Every year, Amazon treats us to the online shopping event of the summer: Prime Day. And every year, we happily comb through our wishlists for what could have possibly dropped in price enough to entice us to buy. Lucky for us (and you), top choices like blenders, headphones, shoes, and even subscriptions do just that. Take a look at what our very own LoveToKnow staff has scooped up on Prime Days past.

Editorial Director Carrie Grosvenor got these comfy sheets in light grey and sky blue, and she loves them! "They're really cozy and soft, like t-shirt material," she says. "And they've lasted well - I just wash them in hot water and throw in the dryer. No pilling or tears or anything! They also have deep pockets that fit those foam mattresses really well."
This digital scale was another of Carrie's favorite finds. She says it's "easy to read, accurate, and looks pretty sleek. It takes regular batteries, and we haven't had to change them since I bought this last year." Sounds like a great find!
This slick, stylish bluetooth speaker is tough to say "no" to, which is why Carrie picked one up during last year's Prime Day sale. "Great sound, amazing price, super easy to use," she says. "I love that this speaker is so portable. I've got a stereo system with bluetooth, so I can connect from that or my phone. This was really fun at Halloween when we had tunes going in the garage!"
Every remote worker can appreciate the value of a great desk chair. Commerce Editor Becca Kane says this was "a great Prime Day purchase" she nabbed on sale. "I needed something that provided lumbar support for working from home," she says, and this one delivers!
We can't forget the pups! They deserve to benefit from a few great Prime Day sales here and there, too, and this treat toy is a must. "I bought this for my dog as a toy and a slow feeder," Becca shares. "We use this a couple times a week with him, and he is obsessed with it."
This Nutribullet gets some serious use in Becca's house, too. "I loved the price point and all of the attachments and accessories it came with." Especially when counter space is at a premium in an apartment kitchen, the compact size of this pick makes it ideally suited to her needs.
Another of Becca's picks comes in handy regularly. "This massage gun was a great purchase to get on Prime Day at a good price," she says. "I use this way more that I thought I would - after running, walking, and when I have a sore back."
Deputy Editor Karen Frazier has all the bells (pun intended) and whistles that go along with the Ring home security system."Since we travel a lot, it's nice to be able to monitor at a distance, call our house sitter if a package is dropped off, or check if something seems off," says Karen. "It makes me feel more comfortable traveling. I also like that the Ring and Echo work together so if somebody rings my doorbell, the camera feed pops up on an Echo device near me so I don't need to get up and answer the door if it's a delivery or something."
Karen also used a Prime Day sale to trick out her house with a smart lighting system that works with her Ring and her Echo. "We bought the ring smart bulbs and lighting bridge, which turns lights on and off when we're not home on a schedule - or I can control them from wherever we are!"
Once Carrie mentioned this cooling blanket, a few of us added it to our lists, too. "I bought one, then the kids both had to have one," she says. "They're really light, they feel cool when you first put them on, and they're nice and big. They have a 'warm' side, too!."
"I love the color options, it brews quickly, and the coffee is actually quite hot," Carrie says of this slim, single serving Keurig. "It's easy to fill and maintain, too." Sounds like the perfect pick for gifting, small spaces, and back to school dorm shopping!
"I grabbed one of these squishy chairs when we redecorated my daughter's bedroom last summer," Mary says. "When it's not drowning in stuffed animals, it's her absolute favorite spot to curl up with a book, and it's just as cozy as it was the day it arrived."
"I'm a runner," Mary shares. "There are few things more important than quality sound and earbuds that won't slip when you're halfway through a race. These Jabras are perfect, even ten miles in, and they hold battery life for days."