9 Meaningful Motherhood Symbols to Represent Protection & Connection

Being a mom can mean a lot of things, but each of these symbols helps to express the unique love between a mother and her child.

Published May 7, 2024


Being a mom comes with all kinds of joys (those sweet little kisses), a few challenges (diapers, we're looking at you), and lots of in-between moments too. It's the kind of role that becomes a part of your identity, and motherhood symbols can be a powerful reminder about who you are and what you do. Whether you wear them as jewelry, use them in a piece of art, or even get a tattoo of your favorite, it's fun to know a few of the most powerful signs of motherhood.

Mother and Child Celtic Knot


One of the loveliest motherhood symbols is the mother and child Celtic knot. The intertwining knot calls to mind a mother protectively embracing her child. It's sweet, simple, and lovely.

Mother Goddess Symbol


The goddess is a symbol of feminine power and has been for generations. It's also a symbol of motherhood. Many goddess designs include a spiral or heart in the center of the goddess, signifying the baby or child she creates and cares for.

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Mama Bear as a Symbol of the Mother Protector


If you've ever experienced that surge of protective power when someone or something seems to threaten your child, you know all about how it feels to be a mama bear. We're sweet with our cubs, but we don't back down from a fight to protect them. A bear is a powerful symbol of being a mom.

Viking Valknut Mother and Son Symbol


The Viking valknut symbol can have lots of meanings, but one of them is the unique bond between a mother and her son. The interlocking triangles are fierce, strong, and loving, and they make a great decoration, pendant, or tattoo about your mother-son connection.

Ancient Turtle Mother


Legend has it that the turtle saved humanity by carrying people on its back through flooded waters, and many turtles produce lots of babies every time they lay a nest of eggs. The nurturing element of saving humanity and the fertility of so many young combine to make the turtle a classic motherhood symbol.

Heart Symbol for a Mother and Daughter


A beautiful symbol of the love between a mother and daughter is an interlocking heart with stylized women embracing. We love how you can use this symbol at any age, whether you're sharing it with a young daughter or giving it as a gift to your own mother.

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Clasped Hands


Even though our kids are only little enough to hold our hands for a few years, we know those sweet moments will be in our hearts forever. A pair of clasped hands - one larger and one small - is a beautiful motherhood symbol that works for so many things.

Tri-Spiral Symbol for Motherhood


The tri-spiral is another design that has lots of meanings, but it can represent motherhood perfectly. The three spirals can signify loving your child as a baby, older kid, and adult. Or it can represent your own changing role, going from child to mother to wiser, experienced woman.

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Interlocked Circles


Two interlocking circles are a perfect symbol for the bond between a mother and her child. This isn't specific to gender, so you can use it as a mother and son symbol, a design to represent a bond with a daughter, or to stand for the unbroken bond between a mom and any child.

Quick Tip

A simple design like this is perfect for lots of uses. It's a great tattoo because it can work anywhere and is so simple you'll love it forever. Interlocking circles are also awesome for jewelry.

Choose a Symbol That Represents Your Unique Bond


Ultimately, the best motherhood symbol for you or for your mom is the one that speaks to your heart. Anything that calls to mind the special moments and unique bond you share is the perfect way for you to express it in symbol form.

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9 Meaningful Motherhood Symbols to Represent Protection & Connection