14 Gifts for Movie Lovers That Capture the Magic of Film

These filmtastic gifts for movie buffs will help you win all the awards with family and friends!

Published November 8, 2023
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Gifts for Movie Lovers

Lights! Camera! Action! You’ve only got a few weeks to finish your production, and the last thing on your list is finding the perfect gifts for the movie lovers in your life. Armed with a master’s degree in film and endless hours shopping for filmtastic things, I’m here to keep you on schedule and on budget with these must-haves.

Taschen is the leading publisher in elegant, highly illustrative books on all things art and culture. I picked up their Horror Cinema title recently and was entranced by the beautiful film stills and insights into horror’s cinematic legacy.

Of course, next on my list is Film Noir, a look at 50 different film noirs that span 1940 through 1960. Grab a copy and relish in the femme fatales, high tension, and punishable crimes any time of the year. Film buffs who want a closer look at an iconic genre should turn to Taschen’s affordable deep dive.


Turner Classic Movies (aka TCM) is a one-stop shop for watching classic films and finding film merch. Thanks to them, you can find the perfect pairing for any grisly classic under the sun with Eddie Muller’s Noir Bar: Cocktails Inspired by the World of Film Noir.

Flip through the pages of this book, and you’ll find recipes for delectable drinks like the Black Manhattan or Corpse Reviver No. 2. Each one of these delicious cocktails is  inspired by an iconic movie. The film noir is a feast for the eyes, and with Eddie Muller’s book, it can be a feast for your taste buds, too.

While you’re prepping delicious film noir-inspired cocktails and queuing up your movie of choice, why not take a page out of Vincent Prices’ cookbook? You probably know Vincent Price for an acting career that spanned decades, or maybe his vocal cameo in Michael Jackson’s Thriller. But you might not know that the lauded Prince of Menace was also a dedicated chef.

For years, you’d have to pay hundreds to grab an out-of-print copy of one of his classic titles. But A Treasury of Great Recipes, first released in 1965, is back in print. 

I spend more time looking for something to watch than actually watching something. If you’re like me, then you’ve got to get Uncommon Goods’ What to Watch Streaming Decider Dice. Y get three dice that help you decide the genre, platform, and number of show/movie that come up on the list.

If you sometimes wish we could go back to the days of weekly programming like I do, then these dice are a lifesaver. So pull up a chair and let the dice decide what’s on the movie menu tonight.


Trust me, there’s not a movie lover around whose eyes won’t light up when you give them a film clapboard. There’s nothing that screams production quite like these loud toys. Fully erasable and ready to go for every kind of cute photoshoot, this is an awesome inexpensive gift to round out any candy and popcorn-laden movie gift basket.

Universal’s monsters are some of the most recognizable faces in all of American cinema, and there’s a plethora of fun merch you can get to show off your favorites. But, for film fans with a penchant for the metaphysical arts, take a gander at Insight Edition’s Universal Monsters Tarot Deck & Guidebook.

The deck comes with a handy guide so you can be new to the craft and still work your way through spread after spread. Let yourself or a loved one revisit Universal’s monsters in a whole new way.

Karina Longworth’s Seduction: Sex, Lies, and Stardom in Howard Hughes’s Hollywood is a book that every old Hollywood fan needs to have in their collection. For years, Longworth’s recorded You Must Remember This, one of the preeminent film podcasts in the genre. As a master of storytelling and a seasoned film critic, her book gives you a backstage pass on the enigmatic figure’s life through the lens of his many love interests.

I’ve been listening to You Must Remember This for years and blazed through the book when it came out in 2018, and I highly recommend it! 


Bring the magic of the movies home with Happrun’s film projector. Not only does this set come with a 100” screen (which is a must-have when you’re trying to cast movies), it’s also smartphone and Bluetooth compatible. Skip the lines and stage your own summer screenings in the backyard instead.

This is a gift that’ll keep on giving. Once you’ve got the sound cranked up and popcorn in hand, you’ll never want to go back to your boring old TV again.

For horror movie fans, spooky season doesn’t end on November 1st. Indulge the horror fanatics in your life with this interactive décor. Work your way through early classics like the German Expressionist film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari to modern hits like Hereditary with this minimalist scratch-off poster featuring 100 horror movies.

If there’s one thing we film buffs love more than watching movies, it’s talking about them. Test everyone's knowledge with Cinephile: A Card Game. With three difficulty levels (Movie Geek, Film Nerd, and Cinephile), anyone can take a crack at this game. Take a break from movie night and try game night instead.


Grease has been a favorite movie of mine since I was 7 years old, and as someone with the soundtrack, VHS (then DVD), and a pleather outfit to live my best greaser Sandy life on Halloween, I thought I knew everything there was to know about the iconic movie musical. Until I discovered Grease: the Director’s Notebook.

The book’s chock full of insightful interviews, script secrets, and little tidbits that’ve never made it to the bonus content. If you’re a movie musical fan or love Grease as much as I do, then this is an absolute winning gift to grab.

If you grew up in the pre-streaming era, you probably amassed quite the collection of movie ticket stubs. Just like how old photos can transport you back in time, rediscovering movie stubs from years ago can put you right back into your plush theater seat.

Turn your stubs into statement décor with this inexpensive 7”x9” shadowbox frame. With a slot at the top for easy access, you can drop in stubs right when you get back home from the theater. 

From Titanic to Silence of the Lambs, there are so many Academy Award-nominated titles that have transcended movie history and become cultural touchstones. Experience these movies in a whole new way with an Oscar's Best Picture jigsaw puzzle.

Using 1000 pieces, you can put together a beautiful collage of Oscar-winning movie posters. Pack it back in the box and relive the magic time and time again, or spray it down with glue and frame it. 


Bring that backstage energy to your work desk with this industrial searchlight desk lamp. Standing up to 2’ tall, this lamp perfectly combines modern aesthetics with vintage style. If you’ve got a friend with fickle film tastes, stick with something elegant and functional like this lamp. Though your loved ones might not be center stage, with a little gift like this, you can bring the Hollywood spotlight to them.

Movie Gifts That'll Help You Win All the Awards 

Whether you’ve got the budget of a scrappy indie film or a studio-backed blockbuster, this list should get you through the holiday shopping season. Show the cinephiles in your life some love with one of these hand-picked movie gifts.

14 Gifts for Movie Lovers That Capture the Magic of Film