Teenage Guys Are Cute in Different Ways


There are many types of cute guys. Teenagers all have different personalities, styles and interests. During the adolescent years, teens begin to figure out what they like, and what they are looking for in others.

Athletic Teenagers


Teenagers who are involved in sports tend to seek out friends and possible relationships with people who also play sports. Even if a guy doesn't play an organized sport, he probably plays basketball or football with his friends sometimes. Athletic guys like competition and have a great work ethic.

Artistic Guys


Artistic teens appreciate different art forms and are very creative. This type of guy is in tune with his emotions and isn't afraid to express personal feelings through his craft.

Natural Guys


Some teens prefer to use environmentally friendly fabrics and personal care products which can give them a unique look. These guys don't care much about material wealth or looks. Natural guys appreciate you for who you are and often see past appearances.

Smart Guys


Some teenage boys care about their education more than others and some just like to read. While a teen like this might be labeled a nerd, he is usually nice and helpful to others.

Greaser Guys


A greaser is a guy who loves cars and probably the 1950s. These guys typically wear plain t-shirts with jeans. Greasers like to work with their hands and might prefer to be less talkative.

Guys With Long Hair


Long-haired guys usually have a good reason for their hairstyle. Either they don't like haircuts, they are trying to make a statement about gender stereotypes, or they just like the way it looks. Guys with long hair are usually laid back and confident.

Cute Musicians


Musicians are a common group of guys often considered attractive because of their unique style and ability to express themselves. Being able to write a song or play in front of a crowd can help teenage guys get attention.

Goth Guys


Goth guys wear a lot of black including clothing and possibly makeup or nail polish. They appreciate things considered dark by others and listen to hard music like death metal. While a goth teen might look scary to some, they are actually known for having open minds about people and relationships.

Country Guys


Country guys are like modern-day cowboys. They love tractors, working hard and country music. Teens with country style usually wear jeans, t-shirts or flannel shirts, and some kind of boots. Country boys are known for being kind and sweet.

Mysterious Teenagers


Sometimes a teen might seem more mysterious than his classmates. This could be because he is new to town or because he dresses and acts differently. While he may be automatically categorized as a "bad kid," he might not be. Sometimes teen boys who are shy are also pinned as mysterious.

Teenage Hipsters


Hipsters like to go against mainstream ideals. They wear vintage clothing, thick-rimmed glasses, and favor androgynous styles. A hipster guy thinks for himself, follows no one, and aims for individuality.

Emo Teenagers


Emo is short for emotional but represents more of a punk rock style. Guys considered emo don't care what others think of them. This kind of guy knows what he likes and doesn't like, he is definitely not a follower. An emo teen typically wears vintage clothing with lots of metal like chains, zippers, or safety pins.

Skateboarder Boys


Skateboarding has become a popular hobby among many teenagers. Skateboarders often are athletic as well as mysterious. This type of guy likes to spend a lot of time alone or always travels in a pack of close friends. He's usually pretty laid back and open to meeting new people.

Preppy Guys


The preppy style is inspired by rich college guys who go to Ivy League schools. They look polished, put together, and like they've got money to spend. Preppy teens look a little like young professionals during their time off of work. If he's wearing khaki's with a sweater, he might be a prepster.

Trendy Teens


Trends come and go; they are popular styles or items everyone wants to have until the next cool thing comes along. Trendy guys wear all the latest clothes, rock the latest hairstyle, and follow the most popular stars and shows at the moment. These guys care what others think and want to always seem cool.

Religious Teenagers


Religion plays an important part in some teenager's lives. If a teenager is involved with his local church and is a good citizen, most parents are going to like him.

Bad Boys


Guys with the bad boy look may or may not actually be bad guys. These teens look like they are mad at the world and like to do things they aren't supposed to do. The bad boy look is inspired by groups historically viewed as delinquent like bikers.

The Guy Next Door


These guys look average, they don't stand out too much in a good way or a bad way. The guy next door looks like a lot of people you see. He is probably nice, quiet, and a great friend.

Different Types of Cute Teenage Guys


What classifies a teenage boy as cute all depends on the person checking him out. Everyone has different tastes and preferences in looks, which is why diversity is so great.

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Teenage Guys Are Cute in Different Ways