6 Encouraging Mom Influencers Giving Us an Honest Look at Motherhood

We're living for the hilarious and encouraging real-life moms filling our social media feeds these days. These moms on Instagram are truly relatable.

Published August 31, 2023
Female influencer taking selfie with daughter through smart phone at home

Social media can be a place of competition and comparison, but not all influencers hide behind professional photo shoots. The raw and real side of social media does exist and a lot of moms are open and honest about their struggles in motherhood, career, and life.

We've found some of the incredible mom influencers who keep it real about motherhood and help us feel seen in our own journey.

Mom Influencers Who Keep It Real

Though it might be hard to find at times, there's a place on social media where moms are honest and even the influencers show us what they struggle with in parenting and life. These momfluencers are a breath of fresh air and they're inspiring a growing trend of real, raw life moments on social media like Instagram and TikTok.

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Emily Vondy Brings the Laughs

Emily Vondy, sporting over 500k followers on Instagram, helps us relate to all the very real mom moments in life and gives us tons of laughs along the way. Her original songs, performed with her awesome dance moves, speak right to our hearts and give us all the belly laughs.

She shows — and sings about — all the struggles of pregnancy, having small children at home, trying to keep marriage a priority as a parent, and trying to make friends with other moms. She never shies away from giving us the real and raw and that's why her Instagram Reels keep going viral.

Filipa Jackson Keeps It Real & Relatable

Filipa's profile is flowing with gorgeous photos of her family and a warm feed aesthetic to welcome you in. But, for every beautiful photo there is a relatable and hilarious Reel that perfectly captures what it feels like to be an overstimulated mom just trying to get dinner on the table — dinner no one will eat, that is.

We love that Filipa uses her own journey to inspire moms and entrepreneurs. As her own successes speak to the dreamer within us, her honest mom moments help us feel seen in the middle of a tantrum or a sleepless night.

Tiffany Jenkins Gives Us Comedy & Honesty

Tiffany isn't new to the influencer presence online. She's made viewers laugh and moms feel seen through her YouTube skits for quite a while. Now that she's a well-known author and speaker, she's still bringing relatable moments to us on Instagram.

Tiffany's story of overcoming addiction, becoming a mom, and rediscovering herself inspires the moms in her following to keep showing up. Her ability to make real mom life issues — like a messy house or a struggle with anxiety — feel like a lighthearted reason to laugh is more than refreshing.

Jordan Lee Dooley Gives Us Hope & Encouragement

There are some things we face in parenthood that require some serious tears, grieving, and growth. Jordan has shared her journey to motherhood for a few years and her story, still unfolding before her followers' eyes, is bringing hope to moms still in the trenches of unmet expectations and grief.

Fast Fact

Jordan shares on more than just motherhood. We love her practical advice for female entrepreneurs, her honesty about dealing with adult acne, and her openness with her personal healthy journey.

A brief glance at her photos may not immediately show you her struggles, but a little time reading her words will. Jordan helps moms who've lost babies, struggled with their faith in the midst of grief, and experienced a serious shift in their priorities. We love her honesty, her willingness to share, and finally getting to see her celebrate being a mom of two.

Jessa Hillmann Gives Us Real-Life Help

Self-proclaimed anxious mom Jessa gives us practical advice on managing anxiety while relating to us in the midst of motherhood. She helps moms feel seen in their anxiousness, people pleasing, and mental health struggles. Her Instagram account, @lifestyleofananxiousmom, is full of relatable and helpful content. 

We love that she's both real and raw while bringing tools to her feed that moms can use in everyday life to manage anxiety. Though the topics she tackles are serious, she finds a way to make us laugh and feel a little less alone.

@lifestyleofananxiousmom Who can relate?? #momlife #momvibes #mentalbreakdown #mentalbreakdowncheck #vibes #anxiety #mentalhealthcheck ♬ original sound - Jessa Hillmann

Hey It's Lori Brings Beauty & Inspiration

Lori, though sporting a smaller following than some of the other mom influencers on our list, is no less inspiring. In fact, she brings a unique perspective to the table. She's a newly single mom on a journey of self-rediscovery and we're glad she's decided to share her story. We love following her @hey_itslori on Instagram for mom life inspiration. 

The honesty in Lori's posts are giving moms permission to pause, make time for themselves, and seek the beautiful things in life that help them thrive in motherhood. Her practical mom tips, inspiring words, and mom outfit inspo makes her feed a beautiful balance of the serious and the lighthearted.

@hey_itslori I am someone outside of motherhood. You deserve to have a life mama. ❤️ #momsoftiktok #singlemom #lifeoutsideofmotherhood #morethanamom #momtok #enjoyingmyself ♬ original sound Hey, It’s Lori

Positive Momfluencers Are Helping Us Embrace the Journey

We love the ways that so many authentic mom influencers are helping us embrace the joy and chaos that is motherhood. From giving us a little laughter in our day and reminding us we're not alone to helpful tips that really work, we're glad to make momfluencers like these part of our journey.

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6 Encouraging Mom Influencers Giving Us an Honest Look at Motherhood