Seatbelt Purses in Sustainable, Stylish Designs

Updated April 7, 2021
ByLakeWindStudios Seatbelt Bags

A seatbelt purse can be an elegant and add a touch of Americana to your purse collection. Whether you opt for an original Harveys seatbelt purse or one from another designer, you're sure to get noticed when you carry or wear a seatbelt bag.

Seatbelt Purse Has Modern Nostalgia

The first seatbelt bag was designed by Dana and Melanie Harvey in 1997. Inspired during the installation of seatbelts in their 1950 Buick, the couple created a unique purse made of real seatbelt material. The idea of the seatbelt purse rapidly grew in popularity and has been featured in Jump, Maxim, Pregnancy, and other national magazines.

Original Harveys Seatbelt Purse

The original Harveys Seatbelt purse is still a hot seller. Over the last decades, the company has evolved and now offers several types of seatbelt bags. Some of the most prominent seatbelt bags include the Disney themed and the Classics.

Harveys Mini Streamline Disney Tote

The Harveys Mini Streamline Tote Disney is part of the Lots of Dots collection. The iconic tote features a playful Minnie Mouse slightly peeping over the edge of the exterior slip pocket. Her multi-colored hair bow is made from a Harvey's polka dot seatbelt.

  • Handle drop: 8.5"
  • Detachable strap: 30" - 60"
  • Size: 10.25"Lx9"Hx3.5"W
  • Price: Around $188

Harveys Classics Seatbelt Bags

The look of a Harveys Seatbelt Bag is readily identifiable. In fact, you may prefer to make your fashion statement with one of the iconic Harveys Classics seatbelt purses.

Harveys Executive Tote

The zip top closure Harveys Executive Tote is large enough for a laptop and accessories. You'll find several zip and slip pockets for convenient storage.

  • Handle drop: 11"
  • Size: 15.5"Lx11.5"Hx3.75"W
  • Color: Black
  • Price: Around $138

Harveys Mini Messenger

The Harveys Mini Messenger is a slim seatbelt bag ideal if you don't want to carry a lot of accessories. The zip top closure to the open compartment secures everything inside. There are several slip pockets for storing various necessities. You can wear the mini messenger purse on your shoulder or crossbody style.

  • Size: 10"Lx10"Hx2"W
  • Adjustable strap: 25" - 51"
  • Color: Black, Minnie Lots Of Dots
  • Price: Around $114

Harveys Large Tote

The zip top closure Harveys Large Tote features interior zip and slip pockets for lots of storage options. The bottom has sturdy custom feet to ensure your tote always remains upright.

  • Handle drop: 11"
  • Size: 11.5"Lx9.5"Hx4"W
  • Color: Black
  • Price: Around $118

Pure Detroit Seatbelt Purse

Pure Detroit features the largest collection of seatbelt bags that are made in the USA. The bags are made from authentic seatbelt fabric. You can choose from large to small sized purses. All of the seatbelt bags are made to order.

Pure Detroit Seatbelt Bags

Medium Ring Tote Rainbow Spectrum

The Medium Ring Tote Rainbow Spectrum is made using authentic seatbelt fabric/material. The multi-colored range of the full color rainbow spectrum seatbelts are set in a horizontal pattern.

  • Size" 15"Lx11.5"Hx3"
  • Color: Rainbow
  • Price: Around $168

Medium City Slinger Tote Seatbelt Bag

The Medium City Sling Tote is made of black seatbelt fabric that is made in a crisscross diagonal pattern and features a zip top closure. The open interior compartment features one zip pocket and one slip pocket.

  • Size: 10"Lx8"Hx2.75"D
  • Color: Black
  • Price: Around $128

Convertible Tote Seatbelt Bag

The Convertible Tote Seatbelt Bag is a popular choice for a shoulder bag or backpack. The detachable strap is adjustable and can be threaded through the backpack loop or worn on your shoulder. The purse has a zip top closure that secures the interior compartment that features one zip pocket.

  • Adjustable strap: 30" - 53"
  • Handle drop: 21"
  • Size: 15"Lx11.5"Hx
  • Color: Black
  • Price: Around $188

Comely Checker Board Seatbelt Bags

AliExpress offers the Comely Checker Board Seatbelt Bags features a zip top closure. The dual handle purse displays a checkerboard pattern design.

  • Size:14.25"Lx10.25"Hx4.35"D
  • Colors: 12 available
  • Price Around $41 plus $15 shipping

ByLakeWindStudios Seatbelt Bags

With a limited number of companies producing seatbelt purses, you can find an abundant supply of designs and colors on Etsy. In fact, the Etsy company, ByLakeWindStudios features some chi seatbelt bags.

ByLakeWindStudios Seatbelt Bags

Custom Crossbody Seatbelt Bag

The ByLakeWindStudios Custom Crossbody Seatbelt Bag has been purchased by thousands of satisfied customers. The crisscross diagonal pattern can be customized, using one, two, or three colors. You can select from 38 seatbelt colors to create your seatbelt bag.

  • Size small: 9.5"Wx8.5"Tx2"D
  • Size tall: 11"Wx10"Tx2"D
  • Color: 38 available
  • Price: Around $175 (small), $195 (tall)

Durability of a Unique Seatbelt Purse

The seatbelt handbag is highly durable, especially when it is well-crafted. The seatbelt bags offer you a unique addition to your purse collection that you won't see very often.

Seatbelt Purses in Sustainable, Stylish Designs