150+ Unique Nicknames for Aunts to Celebrate a Special Bond

From sweet and silly to heartfelt and meaningful, these are some great nicknames for aunt.

Updated July 1, 2024
Aunt with nice at beach

An Aunt holds a special place in a child's heart. She gets to enjoy her nieces and nephews but doesn't have the heavy burden of raising them. Aunts have the best job in the world as they reserve the role of funnest person on the planet. With this esteemed spot in the heart of a child, a perfect nickname must be had. Here are excellent nicknames for aunts.

Nicknames for Aunts From Around the World

Honor her and your heritage by giving an auntie a nickname that stems from your culture.

  • Zia (Aunt in Italian)
  • Tia (Spanish)
  • Tante (French)
  • Theida (Greek)
  • Täti- (Finnish)
  • Tetka- (Croatian)
  • Aintin (Irish)
  • Moster (Swedish)
  • Imo (Korean)
  • Teta (Lithuanian)
  • Bibi (Indonesian)
  • Tiya (Filipino)
  • Oba (Japanese)
  • Eedo (Somali)
  • Tannie (Afrikaans)
  • Shangazi (Swahili)
  • ʻAnakē (Hawaiian)
  • Chaachee (Hindi)
  • Whaea (Māori)
  • Ciotka (Polish)
  • Tetya (Russian)
  • Atta (Telugu)
  • Mume (Yiddish)

Traditional Nicknames for a Favorite Aunt

Nicknames don't have to be out-of-the-box. They can be simple and traditional pet names just for an Auntie.

  • Auntie
  • Aunt (and first initial of the Aunt's name)
  • Sissy (as she is a sister to the father or mother)
  • Sis

Creative Names for an Aunt

If the aunt has a fun, bright, and up-for-anything personality, try some of these more interesting nicknames on for size.

  • Auntie-Bestie (part aunt and part best friend for life)
  • BFA (best-friend-aunt)
  • Fant (fun aunt)
  • Frant (friend aunt)
  • Mom the Second
  • My Aunt Fanny (slang phrase meaning fiddlesticks)
  • Fav Aunt (favorite aunt)
  • Grant (great aunt)
  • Glaunt (glamorous aunt)
  • Plaunt (playful aunt)

Cute and Nonsense Aunt Nicknames

Kids often come up with nicknames that don't really mean anything... it's just a little bit of nonsense (or often, the babbling of a baby or toddler that sticks). We love some of these as adorable aunt nicknames. 

  • Bubbie
  • Nanny
  • Sas
  • Sassy
  • Sassafrass
  • Lolly
  • Lollipop
  • Lola
  • Lolo
  • Pickle
  • Boo
  • Bobo
  • Momo
  • Gigi
  • TiTi
  • Lovie
  • LaLa
  • Ti
  • Vivi
  • Sunshine
  • Sunni
  • Sweet Tea
  • Bon bon
  • Bun bun
  • Funny bunny
  • Flopsy
  • Floof
  • Clarabell
  • Biji
  • Tata
  • Tannie
  • Tantie
  • Peony
  • Petal
  • Posey
  • Pippi
  • Potato chip
  • Tilly
  • Tippi
  • Squiggy
  • Twiggy
  • Twig
  • Mami
  • Jingle
  • Pringle

Movie & Literary Aunt Nicknames

If you love reading and movies like we do, then maybe one of these movie or literary names is perfect for your aunt.

  • Aunt Clara (Bewitched)
  • Aunt Polly (Tom Sawyer)
  • Aunt March (Little Women)
  • Aunt Bethany (National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation)
  • Auntie Em (Wizard of Oz)
  • Aunt Bee (Andy Griffith)
  • Auntie Mame (Mame)
  • Aunt May (Spiderman)

Nicknames by First Name

You can play on just about any name to come up with an individualized nickname for your child's aunt.


Allison - Aunite Al, "Alli"gator, A.A.

Abigail - Aunt Abs, Abby

Andrea - Drea, Aunt Andie, Aunt An


Brenda - Be-Be, Ren, Auntie B

Brittney - Ni-Ni, Brit-bear, Auntie Bee-Nee

Bianca - Bi, Auntie Anca, Aunt Bia


Clara - Lara, A.C., Aunt C.

