33 Teacher Thank You Notes From Parents to Show Your Appreciation

Let your child's teacher know they are appreciated with these thoughtful sentiments to include in a teacher thank you note!

Published April 22, 2023
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Education is the foundation for our children's futures and teachers are ones who make sure that everything sets just right. How do you thank the person who is molding your child's young mind? If you're searching for some sage words to say in a teacher thank you note from a parent, we have the answer sheet to your success!

Examples of Meaningful Teacher Thank You Messages From Parents

Truly great teachers are the real change makers of our future. Make sure these excellent educators know their impact with these words of appreciation in a teacher thank you note!

  • Thank you for accepting my child for who they are and allowing them to learn in their own way. You have had such an amazing impact on their education and have helped them to find a love for learning! We are grateful for your dedication and mentorship, as well as your careful consideration of our child's needs. You are so much more than just an educator. You are a trailblazer in your field.
  • Once our child entered your class, his/her growth has been extraordinary! You are such a breath of fresh air. Thank you for valuing our child and taking the time to learn his/her learning style so that he/she could truly succeed! It has been such a blessing to see his/her progress. You are a testament to your trade and we appreciate you more than you know.
  • As the school year comes to a close, we hope that we are lucky enough to find another teacher as good as you in the fall. Thank you for empowering _______ with the tools he/she needed to learn and grow. You were not just an educator to our child. You were a mentor and role model. He/she would not be doing this well without your guidance and support.
  • We know how much work you put in outside of your regular workday to make sure that our kids get the best learning opportunities. Please know that your hard work and dedication have not gone unnoticed this year. You are simply the best and we want you to know it!
  • Thanks for all the extra credit you put in to get ______ through this year. His/her progress has been beyond impressive and we know you are the reason for that! We will always remember the amazing effort that you made to ensure that he/she is ready for his/her transition to XX grade!
  • You are a cut above the rest! Most teachers just teach. You take the time to immerse your kids in the learning experience and the results are noticeable. Thank you for putting your heart and soul into this job. You are one of the greats!
  • Everyone learns in a different way and we cannot express our gratitude for you taking the time to study the way ________ absorbs information. He/she has always struggled, and you made sure to change that. We will always remember your impact.
  • To the teacher who urges his/her students to look outside of the box and view the world from all angles, thank you for inspiring _________. He/she has never been more excited to explore the world and learn new things! We value the outlook that you have given our child.
  • I simply do not know how we got so lucky to have you as ______'s teacher this year. Your love for learning is not only evident, it is contagious! We appreciate you sharing your passion for (class subject) with ___________. Who knows, he/she may become a (profession) some day thanks to you! Thank you again and have a wonderful summer!
  • You have been such a positive influence in _____'s life this year! He/she is always so excited to head off to school and learn new things and we have you to thank for that. We are grateful for your innovative approach to teaching and the desire to break the traditional mold. We believe that is what has made all the difference in ______'s grades. We appreciate the hard work and dedication you bring to the classroom every day and the wonderful memories that _______ got to make while in your class.

Samples of Short Thank You Letters for a Teacher From a Parent

For the parents who are pinched for time, but hoping to show their sincere sentiments, here are some short thank you phrases and sayings to include in a card for your child's teacher!

  • Thank you for making ________ feel seen and heard. We have never had a teacher quite like you!
  • Cheerleader, mentor, counselor. You were so much more than just a teacher to _____!
  • Your efforts are ripples that will change the tides of ________'s future. Thank you for your patience and belief in our son/daughter.
  • It only takes one person to make you believe in yourself. YOU were that person for ________. We are forever grateful.
  • Teaching can be a thankless job, and kids are no picnic. You are a testament to your profession, and we want you to know that you are truly appreciated.
  • One day with a great teacher can inspire. One month with a great teacher can spark change. One year with a great teacher can bring positive growth. Thank you for planting seeds for _______'s future education. You are one of the greats!
  • We give you an A+! Thanks for all the hard work this year!
  • Tough, Encouraging, Ardent, Creative, Helpful, Enduring, and Reliable. Thank you for being the best T.E.A.C.H.E.R. around!
  • If we gave you an apple for every moment that you made a difference in ______'s life, you would have an orchard! Thank you for being apple-solutely amazing!
  • We have witnessed your willpower, and it is impressive! It takes a special person to be a teacher and you have the gift. Thank you for all you have done this year for ________!

Funny Teacher Thank You Notes From Parents

Some parents have the egghead and others have the class clown. If you find yourself the latter, consider giving your child's teacher a bit of a laugh as the school year comes to an end.

  • Thank you for ins-pi-ring our son/daughter to love math! You certainly put the fun in function!
  • Periodically, there is a mixture that triggers an astounding reaction. You were the solution that dissolved our son's/daughter's dislike of science. We don't know what we will do once you Argon!
  • Thanks for getting ____ on the write track! We are lit up about his/her English grades!
  • We will be singing your praises for years to come! We are so impressed with how sharp a singer ______ has become. You could say that teaching music is your forte!
  • To the ghostwriter of our child's success! Thank you for allowing his/her character to develop at the right pace. On to the next chapter!
  • You certainly brightened ________'s world this semester! Thank you for turning the pigments of his/her imagination into art!
  • __________ really got a kick out of your class! Thank you for motivating him/her to stay on the ball throughout gym class this year!
  • Thanks for solving ________'s math problems! We hope they multiply your salary because your positive influence has shaped another young mind. We will calc-you-later!
  • Four score and seven tests ago, we didn't think this day would come. Thank you for making sure that history class doesn't need to repeat itself!
  • We know that ______ can be a bit of treble sometimes, but you certainly know how to conduct a class! You are quite a natural! Thank you and try to take a rest this summer!
  • What on Earth would we have done without you? Thank you for turning _____ in the right direction and making sure his/her grades were not all over the map in geography class this year!
  • Looking at ______'s past, present, and future, things were a bit tense to start, but you got him/her in the right frame of time. Thanks for guiding him/her through grammar!
  • We would love to shine a spotlight on your performance this year! Your directing of this year's drama class deserves a standing ovation!

Tips on What to Write in a Teacher Thank You Note

When it comes to writing a thoughtful thank you note, there are three things that will make it more meaningful:

  1. Acknowledge an example of the impact that the teacher specifically made on your child.
  2. Note the hard work that comes with the job.
  3. Mention the teacher and your child by name.

These little details make your feelings about their role in your child's education clear and they highlight the teacher's hard work.

Thank You Notes From Parents Are Always Appreciated

We always think to thank our educators during Teacher Appreciation Week and as the school year comes to a close, but what about all the other moments throughout the school year? Why are they overlooked? If your son starts excelling in math for the first time or your daughter starts to show an interest in science, take a moment to acknowledge the impact that their teacher has had. Teachers deserve to be applauded all year!

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33 Teacher Thank You Notes From Parents to Show Your Appreciation