Barbie & Ken Costume Ideas for a Barbie Land Halloween

Crafting a couples Barbie Halloween costume is easier than you think, and it's so fun to put together.

Published October 4, 2023
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Young Woman With Barbie Costume

A Barbie and Ken Halloween costume might be the ultimate couple’s look for spooky season parties and events. The best thing about going as Barbie and Ken for Halloween — besides looking like an absolutely iconic couple — is that the costumes are pretty easy to put together. There are a few ways you can channel the power couple with your Halloween look, and each is just as fabulous as the next.

How to Build a Barbie & Ken Halloween Costume

Before you start pulling pieces for your ultimate couple costume, you’ll need to decide on what version of Barbie and Ken you and your sweetheart want to be. If you plan to piece your outfits together or thrift most of your Halloween wardrobe, these Barbie and Ken looks might be the easiest to execute.

Movie-Inspired Barbie & Ken

There’s no denying that the popularity of Barbie, the movie, has influenced many couples to choose the Barbie and Ken look for Halloween. If you loved the movie, then show off your support with a Barbie and Ken outfit inspired by the film.

When images from the film first started circulating, many of us gasped with glee to see Margo Robbie as Barbie in the pretty pink gingham dress alongside a denim-clad Ken (Ryan Gosling). This look is relatively easy to replicate, since you might already own some of the pieces or can easily find them thrifting. Here’s how to get the look.


Movie inspired Barbie costume

Here's how you can get Barbie's iconic look. 

  • Mini or midi gingham dress in pink and white, preferably with spaghetti straps (look for a full, a-line skirt)
  • White strappy stilettos or sandals
  • White pearl necklace (if you can find a large floral necklace in white, even better)
  • Pink bow for your hair


Movie Ken Costume

Get ready to beach with the perfect Ken ensemble. 

  • White boxers with “KEN” written on the waistband (a black marker should do the trick)
  • Denim jeans
  • Denim vest
  • White sneakers

Costume Tips

Take your costume to the next level with helpful tips. 

  • This look is so iconic that you don’t have to add in the blonde hair for both characters, but it definitely helps sell the concept.
  • If it’s chilly on Halloween, layer tights for Barbie and a long sleeve flesh-toned shirt for Ken to stay warm. 
  • Remember to style Barbie’s hair in a high ponytail, complete with the pink bow. 
  • A pink and white gingham belt around Barbie’s waist also helps.
  • Swap Barbie’s white strappy shoes for pink pumps, if needed.
  • Add some pink details (like a watch or ascot) to Ken’s look to help the outfits complement one another.

Cowgirl Barbie & Cowboy Ken

Cowgirl Barbie and Ken is another iconic look from the recent film, but it’s one of the many outfits in the movie that channels a look Barbie has rocked before. This one calls for more specific pieces, but it’s worth the effort if you can pull it off. Here's what you need to recreate the outfits:


Cowgirl Barbie Halloween outfit

Get cowgirl Barbie's glam look.

  • Hot pink flared pants (yoga pants or jeans can work)
  • Hot pink vest
  • Pink bandana
  • White cowgirl boots
  • White cowboy hat
Need to Know

A long, blonde wig will help other party-goers know exactly who you're meant to be at a glance.


Ken Cowboy Outfit

Rock Ken's cowboy style with a great outfit. 

  • Black jeans or pants
  • Black button-down shirt (preferably with western-theme trim)
  • Black or white cowboy boots
  • White cowboy hat
  • Pink bandana

Costume Tips

Saddle up to be the best cowdolls at the rodeo with our helpful tips. 

  • Barbie and Ken should both wear the bandanas as ascots around their neck.
  • Grab some press-on stars from your local craft store to give your pink pants the bedazzled look from the movie.
  • If you can’t find a western shirt for Ken, add the tassel details with two strands of white fringe and fabric glue.
  • You can totally swap the white hats for pink ones.
  • No cowboy boots? Any white or pink shoes should work for Barbie and white or black for Ken.
  • Swap Barbie’s vest for a pink button shirt if needed.
  • Adding a lasso for Ken would be cute.

Workout Barbie & Ken

Barbie and Ken know that couples who work out together stay together. That’s why their matching gym look is the costume sure to win you a cute couple’s category prize at your Halloween party.


Malibu Skater Barbie Costume

Get Barbie's dazzling neon look with these elements. 

  • Pink bike shorts or leggings
  • Leotard in any color (Barbie herself might choose pink or black)
  • Pink zipper sweatshirt
  • Leg warmers
  • Pumps or platform sneakers (this is Barbie we’re talking about)
  • Pink sweatband


Workout Ken costume

No need to be understated gym dude when you're going as Ken. Pump up the pink. 

