Free Coordinate Graphing Mystery Picture Worksheets

Updated April 20, 2020
Working in pairs to complete their worksheet

Get excited about coordinate graphing with free hidden picture plotting pages. Print out the worksheets by clicking the image then the "print" icon and use the handy Adobe Guide for any troubleshooting.

Simple Coordinate Graphing Image Worksheet

You'll need to plot around 30 points on the provided vertical coordinate grid to figure out what this mystery image is. The printable worksheet includes an answer key so you can double check your work.

Simple Coordinate Graphing Hidden Picture Worksheet

Extend the Fun

Lightly label each line along the x-axis and y-axis with a pencil so the numbers don't interfere with your finished image.

  • Use the same colored pencil to draw lines one and two. Choose a different color to use for the other lines.
  • Color in the entire picture with markers after you've finished all the lines.
  • Make an extra copy of the blank coordinate grid and see if you can create a hidden picture using ordered pairs.

Complex Coordinate Graphing Image Worksheet

This horizontal grid features about 50 ordered pairs and nine lines that create a beautiful image when complete. The second page of the document contains the answer key, but don't peek until you've tried plotting all the points!

Complex Hidden Picture Plotting Worksheet

Extend the Fun

Plot the points along the x-axis and y-axis with a pencil so you can erase any mistakes.

  • Cover each plot point and line with a different colored marker for an artistic effect.
  • Write down a hypothesis, or guess, about what you think the final image is after finishing line one.
  • Challenge yourself to figure out how you'd have to change the y-coordinates to center the image.

Holiday Coordinate Graphing Mystery Pictures

Combine holiday fun with education when you assign holiday coordinate graphing pictures. Each worksheet features an image related to a holiday and includes an answer key.

Valentine's Day Coordinate Graphing Worksheet

Love is in the air, but can you figure out what Valentine's Day surprise is waiting for you in this heart-themed coordinate graphing picture?

Hidden Picture Plotting - Love Is In The Air

Easter Coordinate Graphing Worksheet

Find some Easter eggs in this fun coordinate graphing Easter egg hunt.

Hidden Picture Plotting - The Hunt Is On

Halloween Coordinate Graphing Worksheet

What spooky character is waiting to be revealed in this Halloween graphing worksheet? Here's a hint: it might scare you to the bone!

Hidden Picture Plotting - Scared To The Bone

Thanksgiving Coordinate Graphing Worksheet

Forget turkeys and Pilgrim hats, this unique Thanksgiving coordinate graphing image features a wishbone.

Hidden Picture Plotting - Make a Wish

How to Use a Coordinate Graph

Coordinate graphing pictures use a standard coordinate plane, or two-dimensional number line.

How to Label a Coordinate Plane

If you have a blank coordinate plane, you'll want to start by labeling the x-axis, the y-axis, and each grid line. Each axis is already labeled on these worksheets.

  • The vertical center line, or up and down line, is called the y-axis.
  • The horizontal center line, or side-to-side line, is called the x-axis.
  • These two perpendicular lines intersect at 0, which is called the origin.
  • All x coordinates to the right of the y-axis line are positive. Each vertical line is numbered, starting from 1 as you move from the origin to the right edge of the graph.
  • All x coordinates to the left of the y-axis line are negative. Each vertical line is numbered, starting from -1 as you move from the origin to the left edge of the graph.
  • All y coordinates above the x-axis are positive. Each horizontal line is numbered, starting from 1 as you move from the origin to the top edge of the graph.
  • All y coordinates below the x-axis line are negative. Each horizontal line is numbered, starting from -1 as you move from the x-axis to the bottom edge of the graph.

How to Find a Point on a Coordinate Graph

Any point on a coordinate graph is written as an ordered pair like this (x,y).

  1. Always start searching for a point by looking at (0,0), or the origin.
  2. Find the number in the "x" place by taking that many steps to the left (negative number) or the right (positive number) on the x-axis.
  3. Find the number in the "y" place by taking that many steps down (negative number) or up (positive number) on the y-axis.
  4. Make a dot, or point, where these two lines intersect.
  5. To complete a line on a coordinate graphing mystery picture, connect all the points in that line in the given order.

Coordinate Graphing Lesson Planning

Mystery image graphing worksheets are great for independent work time. Once you've taught the basics of graphing, use the hidden picture pages to reinforce the terms and skills discussed.

Coordinate Graph Teaching Tips

Teachers will get a good sense of the child's learning style based on the way they complete the worksheet.

  • Have students work on the page independently during quiet work time.
  • Pair up students so one gives the coordinates and the other plots them for a lesson in teamwork and following directions.
  • If you are teaching students at different grade levels, use the simple worksheet for younger kids and the complex one for more advanced kids.

Skills Learned With Coordinate Graphing

Working with ordered pairs on a coordinate grid:

  • Teaches and reinforces skills related to math and logic
  • Shows relationships between positive and negative numbers
  • Reinforces the proper way to draw a coordinate grid and read and write ordered pairs
  • Introduces algebraic concepts
  • Explores visual and symbolic math concepts

Crack the Code

Coordinate graphing mystery images are like cracking a code to find the secret message. Use the worksheets for upper elementary lessons on math, art, and following directions.

Free Coordinate Graphing Mystery Picture Worksheets