17 Christmas Eve Memes to Keep Laughing Until Santa Arrives

December 23 & 24 are for family gatherings & laughing until you cry. From Christmas Eve Eve to Christmas Eve, these memes might help you get started.

Published December 12, 2023

Christmas Eve memes (and Christmas Eve Eve memes) take your mind off the family gathering and all the gifts still left to wrap. They also remind you that laughter is the best medicine for the holiday blues. Sit back while you wait for Christmas to arrive and have a hearty holiday laugh. 

Moms on Christmas Eve Vibes


We buy the gifts and stay up all night wrapping while Dad eats the cookies and prepares for a morning of cleaning up paper. Something doesn't add up here. 

Merry Christmas Eve Eve Family


Yes, we will wear deer antlers. Yes, we will find an excuse to wear lights as an outfit. Yes, we will wish everyone a merry Christmas Eve Eve despite it not being a real thing.

Dysfunctional, Yet Funny


We laugh to keep ourselves from crying — *sips eggnog while Uncle Don and Aunt Jen fight in the living room.*

We All Know What the Christmas Eve Gift Is


It's pajamas. Every single year, it's pajamas. But we fake a surprise face anyway.

You Get a Boundary! And You Get a Boundary!


They may not like it, but it's what they're getting. Merry Christmas, fam! 

Just One More Night


Tonight, I'm civil for Santa. Tomorrow, all bets are off.

I'm Asking Santa for Credit This Year


Want to know what really broke the budget this year? The fruit for the fruitcake. 

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!


December 23rd? Never heard of it.

Me, Myself, and My Snack


Everyone showed up for the Christmas Eve party. But I prefer the company of my snacks. 

Making Spirits...Annoyed


I can't sing like Mariah, but that won't stop me from trying to hit the high notes.

The Other Bad Santa


Thanks a lot, Santa. There better be noise-cancelling headphones under the tree for me. 

Mom's Christmas List


Some sleep would be nice, too. Think you can handle that, Santa?

Sure, They Fit


A few sizes too small there, Mom. Ever heard of just giving me cash?

A Christmas Surprise


Maybe two weeks of behaving was enough to cover the year.

So...That's It?


I was just making sure I got all the paper out. So, it's just the socks then? 

Good One, Dad


Hey Dad, maybe you should try just quietly observing this year. 

Have a Merry & Laughter-Filled Christmas


From the dreaded family gatherings to the not-so-perfect gifts, laughing at life makes the holidays a bit more bearable. We hope you have a very Merry Christmas Eve (or Eve Eve) and a very laughy New Year.

17 Christmas Eve Memes to Keep Laughing Until Santa Arrives