15 Best Scented Candles from Yankee Candle Company

Published May 26, 2022
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If you're a die-hard candle addict, you've probably lost track of how many Yankee Candle Company candles you've owned in your lifetime. There's a reason the brand is such an OG in the candle market. For years, the Yankee Candle Company has run the show. Brands come and go, some actually succeed like the cult favorite Bath & Body Works, but Yankee Candle Company reigns supreme.

You just can't beat the range of scents that live in those iconic mason jars. To love the Yankee Candle Company is to have your own personal scent chart. I'm personally a Midsummer's Night sun, Evergreen rising, and a Home Sweet Home moon. If you're looking for some guidance on where to begin to awaken your Yankee Candle Company senses, we've got you covered with the best of the best that your nose simply has to experience…


Size: You may instantly think of that jumbo mason jar when it comes to Yankee Candle Company, but they actually have a wide variety of sizes. You can opt for their mini votive candles if you want to scatter the scent around your home or even a lower, wider 3-wick candle for a more intense fragrance.

Scent: As with any candle, everyone has their personal preference when it comes to fragrance. Some swear by sweet dessert scents while they make others nauseous, and some could never tolerate a fruity scent. Yankee offers in-depth descriptions of each of their scents to help guide you, and we've put together a wide variety below.

Wicks: While most candle brands offer the typical single-wick and 3-wick options, Yankee Candle Company actually pushes the boundary, and you can even find a 5-wick candle for super dramatic home-filling fragrance.

15 Best Scented Candles from Yankee Candle Company

Most Unique Scent :
Midsummer's Night

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Best for Bakery Sweetness:
Vanilla Cupcake

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Most Relaxing :
Well Living Collection: Optimistic Lotus Blossom & Aloe

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Best for Outdoor Use:
Outdoor Collection: Fresh Rain 

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If you ask me, Midsummer's Night is Yankee's most unique scent. I'll admit, what drew me to it was the rich black wax, but the scent will lure you in for good. Midsummer's Night is a blend of musk, patchouli, sage, and mahogany cologne that swirls into a deeply sensual and rich scent. This large jar offers an insane 110 to 150 hours of burning time -- it's going to last you for ages!


A candle collection simply isn't complete without a handful of festive holiday scents. Yankee Candle's Balsam & Cedar is the ultimate classical candle to light around Christmastime. Whether you're a faux tree person or not, light up this pick to give your home the fresh Christmas tree feel. The combination of balsam, aromatic cedarwood, and juniper berry will leave you feeling like you're sitting in the middle of a tree farm.

Dessert scented candles can be hit or miss. They're either intoxicatingly mouth-watering or sickeningly sweet. Well, the only con to Yankee's Vanilla Cupcake candle is it'll leave you with a serious craving for some cake batter. This delicious vanilla candle is complemented with hints of lemon and buttery icing. It's like cake batter in a jar -- but don't try scooping any of it up!

Yankee Candle Company doesn't only offer their trademark jar collection, they've built quite the vast array, and the Well Living Collection is a fan favorite. The Optimistic Lotus Blossom & Aloe scent comes in a large and unique square glass filled with a blend of coconut and soy wax, topped off with two wicks made from natural fibers. These wellness-inspired candles are made with eco-friendly essential oils, and this combination of lotus and aloe is the perfect at-home spa day companion.


If you're a coffeeholic, this candle was made for you. Yankee Candle's Cafe Al Fresco scent screams espresso with the sweetness of cinnamon and caramel to add a special touch. Lighting this candle will transport you to a Parisian outdoor cafe without ever having to leave your kitchen table. It's guaranteed to become part of your morning coffee routine, and it burns for 110-150 hours, so you can rely on it for ages.

With candles, people often tend to opt for bigger and better. However, the truth is there's still something special about scattering around a few tea lights or enjoying a sample size of a candle before committing. Well, once you try these Tangerine & Vanilla sample votive candles, you'll likely spring for the jumbo size. This candle has a unique twist of juicy tangerine, softened with a creamy and sweet vanilla scent. It's like an orange creamsicle in candle form!

Fall is undeniably peak candle season. From the delicious dessert fragrances to autumn leaves: Autumn candles are elite. This Yankee Candle in Apple Pumpkin is guaranteed to become your new favorite Fall friend. The juiciness of the crisp apple scent is complemented perfectly by the cinnamon-y pumpkin and sweet caramelized sugar kick with a ginger and clove spicy finish. It truly encapsulates every Fall candle theme wrapped in one.


We light candles to feel cozy and snug at home. Well, this Yankee Candle in Home Sweet Home manages to capture that feeling in scent form. One of Yankee's most popular scents, this offers a comforting blend of cinnamon, baking spices, and a note of freshly poured tea. This is guaranteed to leave any space feeling warm and inviting.

Sure, rain can be a bit of an inconvenience. But you can't deny that nothing quite matches the smell of the crisp air just after a thunderstorm clears. Yankee Candle's Fresh Rain scent has captured that feeling perfectly with this large outdoor candle. The beautiful decorative tin is filled with the smell of crisp apple, rose, and rosemary. Using a unique higher melt-point wax, this candle is formulated to handle outdoor temperatures and throw scent even further. It is also made with two large wicks that remain lit for longer regardless of the windy weather.

Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about our floral candle fans! Now, the beautiful image on the packaging of this Sakura Blossom Festival candle may be what lures you in, but it's the uniquely refreshing scent that will keep you going back for more. This candle combines rose freesia and cherry blossom with creamy vanilla and almond milk scents that feels just like frolicking through a field of cherry blossom trees.


Another gem from the Yankee Candle Outdoor Collection is this Ocean Hibiscus scent that comes in a beautiful terrazzo container that you can repurpose once you've burnt through the candle. The fragrance will leave your outdoor space smelling even more refreshing with a mix of watermelon and cucumber paired with water blossoms. This candle also contains citronella, which is perfect for outdoor use to repel insects and bugs.

Perfect for a bright summer's day, this Mango Ice Cream candle is so delicious you may as well just take yourself out for ice cream while you're at it. This juicy and refreshing sliced mango scent is made all the more yummy with a creamy vanilla note to it. The candle packs a punch with its five cotton wicks that will fill your entire space with the mango deliciousness.

When you take the time to treat yourself to an at-home spa day, complete with your favorite face mask and a little bath time, the only thing that can take things up a notch would be to fill your space with scattered tea lights. These Yankee Candle tea lights in Dried Lavender and Oak will turn your room into a luxury spa. The woodsy oak scent combined with soothing lavender is going to instantly send you into a deep state of bliss.


The unique square jar and flowery flourishes on this candle aren't the only special thing about it. This Passionflower scent is the answer to your every floral fantasy as it meshes together notes of kaffir lime, pink jasmine tea, lotus blossom, and vanilla orchid to create a unique floral and citrussy moment. This tall candle comes with lead-free cotton wicks that give you a burn as clean as the fragrance.

If you like piña coladas and getting caught on the beach, this candle is for you. Yankee Candle's Coconut Beach scent is the creamiest, sweetest coconut candle you'll ever smell. The base notes of airy musk and Tahitian vanilla will transport you to a shoreside with a tropical drink in hand!

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15 Best Scented Candles from Yankee Candle Company