ENFP in Relationships and Compatible Personality Types

Published August 7, 2019
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Better understanding your Myers-Briggs personality can help you get to know yourself and your needs on a deeper level. Doing so can create a space for you to find a healthy relationship with a compatible partner.

ENFP Personality Traits

Those with ENFP traits prefer to spend time with others instead of being alone, make decisions based on ideas and feelings instead of facts, and are go with the flow. Those with these traits are creative people and have a contagious zest for life's deeper meaning.

ENFP Traits Within Relationships

Regardless of gender, within a relationship partners with ENFP traits are creative, encouraging, supportive, and emotionally in tune to their partner's needs. Those with these traits value harmony, independent development, and exploring creativity together and individually.

Commitment and Marriage

Those with ENFP traits typically do not have any issues with commitment or marriage regardless of their gender. Because they tend to value close, intimate relationships, they put a lot of stock into maintaining their relationship with their spouse or partner.

Relationships Strengths

Within a relationship, those with ENFP traits are fun loving and have an incredible ability to encourage others to go after what they want. They enjoy having stimulating conversations and are engaging and caring partners.

Room for Improvement

Because of their go with the flow mentality, some partners may read this quality as flaky or unreliable. Those with ENFP traits may also avoid processing issues within the relationship, instead preferring to restore the intimate connection as quickly as possible. To remedy this, those with ENFP traits can keep their partner in the loop about their thought process and whereabouts as a check in. In terms of emotional discomfort, those with ENFP traits can practice delving deeper into uncomfortable emotions as a way to get closer with their partner and build relational strength in the long run.

Compatible Partners

Partners who are compatible on paper typically have several major similar personality factors. This can make it easier for them to understand one another and connect on a deep, intimate level.


Those with INFP traits prefer to spend time alone and are otherwise the same in terms of major personality traits as those with ENFP characteristics. This can make them a great match as they both value emotional connection, relational harmony, and independent creativity and processing.


Those with ENTP traits are similar to those with ENFP traits in all ways aside from basing decisions on logic instead of gut feelings. Those with ENTP and ENFP traits can be a great potential match because they both enjoy philosophical and engaging conversations about complicated concepts and are energetic, fun-loving and creative individuals.


Those with INFJ traits prefer to spend time alone, makes decisions based on concepts and gut feelings, and prefer to be organized. Although they do have some differences, those with INFJ traits and those with ENFP traits can make for a great potential pairing. They both value emotional connection, are supportive of their partners, and are creative.

Date Ideas

Those with ENFP traits enjoy participating in engaging activities. Date ideas include:

  • Seeing a performance or poetry reading
  • Watching a thought provoking movie
  • Enjoying outdoor adventures that allow for intimate communication
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Communication Style

Those with ENFP traits are great communicators, weaving words into beautiful, detailed stories that engage those around them. They also have an easy time connecting with others and finding common ground. Within relationships those with these traits can be straightforward and kind, but tend to struggle with issues that have the potential for relationship rifts as relational harmony is highly valued.

Least Compatible Partners

Partners who are least compatible on paper have the potential to build incredible relationships if they can understand how each other processes information. Potential challenging partners encourage growth, learning, and understanding.


Those with ISTJ traits prefer to spend time alone, make decisions based on facts and logic, and prefer to be organized. Essentially those with ISTJ traits and ENFJP traits are completely opposite in every way making for a potentially challenging relationship especially when it comes to emotional connection and understanding.


Those with ESTJ traits enjoy spending time with others, being organized, and making decisions based on concepts and logic. They also tend to enjoy taking the lead and creating schedules for themselves and their partners. They are naturally great at organizing and don't love to delve into feelings. Those with ESTJ traits may have a difficult time with such a go with the flow personality who prefers to be unscheduled and spontaneous.

Getting to Know Your ENFP Traits

Better understanding your ENFP traits can help you tap into your core needs and strengths. Within relationships, having insight can provide you with a wealth of knowledge when it comes to better connecting with your partner or finding a compatible partner.

ENFP in Relationships and Compatible Personality Types