The Ultimate Fortune Teller Costume: DIY Ideas to Try

We don't need a crystal ball to see an amazing fortune teller outfit in your future.

Updated October 13, 2023
Fortune Teller With Crystal Ball

Whether you're headed to a costume party, dressing up for Halloween, or participating in an event, there are few costumes as fun to assemble as a fortune teller outfit. From the flashy and funky accessories to the props that ooze atmosphere, this costume is all about customization and originality. Start rehearsing predictions in your spooky fortune teller voice, because this costume will come together easily!

Start With the "Basic" Look

The "basic" fortune teller look is really anything but basic, but fortunately it's fairly simple to put together. Begin by choosing a long skirt and a draped long top. These can be items you already own, but if you don't have them, a quick trip to the nearest Goodwill or thrift store should have you covered. Go for dark colors, such as black, red, deep blue, or forest green. Bonus points for fancy fringe, velvet, brocade, and other touches.

fortune teller costume

Add Tons of Gold Jewelry

Next, you'll need a lot of gold-toned costume jewelry, especially dangling hoop earrings, layered chain necklaces, and bracelets. The key is quantity here, not necessarily quality. This is definitely a case of more is more. Shop your own costume jewelry collection, borrow things from friends and family, or look for items at thrift stores and discount retailers.

Top It Off With a Jingling Headpiece

Make your own fortune teller headpiece by converting a gold coin necklace into a hair accessory. Use wire cutters to trim it to fit across your forehead and then secure it to your hair with bobby pins. Alternatively, you can buy a pre-made headpiece, such as a metal coin headband, which retails for under $10 on Amazon.

Quick Tip

The craft store is your friend here too. Hit the discount bins to see if you can find small bells and coin charms. String them all on a thin ribbon and you're good to go.

Amp Up Your Homemade Fortune Teller Costume

When it comes to making a fortune teller costume, DIY ideas can take tons of different forms. After you've assembled the outfit, it's time to take it to the next level with your choice of amazing extra embellishments. Consider some of these over-the-top extras.

Arcade Fortune Teller

Fortune Teller at amusement park arcade.

You may remember those creepy-cool arcade fortune tellers where you put a coin in and received a fortune. Emulate this idea by adding an arcade frame to your outfit.

Use a large cardboard box, cut to create a decorative open frame. Stretch two strips of wide elastic across the inside of the box to allow it to sit comfortably on your shoulders. Paint the interior a dark color and the exterior gold.

Quick Tip

Want even more magic? You can even add battery-powered twinkle lights.

Tarot Table

Attach a table to your costume for reading tarot cards. Get a thin piece of wood or a sheet of heavy cardboard and cut it to the desired size. Use a staple gun to attach wide strap webbing, which you can buy by the yard at any fabric store. Staple two strap ends to the front of the table and two to the back. Then, slip the straps over your shoulders like you're putting on a backpack backwards.

Paint the table gold, red, or another fun color, and lay tarot cards on top. If you want an even cooler effect, glue battery-powered candles to the top of the table.

Light Up Crystal Ball

Mysterious fortune teller in black dress with magical crystal ball pointing to the customer palm

Make your own crystal ball with a few simple supplies. Start with a basic ball vase, such as the Eastland Bubble Ball Vase, which you can buy for about $3 from Quick Candles. If you wish, spray paint the inside with silver spray paint or leave it clear. Stuff it with cotton batting or fake spiderwebs and add a string of battery-powered twinkle lights. You'll be ready to tell fortunes in no time.

Palm Reading Sign

Advertise your services with a sign you wear on the front of your costume. Cut a piece of posterboard to be about the width of your body. Decorate it with advertisements for palm readings, including a picture of a hand. Make holes in the top two corners of the sign and thread a wide ribbon through them. Tie the ends around your waist like a belt.

Turn Heads With Makeup

No matter how you choose to embellish your homemade fortune teller costume, remember to wear plenty of makeup. Add dark eyes, red or gold lips, and plenty of mascara to make your look really convincing. You won't need special powers to predict your costume will turn heads at your party or event.

The Ultimate Fortune Teller Costume: DIY Ideas to Try