32 Genuine Ways to Respond When Someone Says "I Miss You"

We all want to spread the love to our friends, family, and partners. And these responses to their "I miss you" messages will work in a pinch.

Published December 21, 2023
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What do greetings and "I miss you texts" have in common? It feels like there are only so many different things you can say in return.

Don't panic if your head's full of dust bunnies and you can't think of how to respond to an "I miss you" message with anything other than "same." We've done all the hard work for you and compiled a plethora of responses for every situation.

How to Respond When Your Partner Says "I Miss You"

Whether they’re gone for a few hours or weeks on end, an "I miss you" message is sure to come your way. Don’t waste time stuck in analysis paralysis while you try to come up with the most memorable line ever. Instead, fall back on these tried-and-true responses.

Adorable Ways to Reply to an "I Miss You" Message

Sometimes you're just in the mood to spread a little love around. Give back just as good as you get with these adorable responses:

  • I'm counting down the days until you come back.
  • I haven't stopped thinking about you since you walked out the door.
  • Come back quick because I've got this "you" shaped hole in my heart
  • Good! Now I don't have to worry that you won't come back.
  • Oh, thank goodness I'm not the only one!

Funny Ways to Respond to "I Miss You"

I’d miss me, too.

Not every relationship is built on a saccharine romantic bedrock. If you and your boo are more of the pull each other in for knuckle sandwiches type then you’ll appreciate these funny ways to respond to your partner's comment:

  • I hadn't even noticed you were gone what with all this extra room in the bed.
  • Really? I hadn't even realized you'd left already.
  • Well, my secret snack drawer definitely doesn't miss you.
  • I'd miss me, too.
  • Who is this?
  • Not sure what you’re talking about, but while I've got your ear can I interest you in an extended car warranty?
  • Ah, I see you’ve been struck down bad by the love sickness. Good thing I've caught it too.

Romantic Ways to Respond to That "I Miss You" Message

A little romance never did anyone harm. Lean into classic romantic overtures by pulling out these beautiful, heartfelt quips.

  • I don't know what I did to deserve someone like you.
  • Here I was moping in bed because you left and all it took was three words to make me smile. I just love you so much.
  • No one's ever treated me as well as you do.
  • All these years later and you still know how to give me butterflies.
  • You better enjoy all this free time you're getting because when you get back, I don't think I’ll be able to let you out of my sight.

Kind Ways to Respond When You're Not That Sentimental

You always know how to brighten my day.

If you're not a sentimental person or not in the mood for the warm and fuzzies, then cutesy responses probably make you nauseous. Instead of forcing yourself to say something out of character, stick with a response that's kind but still redirects the conversation.

  • Don't miss me so much that you forget to have a good time!
  • You're too sweet.
  • You've only been gone for a few minutes, there's no way you can miss me already.
  • We're all waiting impatiently for you to get back.
  • You always know how to brighten my day.
  • That's lovely to hear.
  • You're too good to me.

What to Say When Your Family & Friends Miss You

I can’t help but miss you more!

Romantic love isn’t the only kind of love you've got in your life. And when people love you, they miss you! You never know where life could take you next, so jump on every opportunity you have to tell them how much you care about them, too.

Here are a few ideas that’ll make their day:

  • I miss you more!
  • You've got great timing because I was just thinking about you.
  • Oh, I miss you, too! We need to catch up.
  • Miss you the most! How are things going?
  • Love you!
  • I can’t help but miss you more!
  • Sending all kinds of love your way.
  • Can you feel that? It's me squeezing you in a telepathic bear hug.

Tips to Help You Nail Your Response

Life is unpredictable, and sometimes people blindside you with feelings you didn't anticipate having to respond to. You can breathe a sigh of relief because we've got a few tips to help you master even the most unwanted "I miss you" messages.

Figure Out Their Intentions

Let's face it, exes and ex-almosts are notorious for sending the "I miss you" text at the most outrageous times. So as a rule of thumb, always sus out someone's intentions before responding. Are they just voicing their feelings, or do they want something from you? Get to the bottom of it before opening your mouth.

Have a Genuine Reaction

The worst thing you can do is put on an act for someone. The people in your life love you for you, personality traits and all. So, don't spit out whatever romcom line pops in your head. Instead, go with your gut.

Don't Leave it For Too Long

Now we've left our fair share of people on read, but an "I miss you" text isn't something you want to leave for too long. You want your loved ones to feel important, and responding quickly to an emotional gesture like this can make all the difference in the world. Unless it's from a past someone you don't want creeping back into your life; in that case, leaving them on read is the best option.

Speak From the Heart

While it's a great idea to have some go-to response stowed away in your head, there's always room to improvise. What you want to say doesn't have to be conventional or expected. If you speak from the heart about how you're feeling in response to someone else's vulnerability, you can't go wrong.

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32 Genuine Ways to Respond When Someone Says "I Miss You"