Lipstick Shades for Medium Skin Tones

Find your perfect shade with our picks for the best lipsticks for medium skin tones.

Updated February 6, 2024
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Lipstick Shades for Medium Skin Tones

Finding the right color for your skin tone will boost your mood and complement your complexion. If you have medium skin, you're neither very fair nor very dark, but you'll still favor either cool, warm, or neutral undertones. The right lipstick shade can brighten your face and prevent you from looking washed out, and there are plenty to choose from.

Lipsticks for Medium Skin With Cool Undertones

Creating an effortlessly beautiful makeup look is possible. When in doubt, stick to these lipstick shades for medium skin. They are absolutely gorgeous—and work well with cooler undertones.

URBAN DECAY Vice Hydrating Lipstick
  • Blue-Red. Every makeup lover needs a fabulous red lipstick in their collection. The best way to rock this bold shade is to reach for something with a blue undertone. There are many blue-red lipsticks to choose from these days, but one of the most popular comes from MAC. Their Ruby Woo shade is ideal for medium-toned cool beauty lovers.
  • Bright Pink. One of the great things about a medium skin tone is how easy it is to rock a bold lip color! Bright pinks and magentas instantly add vibrancy to your look. An example is the NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Lip Lingerie XXL Matte Liquid Lipstick in Pink Hit.
  • Berry-Toned Mauve. In addition to vibrant pinks, berry shades are also a must. They are especially flattering with a hint of mauve. According to, deep berry tones and mauves are always a good idea for medium skin tones. Try one like the Outlast Longwear Lipstick in Magnetic Mauve from Cover Girl for the best results.
  • Pink-Nude. If you want to score the ultimate nude lip, then ditch shades that are ultra-fair. A color that is too light can wash you out. Instead, look for a pink-toned nude shade. The pink tone creates a flattering separation between the lips and the skin. Look for something like bareMinerals GEN NUDE Radiant Lipstick in the shade Focus.
  • Coffee Brown. One trend that is hotter than ever right now is 90s-inspired makeup. That means brown lipstick is everywhere, which is great for medium skin tones. For an on-trend look that turns heads, reach for a coffee-colored brown like Urban Decay's Vice Lipstick in 1993.

Stunning Shades for Medium Warm Complexions

To make your warm undertones stand out for all the right reasons, stick to earth tones, berry colors, and deep mauves. These shades for medium skin tones are all you need to look fabulous day after day.

  • Yellow-Red. Unlike people with cooler undertones, it's best to stick to yellow-based red lipstick rather than blue. This will give your skin a beautiful tan glow, according to InStyle. To rock the perfect red, choose a shade like the Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Red.
  • Coral. Looking to add a little color to your life? Then be sure to pick up a bold coral lipstick. Not only is this a great summer shade, but it really complements medium skin. For the most flattering look, use orange-toned lipstick rather than pink. Something like the NYX Butter Lipsticks in Neon Lights will make you stand out.
  • Peachy Nude. To achieve the perfect nude lipstick look, Allure suggests sticking with a peach-toned nude lipstick. Peach warms up the skin and prevents you from looking washed out. Choose a shade like Bit of Honey from the NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Butter Gloss line.
  • Deep Mauve. Deeper shades of purple are always a good idea. Think rich burgundies, wine colors, and mauves. To embrace a vampier style, pick up something like the Wet n Wild Mega Last High-Shine Lipstick Lip Color in Red Sangria Time for a style that cannot be ignored.
  • Rich Brown. Darker brown shades look great on people with warmer skin tones, and they are extremely popular at the moment. There are many colors to choose from, but one long-lasting option is The Lip Bar Vegan Liquid Matte Lipstick in Naturalista.

If You Don't Know Your Undertone

There are hundreds of beauty products lining the shelves. Unfortunately, not all of them help you achieve a flattering look. There are foundations and concealers specifically geared towards light, medium, and dark skin colors, but what about lipstick? If you don't know your undertone, it is important to consider it before you splurge on a new shade.

Cool Undertone

It can be tricky to determine the undertones of your skin. However, according to Style Caster, there are a few simple ways to figure out which category you fall into. (Like the type of jewelry that looks best on you, for instance.) Generally, if you are cool-toned, the skin will have pink, red, or blue tones.

The color of your hair and eyes can also help pinpoint your undertone. Those with ash blonde, grey, cool brown, or black usually have cooler complexions. The same goes for people with blue or green eyes.

Warm Undertone

Warm-toned people, on the other hand, tend to have yellow, golden, or peach undertones. Elle Canada suggests looking at your veins to determine whether or not you have a warm complexion. If they are more on the green side, you are likely warm.

If your hair color is brown with gold, copper, or auburn highlights, it is safe to say you are warm. People with hazel or darker eye colors are also more likely to fall into this category.

If You Have Neutral Undertones

For those with neutral undertones (meaning you are a little bit of both), the sky is the limit. Any of the shades mentioned in the cool and warm sections above will work well with your medium skin. It all comes down to personal preference!

Look Great Wherever You Go

It doesn't matter if you have a low-key lunch date or a special event coming up. These lipstick shades are sure to make the most of your skin tone. Whether you are cool, warm, or neutral, your next shopping experience will be a breeze now that you know what some of the most flattering shades are for medium skin.

Lipstick Shades for Medium Skin Tones