Getting Your Family on Family Feud: Insider Tips to Help You Through

Published August 17, 2018
Family Feud contestants with Steve Harvey

Family Feud has remained a beloved game show since its inception over 40 years ago. If you want to be among the winning families on the televised show, you'll need to stand out from the crowd with these insider tips.

Tips for Preparing Your Audition

Family Feud Co-Executive Producer Sara Dansby wants you to know "it's a safe environment and we're all one big family: the producers, host, and guests." What you see on the show, that fun and enjoyable experience, is what you'll get when you're cast. Knowing this will help you head into your live or video audition without fear.

Watch and Analyze Family Feud

Family Feud contestants
Choose the best group dynamic.

Every family who wants to be on the show should watch several episodes of Family Feud before auditioning. Stick to the ones featuring current host Steve Harvey so you get a good sense of his personality, sense of humor, and interaction with guests. Once you're in front of the cameras, you'll need to know how to play the game, but also how to have a good time. "The way to learn to be a better player is to watch Family Feud," says Dansby.

Host Family Auditions Before Applying

Choosing the right family members to include on your team can make or break your chances. The producers are looking for a strong, fun family dynamic that's full of personality. Host a family night and play a mock game of Family Feud with sample questions to see who is naturally energetic. "Not everyone has to be screaming and going crazy," shares Dansby, "but they all have to be having fun." Look for family members who spend a lot of time together as they are more apt to think alike and have a strong group dynamic.

Tips for Nailing Your Audition

As a producer, Dansby says the ultimate goal is they "just want to help families get on the show." Your actual audition is your chance to show that you deserve a spot on Family Feud and the crew will do their best to help you achieve that goal.

Schedule a Live Audition

While family dynamic is the most important criteria for contestants, live auditions give you a slight edge over video submissions. This is mainly because the live auditions are heavily structured to help you succeed. The producers will get to see your whole family at once interacting together and playing the game, making it easier for them to imagine what you'd look like on the show. Check the official website for upcoming audition dates and locations.

Follow Directions

Whether you are visiting the audition page on their website or attending a live audition, not following directions is the biggest mistake families make. "It's very easy to get on the show," says Dansby, if you simply read all the materials and listen to all the directives. If they tell you to shout out your answers and clap a lot, do it. At the end of the day, this is a television show and they need to see that you can follow basic instructions.

Be Confident

"Confidence is key," asserts Dansby. "It shows you will be comfortable on camera and interacting with host Steve Harvey." When you're asked a personal question or a question for the game, speak up with the belief that you know what you're talking about.

Be Yourself

Family Feud Contestants on Set
Wear matching outfits.

All auditioning family members should simply try to be themselves in a high-energy situation. Family Feud doesn't want to cast anyone who is obviously faking their excitement and enjoyment. Dansby particularly loves audition videos that include real life moments, like a child running across the set while the family is trying to film.

Show Your Dedication and Drive

Anything you can do to try to be different helps you stand out. Wearing matching shirts or coordinating outfits, bringing signs to live auditions, and making a replica Family Feud set for your audition video all show your determination and dedication to get on the show. "When I see how much our fans love our show, that makes me more connected to them." shares Dansby.

Put Your Best Family Forward

Your audition is your moment to shine and show off your exciting family dynamic. "What I see in person and in videos is the only thing I'm thinking about in that moment," says Dansby. Pick your best family lineup and make sure everyone comes into the audition ready to play.

Getting Your Family on Family Feud: Insider Tips to Help You Through