Middle School Makeup

Published April 6, 2018
Girl in bathroom applying foundation powder

Most young girls start to wear makeup when they hit middle school in grades six through eight. There are some makeup looks that are not only simple to create, but are natural-looking for the school environment. Start with basic and minimalistic makeup in sixth grade and then build on this look for grades seven and eight.

Sixth Grade

Twin girls wearing lip color

When you're 11 years old, you're lucky in the sense you don't need much makeup, but you can still wear a small amount to enhance your natural beauty.

  • At this age, you don't require much of a base on your face as your skin is already flawless. Most girls just opt for moisturizer or primer, but you can buy one with a tint if you feel like you want a fresh, dewy-looking glow.
  • For a bit of extra color on your lips and cheeks, why not try an understated lip tint that you can also blend into your cheeks as a touch of blush? A light pink or peach lip tint would achieve an effect that's toned down, yet stands out for all the right reasons.
  • To bring out your eyes, keep your lashes authentic, but use an eyelash curler to create a little volume. Then, define your eyebrows with a brow pencil or powder. Tres chic!

Seventh Grade

Girl applying mascara

At 12 years old, you might find you're getting into beauty more and more with each passing day. Use the tips you learned for sixth grade and continue to accentuate your facial features in the following ways.

  • This is the age you might start getting spots and blemishes on a daily basis. Use concealer accordingly on your breakouts, but you might also want to use it on any bags under your eyes and on your eyelid to act as a downplayed eye shadow. You could also use a light dusting of translucent powder all over your face if you're prone to oily skin.
  • Eyeliner is optional. However, if you want to give it a try, stick to a thin line either along the top lash line or along your waterline. This way, your makeup is appropriate for school but still makes a serious style statement.
  • Finish off your aesthetic with one coat of mascara on the top lashes to make your eyes pop.

Eighth Grade

Closeup of teen girl with makeup

It's acceptable to add to your makeup look further at school when you're 13 years old, as you're officially a teenager! The below tips will teach you how to make an impact.

  • More mascara is acceptable in the form of two or three coats on the both the bottom and top lashes to pump up the volume.
  • For your cheeks, consider adding a slick of bronzer under your cheekbones - or blusher on the apples - to give you an accentuated glow.
  • If you're craving more color, why not add a base eye shadow along each eyelid in a neutral hue like beige, ivory, or nude pink. Then, create a two-tone effect by using a darker shade in the crease. Alternatively, you can opt for statement lips instead through the application of lip cream or tinted gloss. Try to dress up either your eyes or your lips to avoid looking too overdone at school.

Finding Your Signature Look

Your early years are your fun years when it comes to experimenting with makeup. Now is the time to work out which shades and looks suit you to create your signature routine. Have fun, mix it up, and remember to keep it appropriate for the school environment. After all, less can sometimes be more!

Middle School Makeup