Printable Kindergarten Activities

Updated October 16, 2018
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Fun printable activities are a great way to teach educational concepts and keep kindergartners engaged in learning. Whether you're a teacher looking for some new material or a parent working with your child over the summer or on the weekend, these activities offer hands-on enjoyment.

Free Printables for Kindergartners

Kindergarten printables focus on a number of important educational concepts, from early math skills to beginning reading. Printable activities for older children aren't appropriate for the youngest elementary school kids, since most kindergartners are just learning the basics of reading and math. It helps to have an adult nearby who can clarify the instructions on worksheets and activities and provide assistance as needed. The following printable activities are perfect for kindergartners.

If you need help downloading the printables, check out these helpful tips.

How Many Animals?

Counting objects is an important math skill for kindergartners, and the animals in this printable make the activity more fun. Using a worksheet like this helps keep kids engaged.

Here's how to use this free printable:

  1. Click on the image of the counting activity and download the file to your computer.
  2. Print the desired number of copies.
  3. Tell kids to count the number of each animal and then write the appropriate number on the line provided.
  4. After kids have counted the number of animals, give each child a bean, paper marker, or sticker. Instruct kids to place the marker over the first animal. Repeat with the second and subsequent animals to work on the concept of ordinal numbers.
animals counting sheet
Animals kindergarten counting printable

More and Less Kitty Activity

One of the fundamental math concepts kids learn in kindergarten is the idea of more and less. Often, simply describing the concept isn't enough, since descriptions can be too abstract for kids to understand. Instead, hands-on activities like this one give kids a chance to integrate the idea of more and less into their daily lives.

Here's how to use this printable:

  1. Click on the image of the kitty printable and download the PDF file. Print as many copies as you need.
  2. Place a few cotton balls on the "less" kitty and lots of cotton balls on the "more" kitty.
  3. Have kids count how many more cotton balls are on the "more" kitty.
  4. Repeat with a different number of cotton balls, and have kids count how many less cotton balls are on the "less" kitty.
  5. When you've done the activity a few times, work with kids to glue cotton balls to the kitties, making sure the "more" kitty has more cotton balls.
fuzzy kitty printable
More or less kitty printable

Weekly Weather Record

Kindergartners can use this fun record sheet to keep track of the temperature and weather throughout the week. You can use this activity with one child or a group of kids.

Here's how to use the printable:

  1. Click on the image of the record sheet printable and download the PDF file. Make as many copies as you need for your child or group of kids.
  2. Grab a thermometer and go outside.
  3. Have kids circle the appropriate weather symbol and record the temperature for that day.
  4. Return each day to record the weather for the whole week.
printable record sheet
Weekly weather record

More Kindergarten Printables from LoveToKnow

These other free printables are perfect for the youngest elementary schoolers as well. They'll help you work on a number of important concepts.

Printable Mazes

These printable mazes are perfect for kindergartners. They feature fun characters and lots of easy twists and turns that will keep kids engaged and learning. Mazes are great for working on concepts like spatial relationships and problem-solving. Print out several today to concentrate on these important skills.

Free, Printable Paper Dolls

Paper dolls come in all shapes and sizes, and they aren't just for girls. Cutting out the dolls is also a great activity for working on fine motor skills. Print out several designs to try with your kindergartner.

Handwriting Printables

During kindergarten, there's a major focus on learning how to print. Although kids may not be able to form letters into words yet, they are learning letter sounds and practicing copying letters. Handwriting printables are a great way to make this activity fun. These printable worksheets feature pictures associated with the seasons and offer lots of inspiration for kids to practice penmanship.

Printable Kindergarten Games

Kindergartners love games, and board games are a great way to learn new concepts. Try these fun activities.

shapes bingo game printable
Shapes bingo game
princess game
Princess game

Kindergarten Math Activities

Math printables are a great way to teach concepts like number sense and basic arithmetic. Print these fun worksheets and activities today.

Inch Ruler Printable
Inch ruler printable
Number cut and paste
Number cut and paste
Which number is bigger? printable
Which number is bigger?
Missing numbers printable
Missing numbers

Kindergarten Alphabet Activities

Reinforcing concepts about letters is one of the ways that you can help your early learner with literacy skills. These fun printables all help to improve letter recognition and help kindergartners learn the basics of the alphabet.

Kindergarten Phonics Activities

Helping kids learn the sounds letters make is often the first step in learning to read. Take the chore out of practicing sounds with these great games and printable activities.

Seasonal Fun for Kindergarten Celebrations

Whether it's Halloween, winter or spring, these great printables and activities will help pass the time and encourage a thoughtful appreciation for the seasons!

Angel girl paperdoll printable PDF
Angel girl paperdoll
Winter Coloring Page Printable PDF
Winter coloring page printable

More Great Kindergarten Activities

These printable activities are also designed with kindergartners in mind:

Try Several Printables

Printable activities are a great way to get kindergartners involved in the fun of learning. Try several different worksheets and games to find the ones that your child loves the most.

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Printable Kindergarten Activities