Online Dress-Up Dolls for Kids

Updated January 31, 2019
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Little kids to preteens love to play with dress-up dolls. While your child can enjoy dressing up paper dolls at home, there are also plenty of websites for dressing up dolls online that they can visit with your guidance. With a tremendous variety of different dolls and a range of unique related dress-up and makeover websites, kids can learn a great deal more from playing online than they ever could from limited paper doll collections.

Playing With Dress-Up Dolls Online

Online dress-up dolls will provide plenty of opportunities for kids to play with their favorite characters or dress up generic digital dolls. While some sites and games will allow you to create your own profile, many times you don't need to sign in to play.

Dress-Up Games

Dress-Up Games features a large selection of dress-up activities and games that even preteens and teens will enjoy! Game titles include "Back to School Ultracool", "Create Your Own Character", "Couple Dress-Up", and "Street Fashion Dress-Up Doll." These games allow kids to dress up some of their favorite princesses, celebrities, and others in formal wear, street styles, hipster fashions and even thrift shop finds. There is even a dress up game for winter fashions and time travel. These games, offered through Idea Studios, allow you to pick your doll and dress her up. In addition to different outfits, you can even choose your shoes and hairstyles too.

Screenshot of Dress-Up Games

Azalea's Dress Up Dolls

On Azalea's Dress Up Dolls, kids can find all different types of dolls to dress up. Kids 7 and over will have a ball creating an array of individualized looks for high fashion, southern bells or just a night at home. You can also try your hand at wedding or historical looks. Simply click on the doll that meets your style needs and start creating.

Screenshot of Azalea's Dress Up Dolls


Dress up some of your favorite celebrities like Lady Gaga, Joe Jonas and Little Mix on Stardolls. Designed more for pre-teens, this game allows you to play with an array of unique and even weird pop styles for your characters. You might choose to give Lady Gaga a trendy suit or put a studded jacket on Little Mix. To unlock more styles, you simply need to register.

Screenshot of Stardolls

Doll Divine

Doll Divine offers an experience for kids from preschool to pre-teen with an array of different dress-up dolls. You can find well-known characters like Jasmine, Garnet and Mavis the Vampire along with Korean style, manga avatars, and fairies. There is a doll to fit almost everyone's needs. Playing the game is as simple as clicking your outfit and style choices. While you don't need to register, you'll need to allow flash before you can choose your clothes, hair and even backgrounds.

Screenshot of Doll Divine

Genie Palace Divine

Little kids might enjoy the dress-up dolls of Shimmer and Shine through the "Genie Palace Divine" Game. This click and play game allows you to dress up either Shimmer or Shine. Not only can you choose headgear, sunglasses, shirts, and pants, but you can choose shoes for your dress-up genie as well. This game doesn't require any sign-up and is great for preschoolers. To dress up your doll, just drag over what you want her to wear and poof!

Minnie's Bow Toons: Dress Up

If you're looking for online dress up dolls for toddlers, Disney Junior might be ideal. On Disney Junior, kids can dress-up a Minnie doll online through "Minnie's Bow Toons: Dress Up". Follow Minnie as you choose her backgrounds, outfits and even accessories. This simple game, designed for preschoolers and toddlers, just requires kids to click on the outfit they like and it will appear. Make your Minnie doll bigger and smaller by stretching or squeezing her. You can also jazz her up with headbands, crowns and an assortment of bows. When you are finished, print out your creation to hang on your wall.

Screenshot of Minnie's Bow Toons: Dress Up

PBS Kids

PBS kids allows you to dress up some of your favorite characters through their dress up games. You might dress up D.W. from "Arthur" or help Caillou pick out his clothes. Little kids might enjoy "Dress Up Time" with Elmo and Abby. Kids might also enjoy dress up costumes with Daniel. These games can be played without registration but will require Flash to be enabled. Most of them allow you to click and drag outfits on to your favorite character dolls.

Screenshot of PBS Kids

Inspiring Imagination

Whether your child is a fashion diva or just simply loves playing with dolls, choosing to play dress-up dolls will help develop creativity. While you can provide real-life paper dress-up dolls, virtual dolls put all the fashions that your child could possibly dream of at their fingertips. Now find your style and get creating.

Online Dress-Up Dolls for Kids