9 Free Printable Halloween Coloring Pages for the Spookiest Season

Keep those kiddos busy, happy, and creative this Halloween.

Published September 8, 2023
Kids in Halloween costumes doing crafts front yard

Make this Halloween totally spooktacular by breaking out the crayons, colored pencils, and markers. All you need are some Halloween coloring pages to get creative and keep kids occupied at the same time. We won't tell anyone if you sneak some candy from the Halloween stash while they're busy with the crayons.

Haunted House Halloween Coloring Pages

Halloween is all about haunted houses, but you don't have to tour one to get in on the fun. These Halloween printable coloring pages show spooky places without being super scary.

Quick Tip

To print these Halloween coloring pages, simply click on the images. If you need help downloading the printable, check out these helpful tips.

Simple Haunted House

This simple haunted house page is the perfect way to inspire creativity, and it comes complete with bats and a full moon. Preschoolers can have a blast with this uncomplicated design, but it's also fun for older kids who want to experiment with shading and other cool skills.

Haunted House With Ghosts and Pumpkins

Along with a classic haunted house, why not add in some ghosts and pumpkins to make it even more boo-tiful? Kids can even add additional faces to the blank pumpkins if they're feeling super creative.

Haunted House Hidden Picture Page

Where can you find a bat, a black cat, and a witch's pointy hat? This Halloween coloring page! It's a hidden picture as well as a totally fun coloring design.

Quick Tip

Expand your creative fun by turning Halloween coloring sheets into writing prompts. Kids can create a story to go with the picture.

Witch Coloring Pages for Halloween

Speaking of witches, they're pretty awesome to color too. Witch your little ones a happy Halloween with one of these adorable designs.

Friendly (and Simple) Witch Printable

This friendly witch on her broomstick is the perfect activity for preschoolers and others who might be scared off by more menacing images. Plus, it's a super simple design that little ones can enjoy frustration-free. Older kids can get funky with shading.

Cute Witch Coloring Page With Cauldron

This coloring sheet is ideal for kids who want a cute witch page with a touch of Halloween spookiness. The witch's smile and crooked hat are sweet and fun, but what's she stirring into her witchy cauldron?

Smiling Witch With Scary Cat

This adorable witch will also be a hit with kids of multiple ages. Her cool and wild hair, unique witch outfit, and slightly scary cat companion all make her unique.

Scary Witch Face Coloring Sheet

If you're looking for a fun but slightly funky take on the popular Halloween witch idea, this witch face printable will fit the bill. She's scary but not totally terrifying, so kids will love the thrill of coloring this one.

Frankenstein Coloring Sheet

Who says Frankenstein has to be scary? This monstrously cute coloring sheet proves otherwise. Kiddos love coloring him and adding details like shading or decorations.

Happy Pumpkin Halloween Coloring Sheet

If you ask us, Halloween just isn't complete without a pumpkin to color. This is the happiest gourd we've ever seen, so get your orange crayons ready for action.

Quick Tip

It's always nice when kids' artwork does double duty, so here's a hint: Use these free printable Halloween coloring sheets for decorations around your home or classroom. Kids will love seeing their work displayed.

Keep Kids Occupied and Entertained

Halloween can be a busy season (as anyone who has tried to make a costume can tell you). Halloween coloring sheets can help keep kiddos occupied and entertained while you're doing all the things (or raiding that secret candy stash).

9 Free Printable Halloween Coloring Pages for the Spookiest Season