10 Simple Ready-to-Go Christmas Tree Skirt Alternatives

Who says you need a skirt to hide your Christmas tree's bare bottom? Not us! Try our quick, no-fuss but stylish alternatives.

Published November 9, 2023
Grandpa Spending Time With Grandchildren Decorating Christmas Tree

Christmastime is here, or at least it's knocking on the door. The Christmas tree will soon be up and decorated. Until you notice: the tree skirt. Or lack thereof.

Don't get your jingle bells in a knot. There are plenty of alternative tree skirt ideas. There are even a few DIY Christmas tree skirts that don't require a needle and a thread. Now that Christmas is near, let's see what we can use as a Christmas tree skirt this year.

Cultivate a Luxe Vibe With a Sheepskin Rug

Woman lying in front of the Christmas tree with Christmas decorations all around her

Grab a throw rug that doesn't see much use or break out that sheepskin rug, faux or otherwise, and drape it around the bottom of the tree. Depending on the size, you may need multiple rugs. But that just gives you creative reign to play with colors and textures to match your decorations.

Christmas Hand Towels Make Great Skirt Alternatives for Tiny Trees

Christmas decorations

When I lived in a studio apartment, space was at a premium. I kept my tabletop tree in its tiny box all year round, and my Christmas decorations had to fit in a small tote that also held Halloween decorations. So a tree skirt was never really in my plan. Instead, I'd use my decorative Christmas hand towels. I never had the same skirt twice. And despite moving into a house, I continue to do this.

Wrap a Christmas Blanket or Sheet Set Around the Trunk & Stand

Little Girl Playing on Christmas Day with christmas tree in the back

You know how you seem to acquire a new festively patterned holiday blanket every year, but never another couch, chair, or bed? Turn your holiday blanket into a Christmas tree skirt in minutes. You're practically Martha Stewart. And those winter-patterned sheets you can't seem to find a full set of? You can use those too!

It doesn't need a holiday pattern to be a tree skirt. Like with a faux furry rug, opt for textures. Like a chunky blanket, fleece blanket, or even cotton. Of course, you can play around with different textures, too. Nothing says Christmas like cozy, and your decorations should be the same.

Add a Touch of Nostalgia With a Quilt 

Christmas Quilt

Doesn't everyone have a spare quilt or two just taking up shelf space in a closet? A quilt is a great way to make your tree skirt a little cozier. Use one big quilt or spread out a few around the tree, kind of like a patchwork quilt. 

Put Your Tree Stand in a Big Basket

Christmas tree in basket

Swing by the store, check your closets, or peruse the attic for a basket that has been begging for use. You can cut it up so it's wide enough to cover the supports on the bottom of the tree, or simply make one cut so you can position it before closing.

Give It a Cozy Wrap With Felt

You'll need about four yards of felt for this one, but once you have it, there's not much more to do. Wrap a single color or use red and green or other wintery hues to create a warm and colorful tree skirt that doesn't take more than five minutes. And if you're feeling crafty, you can add candy canes, santa hats, or snowmen too. Using felt and a little glue is also a great way to get the littles involved or keep them busy while you take care of wrapping.

Drape It With Garland

Women making christmas garland

Make the tree green from top to bottom. Circle the base of the tree with garland, spiraling out that festive greenery along the ground until the tree skirt is the size you'd like. Don't forget to add a little tinsel or decorative streamers to complete the look.

Build a Snowy Village Scene Around the Base

Boy Setting Up The Christmas Village Display

Start with a white sheet that you wrap around the base (or use cotton batting). That's your snow.  Then circle the edge of the skirt with a Christmas village. Now your tree is festive, and you have extra shelf space available for even more decorations. Win, win, win! 

Give Old Sweaters New Life

Those sweaters that are just a touch too worn out to wear other than around the house are the perfect solution to a Christmas tree skirt that every member of the family participates in. No two years will be the same, and you can change it up as you see fit from day to day. No need to sew. Just drape them all around the tree in an eye-pleasing arrangement. It's also a great way to upcycle the previous years' ugly Christmas sweaters.

Go Rustic With Burlap

Little decorated Christmas tree background

Get rustic and back to nature with a burlap sack instead of a traditional skirt. Whether you layer and wrap the burlap sack around the tree and spread a few more underneath or only opt for one burlap sack, it's a minimalistic and easy way to create a tree skirt.

Give Your Tree a Fashionable Makeover

These Christmas tree skirt alternatives are low-key, high-impact ways to wrap the base of your tree this season. So when you put up that tree and can't find your tree skirt (or you never got around to buying one in the first place), break out these creative solutions for a look that'll have everyone asking you for your secret. You are the champion of Christmas tree skirts. 

10 Simple Ready-to-Go Christmas Tree Skirt Alternatives