Charlotte - Char, Lotte, Aunt Charlie

Christina - Ki-Ki, Aunt Tina, Auntie Chrissy


Danielle - Dee, Auntie Elle, Danny

Dina - Dina-saur, Auntie Di, Dina-Doll

Delores - Aunt Dee Dee, Aunt Lor, Auntie Lori


Elizabeth - Liz, EB, Lib

Eileen - Lee-Lee, E.I., Lina

Ella - Elle-Belle, Aunt La, Auntie E

Aunt and nice sitting on bench


Francesca - Chess, Frannie, Frankie

Flora - Flo, Fo-Fo, Lora

Felicity - Cee-Cee, Aunt Fel, Liss


Georgia - Gia, Aunt George, Joey

Gabriella - Gabby, Ella, Bree

Gwyneth - Gwynnie, Aunt Winnie, Win


Hannah - Aunt Banana, Hans, Aunt Ana

Hillary - Hill, Auntie Lar, Hilly

Harper - Harp, Aunt Per, Aunt Hap


Isabella - Aunt Izzy, Aunt Bel, Auntie Isa

India - Innie, Dia, Indy

Imogen - Immy, Aunt Ginny, Auntie Og


Jennifer - Jenny, Jen, Aunt Fi

Julie - A.J. (for Aunt Julie,) Jules, Aunt Li

Jacinda - Aunt Jes, Cinny, Jacks


Kelly - Kel, Kel-Bel, Aunt Elly

Kristin - Kris, Tin-Tin, Krissy

Kendall - Kenny, Aunt Ken, Auntie Dall


Lillian - Lilly, Lil, Lils

Lauren - Lo, Rennie, Laurie

Louisa - Lou, Lulu, Lucy


Madeline -Lina, Leenie, Mady

Maddison - Maddie, Dis, Mads

Melanie - Mel, Lanie, Nee-Nee


Nicolette - Aunt Nic, Nicky, Lette

Nadine - Aunt Di-Di, Naddy, Dina

Noelle - Nono, Elle, Ella


Olivia - Livs, Olie, Vi

Olive - Livey, Evie, Ollie

Odette - Odie, Etta, Ods


Penelope - Nell, Pippa, Lola

Patricia - Patty, Pats, Patty Cakes

Paulina - Paulie, Lina, Lin

Aunt holding niece home


Quinn - Quinny, Inny, Auntie Q

Quinlyn - Queenie, Lyn Quinn


Rebecca - Becca, Aunt Rebs, Rebi

Roselyn - Aunt Rose, Aunt Lyn, Sellie

Regina - Reggie, Ginny, Gina


Sarah - Aunt Rah, Ser, Ser-Bear

Stephanie - Steph, Auntie Annie, Fanny

Samantha - Aunt Sam, Ammy, Mana


Tiffany - Aunt Tif, Fanny, Tiffy

Teresa - Tre, Terry, Aunt Tess

Tabitha - Tabby, Aunt Bith, Auntie Bi


Uma - Ah-Ma, Ummie

Ursula - Usi, Sula, La-La


Victoria - Tori, Rhea, Vicki

Valentina - Auntie Val, Tina, Ti-Ti

Valerie - Aunt Val, Ler-Lie, Ree


Winona - Aunt Ninny, Nona, Winnie

Willow - Aunt Lo, Auntie Illie, Will

Wanda - Aunt Wannie, Auntie An, Andie


Xena - Xi, Aunt Ena

Xandra - Aunt Dral, Auntie Ande, An


Yolanda -Yo-Yo, Aunt Lan, Aunt Yo

Yvette - Aunt Vee, Vette, Evie

Yoanna - Anna, Aunt Yo, Yoa


Zara - Aunt Zar, Auntie Ar, Ara

Zoey - Zoe Bear, Zoe, Aunt Az

Zinnia -Zin, Nia, Aunt Innie

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Choosing an Auntie Nickname

You don't have to overthink a nickname because, unlike a birth name, a nickname can be changed in a heartbeat. While nicknames aren't as serious a business as choosing the first name, put some thought into what you go with for family members. Here are some considerations in choosing the perfect nickname for a favorite aunt.

Aunt and niece sitting on porch swing

Check With Her First

Don't just assume that your sister is cool with something. Didn't you learn that golden rule of sisterhood back in childhood? Ask before assigning a nickname. Get the all-clear from her, especially if you are thinking of calling her something unique and creative.

Put Personality Into Perspective

What is your baby's aunt like? Is she wild and whacky or traditional and prim? Consider some of her personality traits and try to pair her up with a nickname that suits her style.

Keep It Short and Simple

Nicknames are not meant to be long, drawn-out titles, so pick something that is quick and easy for children to say.

Make It Meaningful

Honor the aunt in your child's life by giving her a nickname to be proud of. Make sure that whatever you choose is meaningful to you, her, and hopefully your child. While nicknames can be changed easily, some will stick no matter what, so pick one that evokes good vibes.

Honor Her

Being an aunt is a special honor in itself, and the bond between a child and their aunt is an irreplaceable one. Someday, they will share their baseball stats or deepest secrets with her first. Whatever you choose to call your child's aunt, make sure the name reflects how much you love and respect her and how special she is to both you and your baby.

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150+ Unique Nicknames for Aunts to Celebrate a Special Bond