Christmas Donation Letter Templates for Your Year-End Fundraising Efforts

These Christmas donation request letter samples can help you to raise funds around the holidays.

Updated November 30, 2023
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As we head into the season of giving, it's important to reach out to community members and regular donors to finish off your year-end fundraising campaigns on a high note. By sending out well-crafted Christmas donation letters at the beginning of the holidays, people are better able to plan their Christmas budgets, making them more likely to open their hearts and their wallets to benefit your fundraising efforts.

Printable Christmas Donation Letter Samples

If you're not sure how to start crafting your Christmas donation request letter, use one of the printable letters provided here as a starting point. Both documents can be edited, saved, and printed. Simply download a PDF of the letter that most closely matches your needs by clicking the sample document. When the PDF opens, click anywhere in the text area to edit. Use the menu bar commands to save and print as needed.

Helpful Hack

If you need help downloading the printables, check out these helpful tips.

Christmas Gift Letter

This Christmas appeal letter sample is ideal for a nonprofit that wants to ask previous donors to consider donating in someone else's name or memory as a holiday gift.

Dear (insert recipient's name),

When shopping for Christmas gifts this season, please keep (insert name of organization) in mind. There may be people on your list who might truly appreciate having a donation to (insert name of organization) made in their name, rather than receiving a tangible gift. This can be the perfect option for people who "have everything" or whose lives have been impacted in some way by (insert circumstance), which our organization fights against every day.

Donating to (insert name of organization) is a great way to show friends, family members, co-workers, and even clients that you are thinking about them during the holiday season, as well as sending a message that you are mindful of the needs in your community and respectful of their interests. Whether you make a donation instead of purchasing a traditional gift or you make one as an add-on, this is a truly thoughtful opportunity to spread a message of cheer and charitable giving during the Christmas season.

It's easy to set up a charitable gift for the people on your list who will appreciate such an expression of generosity. Simply visit (insert web address) or call (insert phone number) to make your donation with a credit card. You may also send a check to (insert address), along with details on where to send the gift acknowledgment. Donations can be made in any amount.

Once you have purchased your gift donation, we'll provide you with a lovely certificate showcasing the donation amount and the name of the person it’s been made in honor of this holiday season. The certificate can be sent to you for gift-giving purposes or go directly to the recipient. All funds raised through Christmas gifts will directly support the important work of (insert name of organization) in our fight against (insert cause). Please consider making a difference this season.

Merry Christmas and best wishes to you and your loved ones this holiday and heading into the new year.

Best regards,

(Insert Name), (Insert Title)

Seasonal Financial Support Request

This Christmas donation request letter is designed to help nonprofits solicit financial support from donors during the Christmas season.

Dear (insert recipient's name),

As Christmas approaches, we ask that you remember (insert name of organization) in your holiday plans. As you prepare for joyous holiday celebrations with your friends and family, it's important to stop and reflect on the joy and blessings in your own life while remembering that not everyone is as fortunate. This season, as you are shopping for gifts and gatherings with loved ones, please consider setting aside part of your budget to support the work of (insert name of organization) with a tax-deductible charitable donation.

(Insert name of organization) provides several beneficial services to needy families and individuals in our community, including (insert example of services). Last year, we assisted (insert number) of community residents — people who wouldn't have had anywhere else to turn to for help without these essential resources.

Our work has a powerful impact not only on the people that we work with directly, but also on our community as a whole. We are completely reliant on the generosity of others and these charitable donations can make a huge difference in the services that we can provide. That is why we ask you to remember (insert name of organization) this holiday season and consider making a charitable contribution in support of our meaningful work during the Christmas season. Any amount that you can share will be greatly appreciated and put directly back into this community.

We've simplified the donation process, allowing supporters to donate online, by phone, or by mail. You can visit (insert your organization's URL) or call (insert organization's phone number) to give a charitable gift using a credit card or you can send a check to (insert organization address). What better way to celebrate Christmas than by sharing what you have with neighbors who otherwise wouldn’t be able to meet their basic needs? 

Your generosity will have a considerable impact on these individuals and our community. Every gift matters and no donation is too small. Please, consider making a difference today.


