10 Kid-Approved Crazy Hair Day Ideas That Moms Will Love Too

Turn your tresses into a triumph with our fun crazy hair day ideas that take a walk on the wild side.

Published April 4, 2024
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If you're like us, your hair looks pretty crazy when you get out of bed. Of course, we always brush it and give it a good style so it looks presentable throughout the day. Until crazy hair day, of course. That's the day when you can turn your hair into a whimsical, whacky creation, and nobody will give you strange looks.

So if you have a crazy hair day coming up, you probably need inspo other than the standard, early-morning, combed-it-with-an-egg-beater look (although in some cases, that'll do, too). We've got you with crazy hair day ideas and inspiration to give your tresses the magic they need to win the day. 

Wild Braids


We love how easy it is to keep braids neat and tidy... but don't let that deter you from using them on crazy hair day. Braid sparkly chenille pipe cleaners into your hair to give those braids a more... upright appearance. Whether it's a single braid or multiples, you can totally sculpt them into fun shapes. Add a splash of bright color (we love brightly colored temporary hair chalk) and some sparkly foil pompom hair ties, and you have a crazy hair day look that'll definitely get noticed. 

Stand-out Accessories


Sometimes all you need are a few accessories to make a statement. We think this look is super cute with messy pigtails. But it's the brightly colored, squiggly hair accessories that make the 'do what it is... fun and just a little bit wild. 

Get the look:

Pretty in Pink


Let your hair color do the talking with a vivid pink head of hair, styled any way you want. We love this cute flip because it really lets the hair color speak for itself... but feel free to style your hair as sedately or wildly as your heart desires. If you have lighter hair, you can try temporary, washable hair-color wax to give you the right look. Or, pick up a pink wig and rock your locks with confidence.

Life of the Party


If you don't want to fuss with your everyday hair, you can always grab a wig, like this super curly pink disco wig. Then, commit to the look with some accessories that tell everyone you're all about the party — like fun LED glasses and some curly ribbon to bring the party vibe home. 

Rainbow Braids


We're back to braids again, because they're so easy and fun to fit into a crazy hair day theme. We love the idea of adding a rainbow-colored braid extension to one or multiple braids to get a look that fits on crazy hair day but is also just super cute.

Get the look:

Still Styling


We all have those days where we're afraid we won't make it out the door in time as we style our hair. Turn that terror into your crazy hair day idea with half a head that's perfectly styled and half a head that's still in curlers. All you'll need are a few hair rollers wrapping up one side of your coif.

Extreme Bedhead


Some of us wake up with bedhead, and that's all we need to rock it out on crazy hair day. Of course, you can enhance it a little by backcombing your hair (don't worry, we used to do it all the time in the 80s, and we still have hair on our heads, so it all works out) and then spraying the backcombed hair with a super-hold hairspray so it stays in place. 

Helpful Hack

Keep a little detangler spray and a detangling hairbrush on hand so you can get all the tangles out after you wash out the hairspray. 

Struck by Lightning


Oh no... it has happened again. A lightning strike when you least expect it. Who can't relate to that? Give your best struck-by-lightning appearance with some super spikey hair... but not regular spikes. Instead, use a super-hold hair gel to arrange your hair in a set of random spikes that stick out in every direction.

Want to add something that looks like little puffs of smoke to bring the illusion home? Some wispy fiber fill or torn-apart cotton balls stuck to the end of a few of the spikes (the gel should hold it in place) are the perfect accessory.

Mermaid Hair


Channel your inner mermaid with a pastel wig that'll make you the fanciest fish in the sea. Accessorize with a few face and body sparkles to make you look like you just grew legs and walked out of the ocean. 

Unicorn Hair


Who says unicorns aren't real? Not us (don't tell anyone, but we rode our unicorn to work today). Use hair chalk to color your hair to your heart's content, and then add an adorable floral unicorn headband. Accessorize with some magical face glitter, and you'll have everyone believing in unicorns. 

Win the Crazy Hair Day Crown


Make sure you're on point this crazy hair day with some super fun ideas that'll let everyone know you came to play. From magical, mythical creature hairstyles to shocking spikes, you'll be the one setting the standard for the wildest hair around. 

10 Kid-Approved Crazy Hair Day Ideas That Moms Will Love Too