20 Best Family Blogs for Everyday Inspiration and Advice

Published June 15, 2021
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When it comes to raising children, as the old adage goes, "it takes a village." Online communities are today's take on the modern-day village. Moms and dads can benefit from the wisdom and advice that's shared online by fellow parents - from what to make for dinner and how to save enough money to pay for college to the best travel destinations for families. These are the best family blogs for providing guidance on family life, parenting, marriage, meal planning, family travel and family budget planning.

Best Overall Family Blogs

Navigating parenthood is no easy task, and these family blogs are just a click away to lend a helping hand. There's nothing better than feeling seen and understood, and the parents behind these blogs are informative and reassuring, as they're all sharing their own journeys through motherhood and fatherhood.

Good Inside

Dr. Becky is a mom of three and a clinical psychologist who writes Good Inside. Her priceless, professional advice will help you solve nearly any issue you're facing with regard to child-rearing and parenting. She describes the gems she doles out as "simple" and "actionable," so even if you only have a spare moment to read one of her blog posts, you'll take away insight you can use to elevate and improve your familial relationships.

Black and Married With Kids

Black and Married With Kids was started by husband and wife team and parents of four children, Lamar and Ronnie Tyler, to highlight positive messages about marriage in the black community. Their blog posts span a wide array of helpful topics from parenting and blended families to intimacy and faith. Their content aims to solidify marriage and strengthen the bond of partnership, so there's a great foundation for tackling and surviving life's various challenges as a team.

Your Modern Family

Becky Mansfield of Your Modern Family is a mom of four, an elementary school teacher who became a certified child development therapist and blogger, and the friend everyone needs. Whether she's helping fellow parents out with a great list of screen-free summer activities for kids or delving into real talk about sleep deprivation and motherhood, her blog is a one-stop shop filled with articles that will engage and enlighten parents.

Lasso the Moon

Lasso the Moon shows parents how to capture and relish parenting and time spent with family through simplicity and mindfulness. Here you'll find great information on parenting little kids, big kids, tweens and teens, as well as easy recipes, how to let go of guilt, and how to opt-out of having an overwhelmingly "busy" life. This blog is a breath of fresh air in the often time-crunched realm that goes hand in hand with doing it all as a mom or dad.

Gay Parenting Voices

The Gay Parenting Voices blog features advice and information to support LGBTQ parents and families. Dr. Mark Leondires says he founded the site to "provide the best care for LGBTQ couples and individuals as they navigate all of their family building options." The blog includes articles on how dads can answer the question, "where is my mommy," as well as a guide to kids' books featuring Black LGBTQ characters. Gay Parenting Voices is a great resource for same-sex couples in the family planning stage and for gay moms-to-be and dads to-be and LGBTQ parents.

Best Family Meal Planning Blogs

"What's for dinner?" It's perhaps the most often asked question in any home. A close second is the statement, "There's nothing to eat." These family meal planning blogs will help you keep your fridge and pantry efficiently stocked while quashing the quandary of meal prep once and for all.

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Catherine McCord is a mom of three and author of multiple cookbooks. She started her blog Weelicious to guide parents in feeding their kids healthy and wholesome foods. Don't let her culinary school degree intimidate you. McCord's recipes are "fast, fresh and easy," and therefore perfect for busy parents. Find weekly meal plans and plenty of recipes on her blog to cover the whole family at every stage: baby, toddler, child, teen and adults. She even provides cooking videos and a filter to search for her recipes based on any food sensitivities your family may have.

Family Fresh Meals

Corey is the mom who writes Family Fresh Meals, and she's dishing up countless step-by-step recipes that are easily searchable via her recipe index. She even offers free meal planning printables to organize your week of eats. From dinner ideas and soups to lunchbox ideas and desserts, grab your apron because you'll want to get cooking after one look at her blog.

Earthy Andy

Andrea Hannemann is the mom of three behind the wildly popular, plant-based food blog Earthy Andy. She just launched a personalized meal planner for families searching for plant-based recipes that are delicious and satisfying. You can tailor the meal planner to suit your lifestyle and needs, providing factors like how long you have to prepare meals, any allergies, and the size of your appetite. Her meal planner even provides you with perks like grocery lists, cooking videos and food coaches on demand.

Elana's Pantry

For gluten-free, grain-free recipes, look no further than Elana's Pantry. Elana Amsterdam is a New York Times bestselling author and she's been stocking up recipes on her blog since 2006. You can select recipes based on a slew of diets, including diets free from gluten, dairy, eggs and nuts. Your family will love everything from her strawberry lemonade fruit roll-ups to her Asian stir fry.

Two Peas & Their Pod

Maria and Josh are the mom and dad who created Two Peas & Their Pod, and they released a cookbook of the same name. Their family recipes are crafted to be kid-friendly, easy to make and economical. Their blog has an entire slow cooker section, (chili anyone?), as well as an entire category on kid-fave pasta dishes. Cookie recipes, main and side dishes are also plentiful, making this a well-rounded go-to for moms and dads who will never have to wonder again what to make to eat.

