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As an ever growing sport in this country, it's little wonder that so many teams are looking for soccer cheers to encourage their group on to victory. Cheers can be chanted by team members as a reminder of a common goal or to keep players pepped up and focused on doing their best. Cheers are sometimes chanted by fans, parents or the other team as well. With so many different options for chanting and cheering, there are a lot of common cheers that you'll hear over and over. You can find these cheers posted on various sites on the Internet or learn them from other players. However, LoveToKnow has also come up with a unique soccer cheer or two that you'll enjoy!

Common Cheers Good for Soccer

There are many different chants and cheers that are used in other sports, but can also be used to cheer for a soccer team. Since soccer and football do have a few similarities, many football cheers can be adapted for soccer plays. Offense and defense cheers are easily adaptable as are cheers that tell the ref he is blind or needs to get glasses. There are several sites that offer the words to these cheers, such as:

  • Soccer Training Lab - This site offers quite a few interesting cheers that can be used to motivate the team before the game even begins.
  • Yahoo Answers - There are several posts on Yahoo Answers about different soccer chants. You'll find some unique cheers and chants on this site. Or, post a question or answer of your own!

Specific Cheers Just for Soccer

As soccer's popularity has grown, a few cheers have emerged that parents and team mates use and are somewhat soccer specific. You may hear a few of these cheers and chants jump over to other sports, such as football and basketball, since all these sports use some type of ball. Many football cheers can be easily adapted to soccer, but also listen to chants and cheers at basketball games, hockey games and baseball games. You may even hear a few cheers at sporting events such as wrestling. Hockey chants can also be easily adapted to soccer. Just replace words like "puck" with ball. Both sports use a net, so you'll find many chants you can use. Here are a couple you might want to start with:

Move It!

Move it! Move it! Move that ball!

Soccer Shirts

This cheer is a unique variation of other cheers you'll see on the web.

We don't wear bows and skirts, We only wear our soccer shirts! We don't play with baby dolls, We only kick our soccer balls! GO (your team name here)!

Victory is Sweet

Kick that ball and make a score, Come on team, we wanna see more! Move those feet , 'Cause victory is sweet!

How to Play Soccer

Block her, block her, That's how you play soccer. If the ball hits the net, The other team is set, To win the game, And steal all the fame. Then we go home losers, To that bunch of bruisers.

We Will Rock You

This is from a popular song, but has made its way to many soccer events lately.

We will, we will Rock you! Rock you!

If you are unsure of the tune, you can view Queen singing the original song on YouTube. This will give you an idea of the beat of the song.

Original Soccer Cheers

Some of these are twists on old favorites, made fresh for soccer and some are just fresh and new:


Spike the "V" Dot the "I" Curl the "C" Vic-tor-y! Vic-tor-y!

Black and White

Our ball is black Our ball is white Look out (other team's name) Cause we can fight

No Hands

Look Ma! No hands! All we have is fans! No dunking balls in nets We kick the heck out of it Go (your team name here)!

Making Up Your Own Cheers

Probably some of the best cheers you can find for your soccer team will come from your own experience. If the coach has a favorite saying, try to adapt it into a cheer. Some teams like sayings such as:

  • Play hard or go home
  • The only failure is in not trying
  • We're number one

Perhaps there is a funny moment from a game that can somehow worked into a chant or cheer and will remind players and parents of a happy moment. Smiles can be motivating.

Keep your ears open when playing other teams. What cheers are their parents and players using? Can you adapt for your own team's use? Also pay attention at other sporting events.

Soccer Cheers