16 Fun Blue Nail Design Ideas That Blew Us Away

From basic to blingy, we have all the blue mani ideas for nails that fit your style, no matter what you wear.

Published March 4, 2024
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From sweet pale blues to deep teal and rich navy, we love how blue nails make us look and feel. Whether they're as moody and deep as the midnight sky or sparkling and sunny like a vacay swimming pool, our blue nail design ideas will help your mani stand out in the crowd. 

Blue Ombre Nails


Ombre nails are so cute! They take some work to do, but we absolutely love the look. Try them yourself or ask your nail tech to do your blue ombre nails for you. 

Start with a coat of white color. You'll also need a few more blue nail colors. We love OPI's Gelato on My Mind and OPI's Can't Find My Czechbook. Grab a wedge makeup sponge, and follow the tutorial to make ombre nails.

Dark-Wash Denim


Looking for cute, easy blue nails that you can slip into like a fave pair of jeans? We adore the dark-wash denim color of Essie's From Me to Me for nails that are as no-fuss as well-worn denim. Finish with either a matte top coat or a glimmering top coat for comfy, cute blue nails that are as casual and relaxed as Sunday mornings. 

Cozy Baby Blue Sweater Nails


Who says you have to put on a whole sweater to get a cozy look? These adorable baby blue sweater nails are so cute and comfy, perfect for giving a nod to your favorite cozy sweater without having to completely bundle up. 

Start with a baby blue gel nail polish like Beetles light blue. Cure the polish with a curing light for about 60 seconds, and apply a matte top coat. Cure for 60 seconds. Working one nail at a time, use a nail-dotting tool to dot on the same color polish that you've mixed with some clear acrylic powder. Before curing, dust each nail with additional clear acrylic powder and cure for another 60 seconds. Finish with a matte top coat. 

Need help? Check out this tutorial.

Sparkling Pool


From sweater weather to poolside, blue is such a versatile color for nail looks. Give your aqua-blue nails some shimmer and wear it poolside, to the beach, or whenever you feel like taking a vacay in your mind. 

We love Essie Expressie's Word on the Street as the perfect shade of swimming pool blue. Add a sunny shimmer with a glitter top coat. We like Makartt's Blue Aurora glitter top coat or Essie Expressie's silver glitter topcoat

Midnight Glam


Paint your nails as dark as the midnight sky and add a constellation of stars for a dramatically lovely mani. You can get this elegant look with minimal fuss.

OPI's Yoga-ta Get This Blue! nail lacquer is the perfect night sky shade. And ILNPs Tinsel Metallic Silver Flake Nail Topper gives you the perfect-sized bits of glitter to create the whole night sky on your nails. 

Pearl Blue


Getting a pearly-blue finish on your nails couldn't be easier with Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri nail polish in Glos-Sea. We love the subtle shimmer that makes your nails look like jewels. If you're looking for something even lighter blue, try OPI's It's a Boy! polish with an iridescent top coat like ILNP's Lovebird

Matte Teal


We love a teal nail, and adding a matte finish is easy to do but totally makes your mani a standout. Start with OPI's Drama at La Scala. Once you've built up the color to your liking, finish with a matte top coat for easy blue nails that make a statement.  

All the Blues Down in Blueville


No need to confine yourself to a single blue. So if you're like us and have trouble picking which blue nail polish you love the most, go for an entire suite of blues. We love that Beetle's B-Iceland Lagoon has six super pretty blue colors, so we don't have to choose. 

Stilettos With Sky-Blue French Tips


Sometimes you don't need a lot of blue to bring big drama, particularly when you add sky-blue French tips to your stiletto nails. Start with a sheer pink like OPI's Bubble Bath as an all-over nail color. Then, add tips in a sky-blue color, like OPI's Mali-Blue Shore. Protect your polish and help it dry faster using OPI's RapiDry top coat, and you'll be done in no time. 

Shimmering Matte Blue


Who says matte nails can't have subtle shimmer? Not us! We adore this sophisticated but simple look, and it's so easy to do. Start with a shimmering blue polish like OPI's Scorpio Seduction. Finish with a matte top coat for easy elegance. 

Blue Posies


Whether you add a single blossom on one finger or opt for a whole bouquet of posies on all 10, this is a super fresh and cute look. Start with a vibrant blue polish like Essie's Butler, a soft periwinkle blue like Essie's You Do Blue, or a combo of both. Then use colorful rhinestones to create as many flowers as you want. 

Cheeky Blue Bling Beetle


How cute is this blue beetle? We love how it adds drama and a bit of whimsy to a stiletto nail. Paint your nails in different shades of blue (we love Eternal Collection's Ocean View set of six different blues). Create your beetle out of different-sized rhinestones and rose gold nail art beads for an unforgettable look. 

Luxe Blue & Gold Mani


This mani looks fancy, but it's actually super easy to do. You'll just need nail polish and gold leaf to create this fun design. Start with your favorite blue nail color(s). Then, while your nails are still tacky, use a toothpick or tweezers to apply bits of gold leaf to your nails. Use as much or as little as you like, and finish with a top coat to protect your look. 

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Blue Marbled


Marbled nails are so cute, and they aren't terribly hard to do. Pick any shades of blue you like — like this Aquarius Water Collection gel kit from Beetles. Start with a cured base coat, and then use a flat nail brush to create your marbled design. Finish with a glossy top coat. If you need help, follow the tutorial — the look is totally worth the effort. 

Brilliant Blue Nail Ideas


From super simple to totally fancy, dress up your nails in the perfect shade of blue. Whether you like soft baby blue or a super dramatic blinged-up indigo, our nail ideas are the perfect place to get mani inspo. 

16 Fun Blue Nail Design Ideas That Blew Us Away