10 Most Popular Halloween Candies (& 5 Least Popular)

Of the 10 most popular Halloween candies, #7 definitely surprised us the most.

Published September 29, 2023
Trick or Treat tradition on Halloween

Handing out candy to cute little monsters and ghouls is just part of the magic on All Hallows' Eve. If you’re striving to be the coolest house on the block, you might be curious about the most popular Halloween candies. Based on candy sales data and consumer surveys, we discovered which sweet treats are the top 10 favorites, along with the least popular. That way, you'll know exactly which kinds you should (and shouldn’t) buy.

10 Most Popular Halloween Candies

Everyone has their own preference in the age-old chocolate vs. fruity candy debate, but apparently, chocolate comes out on top when it comes to Halloween candies. You can’t go wrong handing these 10 popular sweets out on Halloween. 

Most Popular Halloween Candy Infographic

10. Butterfinger

The crispy, peanut buttery Butterfinger is a classic Halloween candy choice that’s been around since 1923. The recipe has changed a bit over the years, but kiddos still love finding them in their trick-or-treat bags.


They’re caramelly, they’re chocolaty, and they’re practically two candy bars in one (because you get two of the chocolate-covered shortbreads in one pack). Who doesn’t love biting into a TWIX?

8. Kit Kat

Kit Kats are always a crowd-pleaser. They’re a pretty straightforward candy with a wafer center and chocolate coating, but that definitely doesn’t make them boring. You can find Kit Kats in a regular size or fun size, which are perfect for Halloween.

7. Hot Tamales

Hot Tamales are a surprising candy to find on the top 10 list, but we get it. They’re a nice change from all the chocolaty choices, with that spicy cinnamon flavor and chewy interior. Hand out full-sized boxes or little treat-sized pouches.

6. Hershey’s Bar

Hershey’s chocolate bars come in tons of different flavors, including the classic milk chocolate, dark chocolate, ones containing almonds, and so many more. They’re all big hits on Halloween, but our personal favorite is cookies ‘n’ creme. Yum.

5. Sour Patch Kids

Sour Patch Kids are tart, fruit gummy “kids” that human children love to sink their teeth into. Unlike a lot of the other candies that have been around for decades, Sour Patch Kids were introduced in the 80s. Along with the kids, you can also find Sour Patch Watermelons.

Quick Tip

Sour Patch Kids are vegan, so they’re an awesome and inclusive Halloween candy choice. 

4. Skittles

Coming in at number four are Skittles, the tiny, chewy, fruity candies that you can just pop into your mouth. Stock up on Fun Size bags of these treats in the original flavor or one of the many special varieties. They even make a Halloween kind called “Shriekers!” that are sour. We’re in!


Would you believe this Halloween candy was named after the creator’s horse? It’s true. SNICKERS bars have been a favorite for decades, so it’s no surprise they made the list at number three. The nougat, chocolate, caramel, and peanut-loaded treat comes in different variations, like an almond or white chocolate kind, but we think the OG SNICKERS are definitely the best.

2. M&M's

These popular button-sized chocolate candies are perfect for sharing, but there’s absolutely no shame in keeping them to yourself. Whether it’s the classic, peanut, almond, pretzel, peanut butter, or another of the dozens (yes, dozens!) of different M&M’s flavors, there’s no question that trick-or-treaters absolutely love M&M’s.

Quick Tip

Mars, the makers of M&M’s, SNICKERS, Twix, and other chocolaty treats, actually sells a Halloween variety pack with all their most popular Halloween candy.

1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

And the number one most popular Halloween candy is none other than the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. The delicious combo of soft peanut butter and chocolate just melts in your mouth and will melt in your hand (or trick-or-treat pail) if you’re not careful! You’re sure to be the most popular house on the street if you hand these confections out.

Least Popular Halloween Candy

There are some candies that feel like a waste of space in our trick-or-treat bag. If you groan every time you see one of these dreaded sweets, you’re not alone. Introducing the worst Halloween candies everyone loves to hate.

  1. Circus Peanuts
  2. Candy Corn
  3. Good & Plenty
  4. Smarties
  5. Tootsie Rolls

Spooktacular Halloween Candy for Everyone

There’s no denying that people love candy, particularly around Halloween. Give the people what they want by bringing one of these popular candy types to a spooky work shindig or Halloween party. Or just show off your scary good candy knowledge. We’re sure it’ll come in handy. 

10 Most Popular Halloween Candies (& 5 Least Popular)