Best Family Travel Blogs

Planning a family vacation needn't be a daunting endeavor. Especially when you can rely on the tips from parents who have gone before you. These moms and dads have trekked all over the globe with their families in tow, and they're providing details, amazing photos and invaluable guidance on how and where to travel with your own clan.

Wanderlust Crew

The Wanderlust Crew is a family of six world travelers and their blog is a must-see for families dreaming of taking a trip and/or planning a vacation. They provide extensive guides on destinations from Maui to Greece as well as sharing tips on traveling responsibly and how to save money on travel. They offer itinerary guides you can purchase to expertly plan your activities at specific destinations, so you don't waste a second of your vacation time.

Our Globetrotters

The crew behind Our Globetrotters is an Aussie/British family of five. They share firsthand information on their worldwide travels, including reviews of hotels and attractions, and helpful articles detailing the top travel destinations for families in 2021. Their blog even covers topics like traveling with babies, toddlers and teens as well as travel health, essential travel gear and packing lists. Visit their blog before you book that trip.

The Bucket List Family

You'll fall in love with the adorable Gee family a.k.a The Bucket List Family. In 2015 they sold all of their belongings to travel the world and haven't stopped since. They now have three children, 2.6 million Instagram followers and a fanatical following. Wherever your travels are taking you, the Gee family has likely been there, done that, and they're more than willing to provide wonderful details and photography to help you picture and plan your own trip. Their many videos on their YouTube channel allow you to dive right into destinations alongside them to get a firsthand account of what locales are really like. You'll wish you could hop in their suitcase and join them.

Family on beach

Learning Escapes

Marta Correale is the Italian mom behind Learning Escapes, a travel blog that focuses on cultural travel, which she describes in her own words as "travel that emphasizes experiencing life within a foreign culture, rather than from the outside as a temporary visitor." From Austria and Belgium to France and Germany and countless other destinations, she provides itineraries best suited for families and kids to fully immerse themselves in their surroundings. Her packing lists for specific locations are a great help as are her booking resources that direct you to sites that will help you plan your trip.


Chris and Rob Taylor, the partners and dads who are 2TravelDads call their blog "the original LGBTQ family travel blog." They travel extensively with their two kids to provide destination guides on national parks and myriad locales across the U.S. as well as international guides on places including Cabo San Lucas and Nova Scotia. They also host an informative podcast of the same name to share their experiences and tips to encourage other families to go explore the world.

Best Family Budgeting Blogs

The USDA estimates that it costs $233,610 to raise a child from birth through the age of 17. That's a lot of dough! Creating a family budget and learning to spend and save your money wisely is a must for parents. The savvy moms and dads behind these family budgeting blogs are here to help with priceless advice.

Jessi Fearon: Real Life on a Budget

If anyone can help you save a buck and live debt-free, it's Jessi Fearon of Real Life on a Budget. She shares her own family's real life budget to help readers take charge of their money, and coaches others on how to enjoy financial freedom. She covers topics ranging from how to stretch your Christmas budget to explaining the meaning of a slush fund, all in a relatable and friendly style.

The Budget Mom

The Budget Mom is written by mom, Kumiko Love. Her degree in finance and personal experiences with money shape her expert view and enable her to give advice on nearly any financial topic you can imagine. From finance 101 and budgeting to frugal living and debt and credit, Love makes money talk down to earth. She also offers money-saving courses that enrollees will find doable and even fun.

Cents and Family

Minda, the mom behind Cents and Family, is a personal finance blogger who wants to make family financing easier, effective and efficient. Her advice will help moms and dads save money on groceries, implement family budget strategies, use apps to get cash back and so much more. Read her financial basics and money tips and you'll be well on your way to greener pastures.

Smart Money Mamas

Chelsea is a hedge fund investor turned online entrepreneur who wants to help fellow moms make the most of their money. Her blog, Smart Money Mamas, equips readers with the tools needed to manage their money. From budgeting and investing to insurance and estate planning, you'll find comprehensive and sound advice on a wide range of financial topics. She even provides tips on helping kids learn to budget their money. Listen to Chelsea's podcast, The Smart Money Mamas Show to stay up to date on all her latest wisdom.

Easy Budget Blog

Got debt? Merilee of Easy Budget Blog wants to help you pay it off while increasing your finances and eliminating stress surrounding money in your life. If budgeting isn't your thing, she even provides no-budget strategies for monthly money management. Her creative topics are especially helpful for parents. She discusses work from home jobs and side hustles as well as easy recipes and meal planning on a budget.

Family Blogs Provide the Friendly Advice We All Need

It's comforting to know that family blogs provide so much information and insight from other parents that's accessible right at your fingertips. Parents needn't feel alone or lost on their journey, as there's always another mom or dad out there who's willing to help and even lead the way to the answers.

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20 Best Family Blogs for Everyday Inspiration and Advice