  • Pink gym shorts
  • Pink tee-shirt or tank (extra points if you can find one with a Malibu vibe)
  • Zipper hoodie
  • White sneakers
  • Pink sweatband

Costume Tips

Here's how to add details that complete the look. 

  • Since this look isn’t based on a specific outfit, you can swap colors and styles as needed.
  • If a leotard is tough to come by, try a simplistic one-piece swimsuit for Barbie’s look.
  • You can forgo the leotard for Barbie and trade the zipper hoodie for a sweatshirt (pink, of course).
  • If you don’t have leg warmers, cut the feet out of a pair of tall socks and scrunch them around your ankles.
  • The pumps won’t make or break Barbie’s outfit, so swap them for sneakers if needed.
  • Sticking to pink for Ken might help sell the look.
  • The sweatbands are optional, but they definitely have the Ken and Barbie vibe.

Classic Barbie & Ken

If a movie-inspired look or an interpretive costume isn’t right for you, then the iconic and classic looks of the original Ken and Barbie might be more your speed. 

Barbie debuted in her unforgettable black and white swimsuit, while Ken wore nothing but red swim shorts for his first appearance. So, style your couple's costume around their unforgettable looks.


Classic Barbie Costume

Here's how to use classic Barbie as costume inspo.

  • Black and white one-piece swimsuit
  • Red or black strappy heels or wedges
  • White cat eye sunglasses 
  • Red bow for your hair


Classic Ken Costume

Classic Ken is an easy look to accomplish. 

  • Red swimming trunks or shorts
  • Red or white towel
  • Sandals or flip flops

Costume Tips

It's easy to adapt your look. 

  • If you can’t find a swimsuit in the correct pattern, a short dress or romper might be easier to come by.
  • Curl Barbie’s hair before tying it up in the red ribbon for this look. 
  • Ken can totally wear a shirt for this look so he doesn’t freeze in chilly October temps.
  • Adding “KEN” to the towel might help communicate the look, so Ken isn’t confused as a regular lifeguard. 
  • Add pearl earrings and a necklace to Barbie’s look. She certainly wouldn’t object.
Quick Tip

Barbie can never have too many accessories, so don't be afraid to add as many as you can to the costume.

Grab These Ken & Barbie Looks on Amazon

If you just can’t get the look you’re going for with what you already have, an Amazon order might do the trick. In fact, you can get everything you need for Barbie and Ken costumes on the site.

Blue Plaid Dress Barbie Costume
  • Barbie Wig: Barbie’s most iconic accessory, besides Ken, is her platinum blonde hair. This wig comes with the accessories for either the cowgirl or gingham dress look.
  • Ken Wig: Hey, Ken needs to look the part, as well. This blonde wig is perfect for Barbie’s fair-haired companion. 
  • Wearable Barbie Box: There will be no doubt about who your costume is based on with a wearable pink Barbie box. 
  • President Barbie Sash: Get specific with your Barbie look and rock a president sash. 
  • Barbie Roller Skate Costume: Skip hunting for outfit pieces and sport an easy Barbie roller skate costume instead. 
  • Ken Roller Skate Costume: Don’t forget Ken’s roller skating ensemble.
  • Barbie Pink Dress: Build your Barbie costume with a hot pink dress. 
  • Black and White Swimsuit: Barbie’s debut look is easy with this black and white bathing suit.
  • Pink Gingham Dress: Start your pink gingham Barbie look with this dress.
  • Pink Men’s Blazer: If you’re planning glam Barbie and Ken outfits, Ken will need this pink blazer. 
  • Cowgirl Barbie Costume: If you can’t make your own, try this Barbie cowgirl costume instead. 
  • Ken’s Cowboy Shirt: The western-style shirt might be hard to find, so grab the Ken-specific version. 
  • Barbie Necklace: With this necklace on, everyone will get your costume right away. 
  • Ken Shirt: If you have a reluctant Ken as your Halloween date, just give him this shirt to wear. 
  • Barbie Towel: Grab a Barbie towel for your Barbie and Ken swimwear look. 

Get Specific With Your Barbie Look

If you’re worried about blending into all the other Barbie girls this Halloween, make your costume career-specific to stand out. Choose one of Barbie’s famous careers to showcase while you’re dressed as the blonde bombshell. 

Barbie Movie Costume Blue Ribbon Ensemble
  • Astronaut Barbie
  • Flight attendant Barbie
  • Doctor/Veterinarian Barbie
  • Sailor Barbie
  • Aerobics instructor Barbie
  • Barbie Princess
  • Holiday Barbie
  • Construction Barbie
  • Barbie for President

Be a Barbie Girl in the Real World

She was the girl so many of us hoped to be some day. And now, thanks to Halloween, we can be. For one night, be a Barbie girl (alongside your beloved Ken, of course) and show the world all the things one girl can do.

Barbie & Ken Costume Ideas for a Barbie Land Halloween