Home & Kitchen Prime Day Picks Every Household Deserves

From everyday dinnerware to accent furniture pieces, these are some of our Prime Day favorites.

Published July 11, 2023
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Whether you're furnishing a new spot or you're assessing an old one, everyone's home can use a refresh from time to time. While there's sadly no magic wand to make it all happen at once, there is Amazon Prime Day, and we happen to think that's pretty magical.

Take a look at some of the incredible home and kitchen must-haves that are up for grabs during this year's Prime Day sales. Even if you're just getting ideas, chances are you'll spy an eye-catching price point that's just too good to pass up.

This super handy pasta strainer clips right onto your pot's rim so that your noodles never even have to leave the pot in the first place. Dishwasher safe, convenient, and one less thing to find cabinet storage for? This is an automatic win.


This super chic and timeless dinnerware set from Gibson Home is so seamlessly incorporated into just about any kitchenware decor you can think of. The full 16-piece set of cream-colored matte stoneware includes perfectly sized cereal bowls, two sizes of plates, and coffee mugs for four.

Nothing updates a bathroom like an adorably intentional organization moment. Simply pop your cotton rounds or Band-Aids into one of these sturdy little jars, and you've instantly taken your powder room from "meh" to "how cute!"

This incredibly sleek and super affordable dining set effortlessly adds warmth and charm to any space. With four comfy and beautifully neutral chairs and a stunningly simple wooden table, it's the perfect set for folks looking to furnish a new place as well as those ready for a redesign.


If you haven't hopped (or stood) on the standing desk train quite yet, it's time. A necessary addition to any home office, this electric desk moves up and down with the touch of a button to allow you the flexibility of working from any height you wish.

Putting an ottoman just about anywhere has the immediate effect of making a room feel classy and put together. This brown leather number not only helps a space achieve instant polish, it totally leans into the TikTok-viral "dark academia" vibe.

Bed frames can be wildly expensive, so when it comes to giving your private sanctuary a makeover, it's tough to find a fashionable option that will last. This lovely navy blue number not only adds a touch of elegance, it easily blends with a multitude of decor styles.


A cozy accent chair will do wonders to round out a space, and this plush velvet pick is small enough to suit a tight space while still roomy enough to be comfortable.

A good Adirondack chair is worth its weight on gold to anyone who appreciates spending a little time outdoors. This colorful find folds flat for easy and convenient storage, and it quickly pops up for a statement lawn seat.

Outdoor storage solutions are often overlooked and chronically underrated. Don't make that mistake. Invest in a home for your gardening tools with a waterproof box like this highly rated one from East Oak.


If you don't have one already, you need a great knife set. There's nothing in the world like the perfect slice, and this collection of high quality stainless steel knives from Chicago Cutlery delivers - all while in a simple yet stunning wood block.

One word: versatility. These incredibly comfortable, form-fitting bucket chairs easily work as bar stools or dining chairs or both!

Everyone could use a little more storage, and the easy way to get it is to think "up" instead of "out". These double-shelved lazy susans not only add an extra layer on which to stack things, they spin for easy access to every last item on them.


These slick, high shine serving platters come in handy for every occasion from holiday dinners to charcuterie happy hours. Even a sleeve of crackers will look sophisticated on these glossy blue pieces.

Another great option to maximize space in a small kitchen? Baskets. It's also a great way to display food staples like apples and avocados in such a way that you'll see them reguarly enough to actually eat them before they go bad. (Not that that's happened to us...)

These best-selling sheets are a total win. They're unbelievably comfortable, have deep enough pockets to easily fit any mattress, and come in an array of gorgeous neutrals in every size.

Home & Kitchen Prime Day Picks Every Household Deserves