Fun & Free Potty Training Charts for Your Toddler's Potty Journey

Get your child excited about going potty with these potty training sticker and reward charts!

Updated July 18, 2023
 little girl looking and pointing at her pee and poop calendar

Potty training can be a bit tricky, but adding a fun incentive to the process just might encourage your child to train a bit quicker. Potty training charts can help little ones stay on track as they earn rewards for their successes.

Free Printable Potty Training Charts

All of these potty training charts can be printed out to use during your potty training journey at home. Just click on your favorite chart and then select the printer icon after the file opens. Note that you will need the Adobe application installed on your computer in order to open them. If you do not have it, you can download it for free.

If you need help to download these potty training sticker charts, check out these helpful tips.

How to Use These Potty Training Charts

While there may be some differences in the way boys and girls learn bathroom bas, these potty training charts can be used used for any child to track their potty training progress. When they use the potty instead of their training pants, you will mark off a space on the chart. You can simply add a check mark to the space when your child does well, but it can be more effective if you use it as an incentive to encourage your child.

Small Rewards

When your child successfully uses the potty, you can let them:

  • Place a sticker on one of the spaces.
  • Draw a smiley face in one of the circles each time they use the potty successfully.
  • Use a rubber character stamp to mark the appropriate space.
  • Let your child use a bingo marker to mark the space.
Need to Know

Giving your child an M&M the moment they pee in the potty seems like a great incentive, but this can lead to meltdowns when you don't have a treat handy every time they go potty. This can be especially problematic when you are away from the house. By having your child earn rewards after a handful of positive potty moments, you can keep them motivated and on track!

Bigger Rewards

You can also use the chart to keep track of their progress so they can earn bigger rewards. For example, if your child uses the potty for an entire day with no accidents, he or she could earn a reward.

Possible Potty Training Rewards:

  • Outing to enjoy a sweet treat
  • Go to a movie or stream a movie at home
  • Let them pick out a toy at the store
  • Extra thirty minutes of screen time
  • Their choice of a fun outing (park, play facility, aquarium, etc.)
  • New books or art supplies
  • A new game or choosing a game to play together
Helpful Hack

Place your child's potty training chart at their eye-level near the potty. This can keep them better focused on their goals and excited to add to their potty page!

Benefits of Potty Training Charts

Praise is a big part of potty training! Every time they succeed at completing a potty task, it is important to acknowledge their progress. Potty training charts can elevate this experience by providing an additional form of positive reinforcement.

Some of the other benefits include:

  • Improves self-confidence
  • Motivates progress
  • Provides a visual representation of their accomplishments

Potty Training Progress You Can See

Potty charts can be great motivational tools if you use them consistently. Print one of these charts, tape it to the wall near your child's potty chair, and start marking down all their successes. By making these small acknowledgements, your child will develop a sense of accomplishment and pride as they become one of the "big kids." If your child is still struggling, checkout the top potty training hurdles and how to handle them!

Fun & Free Potty Training Charts for Your Toddler's Potty Journey