18 Unique Maternity Photo Ideas to Show Off Your Baby Bump

Get the most beautiful photos you and your little one will love forever.

Published June 20, 2023


Even if the stretch marks and trouble sleeping can make pregnancy feel a little long at times, nine months actually goes by in a flash. Try some creative maternity photoshoot ideas to capture this magical time of expectation.

From finding the perfect light for your photos to using the perfect maternity photoshoot poses that show your baby bump in the most flattering way, these pro tips will help you create some gorgeous shots to share with friends and keep in your baby's album.

Take Maternity Photos Any Time in Your Pregnancy


When you're pregnant, your body changes quickly. There's no wrong time to hold a maternity photoshoot, and you might even what to do more than one.

Ideally, wait until you're clearly showing to have your first photo session - usually about six months. This is a great time to take some pictures of your smaller bump. Then follow up with another photoshoot late in the third trimester. If you're only going to do one shoot, choose sometime in the third trimester for photos that really show your growing baby.

Quick Tip

Time of day is also a factor to consider when you're planning your maternity photoshoot. The best light tends to be at the end of the day, about an hour before the sun goes down. This will give you a golden glow.

Show Off Your Ultrasound Picture


One really fun maternity photoshoot idea is to do a close photo of your baby bump with the ultrasound picture in front of it. Wear something cute like a floral dress or bright top to add a playful and excited feeling to the photo.

Start With a Simple Pregnancy Photo Pose


A super simple pose that always looks gorgeous in maternity photos is just clasping your hands under you belly. Wear something a little flowy and have the shoot in pretty golden light. This is lovely with a background like the beach or a field - think anywhere with a relaxed vibe.

Place One Hand Above Your Bump


Another gorgeous maternity photo pose that really shows off your bump is to place one hand above and one below. This gives the feeling that you're embracing your baby, and it's a super sweet picture to show just how excited you are.

Choose Your Best Color for Your Maternity Photoshoot Outfit


What you wear for maternity photos matters, but don't let it stress you out. Ultimately, you want something that doesn't distract from how pretty you are right now. That means a small pattern or solid color is usually good, and neutrals are always a win. Think about what color you look best in, and then choose an outfit in that shade.

Look to Your Background for Maternity Picture Outfit Inspiration


You can also let your background help you choose the perfect thing to wear in maternity photos. If you're shooting in nature, shades of green are a gorgeous choice. You can also pick up a color in your background - blue dress at the beach, for instance.

Use Flattering Neutrals With Any Background


You know that sweater that goes with everything and looks gorgeous with your skintone? Wear that color with any background for your pregnancy photoshoot. A flowy dress or a draped top can be the perfect way to create a stunning and artistic photo to announce your pregnancy or just share with friends.

Pick a Beautiful Background for Stunning Images


If you need some great maternity photoshoot ideas for outdoors, look to the prettiest places near you. We're talking arboretums or botanical gardens with walls or fields of flowers, the best scenic views, that kind of thing. Then dress to match the background or in neutrals and hold your photoshoot there. You'll love the results.

Hold Your Maternity Photoshoot Where You Feel Happy


No matter what season it is, pick a place that makes you feel happy and hold your photoshoot there. It might mean taking a walk in the woods, chilling on the beach, visiting an orchard nearby, or really whatever you love best. Your joy in being in this place will show in your pictures, especially if the photographer captures some of the scene around you.

Quick Tip

Scout out some of your favorite spots early in your preganancy and see when things are busy. Then plan your photoshoot for an evening when it's likely to be a little quieter (maybe midweek).

Hit the Beach for Breezy Pregnancy Pictures


You can't go wrong with beach photos taken at sunset or near it. There's just something about that soft light reflected off of water and sand. You can go super romantic with a flowing dress or skirt, or you can keep it real in your favorite casual outfit.

Bundle Up if You Need To


Don't let cold weather scare you away from having an outdoor maternity photoshoot in winter or fall. If you love someplace outdoors but the weather isn't going to be warm, dress in layers or throw on a favorite scarf. Even if you think you can tolerate the cold for a few minutes of pictures, we promise your photos will look way better if you're comfy.

Bring Your Best Pregnancy Photoshoot Ideas Inside Too


Don't want to freeze or deal with rain? Bring your best maternity photo ideas inside the house. If you want flowers in the shot, buy some to put in vases or hold. If your happy place is at home, that's a great place for your shoot!

Quick Tip

For the very best inside maternity photos, pick a spot near a window that has an overhang or gets light that's not super bright. You'll have super flattering pictures.

Get Some Pregnancy Photos With Your Partner


Bring your partner in to share in the excitement at your maternity photoshoot. If you're shooting at home, you can't beat photos of the two of you cuddling on the sofa or in bed and your partner feeling the baby move. It's a super intimate moment you'll remember for the rest of your lives.

Stand in the Sun Together


This is such a special moment, and you can show your love for each other and your little one with a sunset photo. Ask your photographer to backlight the shot if you're working with a pro.

Otherwise, shoot with the sun behind you, but let the camera make you both a little darker than it ordinarily would. This helps keep that sunset glow in the picture.

Get Some Close Shots of Your Hands on the Bump


One great maternity photoshoot idea for couples is to get a picture of both of your hands on your baby bump. This is a sweet and intimate shot that shows just how much you already love this little one.

Bring Your Other Kids Into Some Photos


If you have a little one who's about to be a big brother or sister, this is also an important thing to capture at your photoshoot. Do some shots that are just you or just you and your partner, and then do a few with your other child. It's a great way to make them feel included too.

Quick Tip

If you're going to have a toddler or young child in your photos, plan your shoot around the time when they are happiest. That might mean not doing your photos in that golden light, but it's worth it to get some smiles from them. Focus on interacting with your child rather than both smiling at the camera.

Don't Forget to Include Older Kids


People often forget to get photos with older kids and teens as part of their maternity photoshoot, but this can actually be a really important bonding moment for the two of you. Get some shots with your big kid too. It's a great way to honor them, even if they act like they don't want to be in the pictures.

Capture Some Shots With Your Whole Family


Your family is getting bigger, and that's a big deal for everyone involved. Capture this moment in time with a family photo. Everyone will be glad to see it later, and it will be show your little one what life was like just before they arrived.

Remember to Have Fun


No matter which maternity photo ideas you use in your shoot, make sure you remember to have a good time. The joy you feel will be as much a part of the photos as your baby bump, and you'll love these pictures for decades to come.

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18 Unique Maternity Photo Ideas to Show Off Your Baby Bump