30+ Pickleball Quotes & Captions That Prove Why It's Awesome

These pickleball sayings will make you laugh -- and make you want to go play right now.

Published August 2, 2023
Pickleball scenes at the local pickle ball courts

So it finally happened -- you're a pickleball addict. It was only a matter of time after you played your first game. Now you find yourself using words like "dink," "Erne," and "third shot drop" in casual conversations and your heroes are Ben Johns and Annaleigh Waters. You take any chance you can get to tell others about it, and maybe you're even playing in some competitive tournaments.

These pickleball sayings capture the magic of the game -- and the parts that make it so fun (and challenging!). Use them on social media or share with your fellow pickleballers to give them a chuckle.

Unless otherwise noted, all quotes are original and written by LoveToKnow staff.

Funny Pickleball Sayings (Because It's a Game, After All)

Most of the time, pickleball doesn't take itself too seriously -- that's what made me fall in love with it! And if you've been playing for long enough, you'll know these pickleball quotes are funny because they're pretty much true.

Funny Pickleball Saying
  • You don't play pickleball - pickleball plays you.
  • It's not that pickleball is BETTER than tennis, it's just a lot more fun.
  • Anyone who says pickleball is boring clearly hasn't sustained a 40 shot dink rally.
  • "One more game!" - Famous Last Words
  • Pickleball: It's not just for old people!
  • Some people don't spend time drilling and it shows.
  • Sorry tennis, I'm with pickleball now.
  • The day I hit my first Erne was the day I fell in love with pickleball.
  • Drive, drop, dink -- repeat.
  • Funny how a little yellow wiffle ball can completely take over your life.

Pickleball Instagram Captions

Posting a pickleball highlights reel? Sharing your gold medal success? These captions are the perfect when posting about your baller lifestyle. Your pickleball friends will love it, and your non-pickleballing friends are gonna start asking you to teach them how to start playing!

Pickleball Instagram Caption
  • Third-shot droppin' it low.
  • My life coach says I should work on my soft game.
  • Pickleball is my life, now -- dill with it.
  • I've got a fever, and the only cure is more pickleball.
  • Dinkin' and drinkin' -- the perfect afternoon.
  • Never met a pickleball court I didn't like.
  • Sorry, I can't -- pickleball calls.
  • The pickleball life is the life for me.
  • Get out the mason jars, 'cause I'm a pickling machine!
  • Bow down to the pickle queen.
  • Cookin' up something big in the kitchen!
  • Can't stop, won't stop pickling.

Cute Pickleball Quotes for Couples

Pickleball is great way to bond with your boo - but sometimes it can get a little dicey. Whether you love playing pickleball with your significant other (I do!), or it's a bit of a challenge (been there, too!) you'll probably find these pickleball quotes for couples pretty relatable.

Cute Pickleball Quotes for Couples
  • Of all the dinkers and bangers in the world, you're my favorite.
  • The couple that plays pickleball together... is probably going to need therapy.
  • Find you a man with fast hands AND soft touch.
  • Couldn't ask for a better partner, on and off the court.
  • Usually what's mine is yours -- except middle balls on my forehand. Those are mine.
  • Behind every man who misses a poach is his mixed partner glaring at him.
  • I Erne'd my wife ten times today. I'm sleeping on the couch tonight, but it was worth it.
  • I shake it, he/she/they bakes it.
  • Baby, I'll dink with you all day long.
  • Yes, he's handsome -- and you should see his communication on the pickleball court!
  • Yes, she's gorgeous -- and you should see her two-handed backhand!

Famous Pickleball Quotes

Famous Pickleball Quote
  • "My pickleball motto, however, is Rip, Bang, Win, Cake! Rip the ball, bang the ball, win the match, and celebrate with cake!" - Annaleigh Waters, Pro Pickleball Player
  • "I never thought I'd say this, as long as I can walk I'm playing pickleball, I can't wait to get back on the court." - Andre Agassi, Pro Tennis Player
  • "For me, joy + play = pickleball. I'm obsessed and try to play four to five times a week. The court might be the only place in the world where I'm fully in the now." - Brené Brown, Professor & Author, Owner of ATX Pickleballers Major League Pickleball Team
  • "On the same court, you can have a millionaire with someone living paycheck to paycheck. No one's interested in what you do for a living, only in how long you've been playing." - Simone Jardim, Pro Pickleball Player
  • "Andiamo!" - Julian Arnold, Pro Pickleball Player
  • "I absolutely love this sport, I love the game... I kind of want to try to be a bridge in the gap between tennis and pickleball." Jack Sock, Pro Tennis Player
  • "Everyone from the super young to the super old can take part. It takes minutes to learn the basics, games are short, and all you need is a net, paddle, and ball to get started. It doesn't take much skill to hit the ball, either, because it doesn't move as fast as a tennis ball. The best thing about pickleball, however, is that it's just super fun." - Bill Gates, American Business Magnate

Quotes for Real Pickleballers

Hopefully you've found a share-worthy quote to tickle your pickle. There are so many reasons to love this sport, and these sayings will help you express that. Even your friends that don't (currently) play the sport can appreciate some of these quotes -- and that's saying a lot! Now, if you'll excuse me, pickleball calls!

30+ Pickleball Quotes & Captions That Prove Why It's Awesome