(Insert Name), (Insert Title)

Christmas Donation Letter Writing Tips

Writing a Christmas card

While the printable templates provided by LoveToKnow can help you get started, you'll need to customize the final version of your letter to meet your organization's specific needs. The following tips will help you craft a letter that truly speaks to your mission while encouraging potential donors' generosity.

Appeal to the Heart

When planning on sending a letter to encourage a donation around the holiday season, be sure to use wording that will motivate recipients to contribute to your organization. Describing how the donation will make a difference is an important element to mention. If possible, have someone who has been helped by your organization comment in the letter. Anything that tugs at the heart will help generate donations for your cause.

Make Yours Stand Out

Since the holiday season is a popular time for organizations to send out donation letters, try to make yours stand out from the rest by being creative and unique in your wording and style. One way to make your letter stand out is to tie in a story that will compel the reader to donate to your organization. For organizations that help children or those less fortunate during the holidays and provide them with gifts or a holiday meal, consider writing the letter from their viewpoint and have them ask for the donation.

Quick Tip

If recipients are willing, consider including a photo of them with the letter. Attaching a face to the cause can help to sway donors. 

Mention Benefits

Mention the benefits of donating to the recipient and the organization. This may include emphasizing year-end tax deductions, as well as emphasizing the benefits of charitable donations as a unique holiday gift idea for friends, family, and co-workers.


Make the letter as personal as possible. Address each letter to a particular person rather than "to whom it may concern." For those who have donated to your cause in the past, be sure to recognize that fact and thank them for their continued support.

Make Your Christmas Donation Letter Seasonal

A holiday letter might contain a seasonal theme. Use words that relate to Christmas such as giving, season's greetings, or holiday cheer. If your organization is church or religious-based, use words related to faith in your Christmas donation letters as well.

Add a Special Touch

There are many unique touches to add to your Christmas letter to make it special. There's no reason to use plain paper when you can print the letter on holiday-themed cardstock or stationery. Another way to add a special touch is to include a small token such as a holiday bookmark with your organization's logo and name on it. Sending letters during the holiday season is the perfect time to ask for donations as well as an opportunity to thank those who support your cause.

Proofread Carefully

As with any letter, make sure that your finished product is well-written and visually appealing. Proofread carefully for tone and content, as well as to ensure that there are no typographical or grammatical mistakes. Given the potential impact the letter could have, it's a good idea to have two or three other people go over the letter as well.

Helpful Hack

When reading something that you wrote, your brain naturally puts missing words and letters in the right spots because you know what is supposed to be there. This makes reading your Christmas donation letter out loud so important. It's a simple trick for finding those less obvious typos!

Tips for Using These Christmas Donation Letters in an Email

Communicating With the Loved Ones on Christmas

Most people get tens to hundreds of emails a day. Don't let your Christmas donation letter get lost in their inbox. These simple tips can help:

  • Make Your Subject Line Count: This is like the title of a book. Choose words that will make them want to read more. Examples include:
    • Help feed _____ children this month with a $_____ donation
    • Be a part of something bigger this Christmas.
    • Share some holiday joy with community members suffering from (name of disease).
    • Remember the reason for the season: (name of organization) is a great cause to consider.
  • Keep Your Main Text Short: Unlike a letter you receive in the mail, you want to keep your email short, sweet, and to the point.
  • Add in Links: Make sure to add links to your website, donation page, and even testimonial page so that the recipient can find more information at the click of a button. 
  • Send Your Email During Business Hours: If you are sending off emails in the evening or late at night, they will likely get buried between many other emails, making it less likely that the recipient will look at it. Instead, send it between the hours of 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. to ensure that there are eyes on it before the end of the business day.

More Christmas Donation Letter Options

If you'd like to review additional fundraising letter templates before making your selection, see our sample fundraising letters for any time of year for a few more options. While these letters aren't written specifically for holiday-season fundraising, they can easily be customized to include a Christmas theme. By looking at a few samples and crafting a genuine letter to potential donors, you can be well on the way to raising essential funds for your organization this season. 

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Christmas Donation Letter Templates for Your Year-End Fundraising Efforts