10 Fall Scavenger Hunt Ideas Kids & Parents Will Love

Don't stress over this simple autumn activity. It's easy to plan an exciting fall scavenger hunt for your kids with our unique ideas and helpful printables.

Published October 11, 2023
Picking leafs on the fall season

Scavenger hunts were a rush when we were kids — and now it’s our turn to craft creative fall scavenger hunts for our own children. From sweet toddlers who need a helping hand to older kids who want a real challenge, we’ve dreamed up some seriously fun scavenger hunts your whole family will love this fall. 

Take one of our ideas and run with it, or snag our fall scavenger hunt printables for easy prep and instant fun. 

Fall Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Toddlers & Young Children

You’ll most likely be helping your younger children through the scavenger hunt, so you should make it one you’ll actually enjoy. If you’re trying to come up with a fall scavenger hunt for your littles, these ideas can help you create easy lists with common fall-themed items.

Ultimate Fall Item Scavenger Hunt for Young Kids (With Printable)

If you want to go the easiest route, try our ultimate fall scavenger hunt that’s brimming with classic autumn icons and items. You can even add your own ideas to customize it to your location or your child’s ability. 

  • Pinecone
  • Acorn
  • Apple
  • Pumpkin
  • Red Leaf
  • Brown leaf
  • Yellow leaf
  • Mushroom
  • Bird
  • Red berries
  • Bird nest
  • Sunflower
  • Squirrel
  • Colorful tree
  • Hay bale
  • Spider web
  • Pine needles
  • Twig
  • Tree bark

Leaves & Nuts Fall Scavenger Hunt

With little kids, everything is a learning opportunity. That’s why this fall scavenger hunt idea is so fun for their developing minds. Try a fall-themed search around the leaves and nuts you find in your yard and focus on the colors and shapes to make it educational.

  • A fall leaf with pointed ends

  • A fall leaf with one point

  • A red leaf

  • An orange leaf

  • A crunchy leaf

  • A winged leaf

  • A green walnut

  • An acorn with its cap

  • An acorn without its cap

  • A fallen leaf that’s still green

  • A brown hickory nut

Color-Coded Fall Scavenger Hunt

If your toddler is fixated on announcing the color of everything right now, this is the scavenger hunt of their little dreams. A color-coded hunt allows them to track down fall-themed items based on nothing but color.

  • Something green on a tree

  • A red bird

  • Something brown on the ground

  • Something orange they can hold

  • A yellow leaf

  • Something pink and pretty

  • A black bug

  • Something white in the sky

  • A purple flower

  • Something gray on a house

Fall Bookstore or Library Scavenger Hunt

Bookstores and libraries are a lot like Disney World when you’re little. They’re full of interesting sights and countless opportunities for fun. If you frequent the bookstore or library during the fall, plan out a scavenger hunt your child can complete in the kids' literature section.

  • A book with a tree on the cover

  • A book about a squirrel

  • Two orange books

  • Three books about animals

  • A red book

  • One book about a pumpkin

  • A book with a ghost on the cover

  • Two books about a turkey

  • One book with an apple on the cover

Easy Fall Scavenger Hunt at the Park

The park is an autumnal paradise in fall. So, while you’re soaking in the crisp air and enjoying the sounds of families having fun, let your little ones do some exploring in nature and find everything on their park scavenger hunt list.

  • A bench

  • A tree with changing leaves

  • Something orange on the playground

  • Four twigs

  • Five fall leaves

  • Someone wearing the color red

  • Two small animals

  • A bike

Fall Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Older Kids

Once your kids are past kindergarten, they may want a scavenger hunt that feels a bit more challenging. The trick is to strike that perfect balance between manageable and stimulating. These ideas should help you plan a scavenger hunt they’ll love.

Detailed Fall Scavenger Hunt for Older Kids (With Printable)

If you need a challenging fall scavenger hunt in a pinch, ours is full of exciting fall items your child can search for throughout the season. Plus, you can add some specific items to the list that make it personal to your own child.

  • A spooky-looking bug
  • A bird in a nest
  • A fall baked good
  • Halloween candy
  • Something plaid
  • Someone drinking tea or coffee
  • A spider on the web
  • Pumpkin pie
  • Cornucopia
  • Someone playing football
  • Crow on a scarecrow
  • Pumpkins in a wagon
  • Squash
  • A feather
  • Corn stalks
  • A tractor
  • A snail

Grocery Store Fall Scavenger Hunt

Let’s face it: the grocery store can be overwhelming with kids in tow. But, this fall scavenger hunt idea is sort of a lifesaver. While they’re focused on checking everything off of their list, you can focus on checking everything off of yours. 

  • Three different colored apples 

  • Something pumpkin spice flavored

  • Pure maple syrup

  • Halloween candy

  • A monster on a cereal box

  • Two orange vegetables

  • An apple dessert

Autumn Scavenger Hunt on the Road

There’s so much to see when you’re driving and anything that keeps your kids happy in the car is a plus. Give them a fall scavenger hunt they can complete without ever getting out of the vehicle. 

  • A sign for a fall drink or food

  • A tree with orange leaves

  • A home decorated for Halloween

  • A scarecrow

  • Four cows

  • Three red cars

  • A barn

  • A home with a fall wreath on the door

  • A brown truck

Quick Tip

You can tweak this list based on where you live. You know your location and landscape best, so customize the hunt based on what you expect to see.

Antique Store Fall Scavenger Hunt

If you love antique shopping, this fall scavenger hunt will convince your kids that thrifting is fun. You can create the list based on the thrift stores you frequent, but these ideas should get you started.

  • An antique teacup

  • Something brass or gold

  • An orange book

  • Something with a leaf on it

  • Something with an apple on it

  • A lantern

  • A sweater

  • A painting with trees

  • A pie dish

  • A fall-themed coffee mug

Challenging Fall Scavenger Hunt at the Park

Park-focused scavenger hunts aren’t just for young kids; your older child may also enjoy the game. All you have to do is add in some challenging and more detailed items that younger children might miss.

  • A scooter

  • A squirrel with a nut

  • A red bike

  • Someone drinking a coffee

  • Four different colored leaves

  • An oddly shaped rock

  • Three birds

  • A brown dog

  • Someone eating an apple

  • Someone reading a book

  • Someone playing catch

Tips for Making Fall Scavenger Hunts Stress-Free & Exciting

Now that you have the scavenger hunt all planned out, it’s time to fine-tune it. Based on the amount of kids you have involved and your own schedule, you may want to adjust the structure of your hunt. Try these tips for making your scavenger hunt a bit more exciting or achievable for your family.

  • Tape your printed list to a paper bag so kids can fill it up with their finds.

  • Stretch your hunt over the entire season to make it an ongoing challenge for your kids.

  • Pair kids into groups if you’re working with a large family or class.

  • Accomplish your hunt in pieces by spending a few minutes each day or week looking for the items.

  • Repeat the hunt in new places (like a grandparent’s house) once it’s finished.

  • Have each child add one silly or extra-challenging item to their list.

  • Use your scavenger hunt finds to make a fall-themed craft together.

  • Craft your scavenger hunt around the activities your family enjoys in the fall (like football games or apple picking).

  • Set a timer to make the hunt more challenging for older kids.

Have Fun With the Hunt

The key to a memorable scavenger hunt, no matter the season, is having fun. Your kids won’t remember if they found everything on the list or how quickly they finished. All they’re going to remember is having a blast with you as they search for every fall-themed item.

10 Fall Scavenger Hunt Ideas Kids & Parents Will Love