changing the words can help bring back the meaning behind it.

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Rest Easy Quotes and Messages

Saying that someone should "rest easy" is a wonderful and more casual alternative to rest in peace. You can offer a different perspective on this traditional phrase by choosing a message you feel most comfortable using. After all, people are more casual today than they used to be, and embracing that (while still being respectful) can actually feel more genuine. Try one of these rest easy quotes:

Rest easy in my heart, my friend.
  • Rest easy in my heart, my friend.
  • Rest easy, brother. The long day is done.
  • Peace in your eternal and easy rest.
  • You worked hard and loved well. Now rest easy, my friend.
  • May you rest easy in grace and love.
  • May your mom rest easy. She knew so much love in this life.
  • Rest easy in sleep eternal.
  • Your dad worked hard to make this world a better place. May he rest easy now.
  • Rest easy on the wings of eternity.
  • May your sister rest easy in the loving memory of her family.
  • May your aunt rest easy knowing her life made this world better.
  • Rest easy, friend. We'll ride on, keeping you always in our hearts.
Quick Tip

Only mention eternity or eternal life in your rest easy message if you know the person reading it believes in an afterlife. Otherwise, keep your words focused on nature, love, comfort, and the difference the person made.

Religious Rest in Peace Alternative Messages

If you share a faith with the family of the deceased, you can use an alternative message to rest in peace that is religious. You can focus on saying their loved one will rest in heaven or pardise if this accurately portrays your beliefs and, most importantly, the beliefs of the deceased and deceased's family. In this case, a shared religious faith can offer hope and comfort to the deceased's family. These religious messages may be appropriate:

Rest in the joyfulness of paradise.
  • Rest in God!
  • Rest in Christ's love.
  • Rest in the Light.
  • Peace in heaven.
  • Rest with angels.
  • May the heavenly host guide you in peace.
  • Rest in heaven's glory.
  • Eternal easy rest in sweet slumber.
  • Rest in paradise with eternal love.
  • Rest in paradise on the wings of angels.
  • Rest in the joyfulness of paradise.
  • Rest in paradise and be with God.
Quick Tip

You may find that another way of saying RIP really resonates with you and sums up your hopes for the deceased person and their family. Using this message in a memorial service program or the obituary can be very powerful. You might even decide to have your sentiment printed onto a ribbon or a funeral wreath.

What Can You Say Instead of Rest in Peace to Share Your Condolences?

"Rest in peace" isn't the only way to share your condolences with people who have lost a loved one. Instead of focusing on the kind of rest the deceased person should have or your hopes for their peace, you can concentrate instead on how to support the emotional needs of the people left behind.

Simply express how sorry you are for their loss, talk about the relationship if you know it, and offer help if that feels appropriate. A good sympathy message is more about showing you care than it is about the specific things you say.

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So Many Alternative Ways to Say "Rest in Peace"

There are lots of alternatives to rest in peace that are even more meaningful than this classic phrase. A few word changes can give you the same feeling without using the exact phrase. As long as you're showing that you care, we promise you're saying the perfect thing.

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36 Powerful Alternatives to "Rest in Peace"