Student Council Campaign Ideas

Published May 30, 2019
Girl campaigning for student council president

The most successful student council campaign ideas are unique and speak to your personality and skills. If you're running for student council, look for interesting ways to show your classmates why you're perfect for the job that go beyond flyers and speeches.

General Student Council Campaign Suggestions

There's no magic way to win a student council election, but there are creative ways to garner more notice from your classmates.

Host Facebook Live Events

Anyone with a Facebook account can host a Facebook Live. Give classmates the chance to ask you anything in the comments while you answer them live on camera. This gives students a chance to get to know you better.

  • Set up and promote the event about a week in advance.
  • Set a time limit of about 30 minutes to keep you on task.
  • Enlist a friend to moderate the comments and read you the questions so you can focus on talking.
  • Host a series of these, each with a different topic.

Brand Yourself

Think about who you are and what you stand for, then brand yourself as that. Use this brand in your logo, flyers, and other creative ways to show students an organized and uniform campaign.

  • Get a custom cell phone case with your brand.
  • Choose two colors and a slogan to represent your brand.
  • Try to wear your brand colors to all important campaign events.

Create a Custom Hashtag

A custom hashtag gives your supporters a quick and easy way to share your campaign and why they're voting for you.

  • Use your name and student council position in the hashtag.
  • Share the hashtag on all your campaign materials.
  • Show your thanks by commenting and liking posts that use your hashtag.

Create a Candidate Photo Booth

Set up a DIY photo booth at school where voters can take a picture with you.

  • Create a custom backdrop using your campaign colors.
  • Make photo props like signs that say "I voted for Jenny!"
  • Enlist a friend to serve as photographer and take the pictures using each teen's phone.

Make a Custom Candidate Game

Show off your skills and fun side by creating a custom candidate game. Use a site like ROBLOX Studio or Scratch Studio to make your own game voters can play.

  • Tie the game objective into your student council position. For example, if you're running for treasurer make a money game.
  • Offer swag prizes to the top players on your game.
  • Share the game on social media.

Start a Campaign Podcast

If you've got time to invest, start your own podcast. You can use free programs like Audacity to edit from your own computer. Students will see how motivated, invested, and talented you are.

  • Post episodes on a regular basis.
  • Make each episode about a different campaign topic.
  • Invite your running mates to be guests.
Teen girls recording podcast

Student Council President Campaign Ideas

If you're running for student council president, it's important you show off your leadership and networking skills.

Coordinate a Flash Mob

Show off your ability to motivate and coordinate a large group of students with a flash mob.

  • Enlist supporters, friends, and even teachers to participate.
  • Hold a few practices and pick a good time to perform like after your student council speech.
  • Have one person video tape the whole thing so you can share it with anyone who missed it.

Make a Personalized Infographic

You can use a free site like Canva to create a custom infographic that shows why you are the best candidate for the job.

  • Include all your pertinent achievements.
  • List your top 3 skills or strengths.
  • Print it out as a large poster.

Student Council Vice President Campaign Ideas

To make a good campaign for student council vice president, you'll want to show that you're a team player and great communicator.

Volunteer to Help Students

Show your ability to support others and work as a team by volunteering to help other students on a regular basis.

  • Help serve or carry lunch trays in the cafeteria.
  • Hold the door open for everyone coming in school.
  • Keep extra pens or paper to hand out to students in need throughout the day.

Make Business Cards

Let voters see that you are organized and know how to communicate well by creating custom business cards.

  • Include all your social media handles.
  • List voting information on the back.
  • Let students who vote for your drop their business card in a jar after the election to be entered for a prize.
Teen handing out business cards

Student Council Secretary Campaign Ideas

Running a successful campaign for student council secretary involves showing off your writing and communication skills.

Hand Out Personalized Stationery

Create your own mini stationary sets as a student council campaign giveaway.

  • Order custom postage stamps with your picture on them.
  • Create personalized mini notebooks.
  • Stack a few envelopes, the notebook, and a few stamps then tie with string to make a stationary set.

Write an eBook

It may sound like a lot of work, but eBooks can be any length. Let voters see your writing and organizing abilities by creating a free eBook for them to read.

  • Make a picture book about student council.
  • Write poems related to your campaign and compile them into a book.
  • Write a few short stories about your campaign values and turn them into a short anthology.

Student Council Treasurer Campaign Ideas

An effective student council treasurer campaign includes showing classmates that you are responsible and smart with money.

Host a Campaign Contest

Show off your ability to be fair and trustworthy with a campaign contest.

  • Create a rafflecopter where students can show when they've visited your table, heard your speech, or voted for you to be entered.
  • Get a cool prize donated by a local business.
  • Set dates for the contest and prize drawing then stick to them.

Get a Campaign Sponsor

Let students see your networking skills and frugality by enlisting a campaign sponsor such as your grandma or a local business.

  • Show voters your campaign budget, where it came from, and how you maximized it.
  • Advertise your sponsor on all campaign materials.
  • Buy as much as you can with your sponsorship money by shopping smart.

How to Win a School Council Election

For some voters it's all about personality and giveaways while others focus on campaign values and promises. If you want to win your school council election, try to appeal to all different types of voters using creative campaign ideas. And if you really want your fellow students to remember you come voting time, consider giving a funny student council speech that will make you stand out from the other candidates. This will work whether you're running for treasurer, president, or any other office.

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