Funny Videos for Kids

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Are your kids tired of watching Sponge Bob reruns? A great way to pass a rainy afternoon is by watching free online videos - the funnier the better. Whether you watch these videos with your child or give her a list of videos to view while you prepare a meal or get other work done, these videos are sure to get the kiddos oohing, ahhing and giggling.

Funny Cat Videos

Kitty Cat

This video is of a fat black and white cat with the track running that sings over and over: "I'm a cat. I'm a kitty cat. And I meow meow meow..."

The original video was created by Steve Ibsen and uploaded in 2005 by user Batman1225. That video has gotten more than four million views. It's appropriate for any age and lasts a little more than a minute.

The tune is catchy, which explains why the video has been viewed millions of times. Just about any child will get a laugh out of a dancing kitty cat. The only drawback is that your child may repeat the little song constantly and start to drive you crazy with it.

Talking Munchkin Kitten

This video features a kitten with short legs and a big mouth. Its meow is louder than some grown cats. As time goes on, the kitten gets irritated with the owners who can't understand her meowing. The video is safe for children of all ages to view without worries of them seeing anything inappropriate. It is also a quick view if you're on the road or viewing between other activities. This video has been viewed nearly 19 million times and lasts a little less than a minute.

Funny Dog Videos

Dogs Just Don't Want to Bathe

What is it about some dogs that makes them hate bath time so much? This video compilation was uploaded by Tiger Productions in 2013. The video features different dogs and what they'll do to avoid a bath. The video has a wide variety of funny moments and will keep your child laughing and occupied. There is also a part two to this particular video.

This five-minute video is appropriate for any age, but ages eight and up will most appreciate it as some of the scenes show dogs growling and may scare younger children.

Ultimate Dog Tease

What's funnier than putting a voice to what our dogs are really thinking? The owner in this video is never seen but talks to his dog whose lips move and who has a voice. He talks to him about bacon and other food topics. The conversation is truly hilarious and will get young children and teenagers alike laughing. The video was uploaded by user Talking Animals and has had over 158 million views as of July, 2014.

The video is appropriate for ages five and up, and lasts for one minute and twenty seconds.

Funny Animated Videos

Gummy Bear Song

This song will make your child look at gummy bears in an entirely new way. Created like a music video, the animated gummy bear sings a gummy bear song, dances, drives a car and wiggles his gummy booty. Kids will love this video because of the silly song and fun, animated character.

The video was uploaded by ICanRockYourWorld and features links to a website where the gummy bear album can be purchased. It's been viewed over 400 million times. It's appropriate for all ages and lasts two minutes and forty-three seconds.

I Like to Move It

This video is from Madagascar 2 and features the song, I Like to Move It. Your child will recognize the characters from the movie and hopefully sing along to the song. This is the official video from the Madagascar Movie and is included because it's already been viewed over 400 million times. That number is sure to increase over time. It lasts two minutes and forty-six seconds and is appropriate for ages five and up.

Funny Babies

Evian Babies

Have you ever noticed that sometimes commercials are almost as good as television shows? This ad for Evian water features babies doing all kinds of things babies don't normally do, like extreme roller skating and hip-hop dancing, making it truly funny. It's so cute, kids will be fascinated with it and will try to figure out how they got those babies to do those things. The video has already been viewed nearly 80 million times. It's appropriate for all ages and lasts about a minute.

Charlie Bit My Finger

Viewed more than nine million times, this is quite possibly one of the cutest big brother videos on record. The brother is holding Charlie, playing with him, and noticing that Charlie has teeth now. He puts his finger in Charlie's mouth and quickly realizes his mistake as Charlie bites down. This video is included because the big brother is such a good sport, and it is so cute that your kids will laugh along with these precious babies. Kids ages five and up will appreciate this video which lasts just less than a minute.

Finding Good Free Videos for Your Children

The videos listed above are a great start to your child's video viewing, but it won't take long before you'll need more. Fortunately, there are several places you can find free videos galore.


YouTube is probably one of the best known places to find videos of all types. There are literally millions of videos to choose from and new videos are added every day. Always view videos by yourself before allowing children to watch them, as anyone can upload videos and they are not always appropriate for all ages.

PBS Kids

PBS Kids is known for children's educational viewing. You can view some of these shows and educational videos online for free. For example, you'll find short clips of Wild Kratts and Dinosaur Train. Just about anything on this site should be safe for viewing by children. offers online videos for kids as well. You'll find a dance video called Hawaiian Beach Party and the full episode of the latest of Sanjay and Craig, Webheads and Breadwinners. Some of Nickelodeon's content is more appropriate for older children, so you may want to view for age appropriateness beforehand.

Is It Funny?

Humor is something that can be very subjective. What one child finds funny another may find frightening. You know your child and his preferences better than anyone. If he is scared of clowns, then a video with a clown is probably not going to be amusing to him. On the other hand, if he finds animals hilarious, then the cat and dog videos listed in this article will keep him entertained. Find the videos that make your child giggle and stick with that category.

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Funny Videos for Kids