How to Find Ley Lines + Tips for Using Them (Correctly)

Updated June 14, 2021
Ring of Brodgar ancient stones, Orkney, Scotland

Ley lines are straight lines that, amazingly, connect the world's ancient megaliths, monuments, and energy centers. Ley lines also include waterways, naturally forming ridges, and various routes the ancients used as trade routes and migration pathways to form an Earth grid. In case you're wondering, it is possible to use these lines to your personal advantage once you have a few tips.

Ley Line Energy Mapping

Ancients believed these basic energy points where cosmic energies meet Earth are so powerful that they performed various sacred rituals at these sites. In 1969, John Michell applied the principles of feng shui landform to the concept of ley lines as points of energy due to the land formations. He believed these lines travel around the Earth and the places where they intersected create unique and unusual energy vortexes.

Two popular ways to locate and identify ley lines include using Google Earth or the ancient divination art of dowsing rods. Using these two tools together, you can also chart the ley lines of your property, home and business/office.

Google Earth

One way to find ley lines is with a combination of Google Earth and a plug-in created just for ley line exploration. Bethe Hagens on VortexMaps provides the Google friendly downloadable UVG grid plug-in.

  1. Download the UVG-grid-compiled -by-B-Hagens.kmz file.
  2. Log on to Google Earth.
  3. Scroll down the lefthand side menu and click on the Project icon.
  4. Click New project.
  5. Click on Import KML file from computer (Choose the kmz; it will download).
  6. Click on Present for full screen.
  7. Explore the extensive overlay of ley lines and the Earth grid.
Screenshot of Google Earth and Ley Lines

How to add new ley lines to your Google Earth ley line map:

  1. Click back arrow to return to the opening screen.
  2. Find the area on the map you wish to create a new ley line.
  3. Click on the icon, Add place marker.
  4. Move your mouse to the area you wish to mark and click to anchor the place marker.
  5. Move your mouse to any other areas and add place markers as needed.
  6. Once finished with place markers, click on Add line or shape.
  7. Move your mouse to one of the place markers and draw a line to connect it to the other place marker.
  8. Repeat as needed.
  9. When finished, save your project.

How to Find Ley Lines Using Dowsing Rods

Dowsing for ley lines is like dowsing for water. The dowsing rods become the conduit between the person conducting the dowsing and the energy lines. Like water dowsing, an adept dowser can determine the flow of the ley lines. When you cross an energy line, the rods will draw towards each other. A strong energy will cause the rods to cross over each other. It is possible you may find offshoots (branches) of a ley line. These will be weaker and the dowsing rods will move closer to each other, but not cross.

Supplies needed:

1 - Pair of copper, brass, or wood dowsing rods

1 pk - Colored flag marker (optional to use different color to mark weaker energy lines)


  1. Begin your dowsing outside your home.
  2. Start in the backyard and work your way around the side yard, to the front and then the other side yard.
  3. Anytime the dowsing rods cross over each other, place a colored marker in the ground.
  4. If you're also marking offshoot lines that are weaker, then use a different color.
  5. Once you've identified the energy lines outside your home, it's time to move your dowsing inside.
demonstrating how dowsing rods are used

Helpful Dowsing Tips

When dowsing outside, keep in mind that trees, power lines, metal, and underground piping can interfere with your readings. It is helpful to know about any underground piping or other manmade lines on your property, such as buried power lines. When using the dowsing rods inside your home, be aware that electronic devices, electricity, and metal, all give energy readings that might be misconstrued as ley lines.

The best way to determine if you are picking up authentic ley line energy is to compare your readings from outside with those inside. A ley line is a straight line, although there is something called a cupped ley line that follows the contour of a hill. If the straight ley line runs through your property in the front of your home and the back of your home, then it should show up along the same straight line inside your home and not take a different path.

Tips for Using Ley Lines

Many energy workers believe that you can tap into the energy of the lines in order to conduct various healings and transformations. Some boost their individual abilities by connecting with specific ley lines. This is often referred to as ley line tapping.


The theory behind using ley lines in healing techniques is based on the energy meridians used in acupuncture and other eastern healing arts. Healers believe they can tap into the energies of the ley line and serve as a conduit of that massive energy to transfer to their patients. When they properly direct this powerful energy to areas in the body that need healing, this energy can heal disease. The ley line energies unblock, energize, and correct the malfunctioning body meridians.

The electromagnetic energy of ley lines have also a significant influence on your emotions, perceptions, moods, and even your memory. You can use crystals, especially quartz, to amplify and tap into ley line energies to effect all types of benefits. For example, you can hold a crystal in your hands while meditating. If you know the exact coordinates of a ley line, you can focus on these to tap right into its energies. You can use crystals to assist in healing a specific chakra.

Defense Weapon

Some people practice ley line tapping for a defensive or offensive purpose. These individuals claim to use the stream of energy to zap negative energies directed by an attacker in an attempt to harm an individual. When used as a defensive mechanism, the connection to the ley line energy is used like a fire hose to spray the ley line energy against the attacker and the energy being directed at the victim. Once the battle has been won, the victor simply turns off the hose nozzle and disengages the link in the same fashion you would unscrew a hose connector to a spigot.

Burial Site

There is a direct correlation between ancient burial sites and ley lines. According to ley line researcher and author David Cowan, these lines were once called faery paths. In his research Cowan discovered that funeral processions to the church cemetery were taken along known faery paths. Not all faery paths were straight; many were circular. The dead were placed outside the lines. Cowan subsequently believes that this was done to ensure any negative energy of the body would be neutralized with this placement to both straight and cupped ley lines.

Science Remains Skeptical About Ley Lines

Science has yet to recognize the validity of ley lines, but those who have tapped into this powerful cosmic/Earth energy don't require scientific proof. From the Druids to various ancient civilizations, these lines have been marked by what many believe to be sacred symbols that have withstood thousands of years and likely will survive many more.

How to Find Ley Lines + Tips for Using Them (Correctly)