How to Go Straight to Voice Mail on Cell Phones

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When you need to pass on important information but don't want to bother the recipient with a phone call, leaving a voice mail directly in their voice mailbox can be a useful tactic. This allows you to avoid the potential awkwardness of a live conversation too. Depending on what kind of phone you have, among other factors, there are several ways to bypass the usual phone call if all you want to do is leave a voice message.

Send Voice Mail Directly with Slydial

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If you are looking to send voice mail directly to someone's voice mailbox, Slydial is the best option. It provides an easy, simple way to bypass the regular voice call altogether. It is a free service that offers two levels of premium accounts that remove ads and allow you to receive referral bonuses. Slydial works when calling both cellular and landline numbers.

After downloading the app for iOS or Android devices and creating a free account, you select a contact from your phone or enter a number to send a voice mail. Slydial routes your call through their dedicated call servers and connects you directly to the voice mailbox of the person to whom you are sending the message.

Long distance charges may apply, so keep this in mind when using the service. If you aren't paying for a premium account, the app will play an advertisement or two (typically about 10 seconds) before you are able to record and send your message. If you are using a phone that doesn't have the Slydial app on it, you have the option to call the Slydial access number at 267-SLYDIAL (267-759-3425) to send the message through their system for free.

Use Your Own Voice Mail System

If you are using a phone that does not have visual voice mail, you can send a voice message directly to the voice mailbox of a phone number as long as the number is on the same cell phone network as your phone.

If you are unsure about whether or not you have visual voicemail, there is an easy way to check. If you open the app and select a voicemail to listen to as opposed to calling your voice mailbox, you have visual voice mail. You can also contact your cell phone carrier to determine if you have visual voice mail or turn it off if you no longer require it.

Sending a Voice Mail Directly

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When you call your voice mail system and it lists the available options, there is usually an option to "send a message." Once you select the option to send a message, you can enter the target phone number and record your message as usual. Note that this will only work if the target number is on the same network as your phone number. Unfortunately, there is no way to send voice mail directly to a phone number on a different network.

Suitable Alternatives to Voice Mail

If you are unable to send a voice mail directly to someone, there are plenty of other options for sending voice and audio messages to friends, family, and colleagues.

Send a Voice Message with WhatsApp

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WhatsApp is a popular messaging application available for iPhone, Android, and Windows 10 Mobile devices. One of the great features of WhatsApp is that it lets you record a short audio clip, sending it to the desired recipient for them to listen to and save at their convenience. This is a great alternative to sending a traditional voice mail. Be aware that both parties need to have WhatsApp installed to communicate.

Voice Recordings via Text Message

If you are using an iPhone or Android with the latest software, you can most likely send a voice message directly within your regular texting app. iPhone users can open the Messages app and open a text message thread. Press and hold the microphone icon on the right side of the message text box to record a voice message. This process varies for Android users depending on the phone. Generally, there will be a "voice recording" option when you select the attachments button (usually a paperclip or + icon).

Dedicated Voice Messaging Apps

There are a few messaging apps available that exclusively send voice messages. One of the most popular for Android, iPhone, and Windows 10 Mobile is HeyTell. All you do is select a name from your HeyTell contacts, press and hold the big record button and send the voice message. A small drawback in using a dedicated voice messaging app to send voice messages is that both the sender and the recipient must have the app in order to communicate.

Text Messaging and Email

Nothing replaces the personal touch of a voice message, but you can try sending a text message or other type of written message. Email is a popular form of communication if you need something more formal than a text message.

Know Your Audience

Always consider the recipient when sending important information. Think about what lines of communication they check most often-some people never check voice mail, some never check email. Make sure you are sending your message via a line of communication the recipient monitors on a regular basis. There are more ways than ever to stay in touch!

How to Go Straight to Voice Mail on Cell Phones