Hilarious Halloween Mad Libs: 8 Printables for Every Age

Words can be so fun, it's scary. Especially when they're used in a spooky mad lib.

Published October 11, 2023
Children having fun celebrating Halloween

Fun abounds during Halloween, and some word game hilarity can ensue with spooky mad libs. These can be great for parents to do with kids when there's some downtime in the month of October or if you need an after-dinner activity as Halloween approaches.  You might need a cute story for your elementary class or some funny Halloween mad libs to get high schoolers chatting about grammar.

Or maybe you just want some good, old-fashioned fun this Halloween to get your family and friends laughing. No matter your goal, this educational word game should get you a few giggles from all ages.

Cute Halloween Mad Libs for Elementary School

Ah, the time in childhood when everything is simple. Even a spooky-themed mad lib for Halloween. These samples and printables range from easy and conversational to a little more creative.

Make a Halloween Prediction

This short and sweet Halloween mad lib is a fun way to help a class or group of kids get to know one another better leading up to the candy-centered holiday. Without too much of a focus on complicated grammar elements, this simple mad lib is just a fun way to predict how Halloween might play out this year and share some fun expectations.

Halloween is almost here and I’m getting so ____ (adjective)! I can’t wait to go trick or treating in my ____ (color) costume.

I hope I get a lot of ____ (favorite candy). One year I dressed up as a ____ (Halloween costume you’ve worn before), but it would be so cool to be a ____ (Halloween costume) this year.

If I get any ____ (Halloween candy you don’t like) this year, I’m going to trade it for ____ (candy you do like). No matter what candy I get, I think trick or treating will be (____ adjective)!

Need to Know

The simple approach of this mad lib is best for kindergarten to second grade. They might need help with the reading, but they'll most likely have an answer for their favorite candy.

Share a Cute Story About Facing Fear

This time of year can be frightening for little ones, but this mad lib might help them feel seen and comforted. This story provides a heartwarming tale, a bit more of a challenge, and a fairytale format that kids are probably familiar with.

On a ____ (adjective) Halloween night, ____ (number) years ago, one little boy faced his biggest fear. He was so afraid of ____ (Halloween monster) that he never went out trick or treating on Halloween night. He would hide in his ____ (noun) and spend the whole night eating ____ (food). 

Finally, he decided he would rather spend Halloween eating ____ (candy), so he worked up the courage to put on his ____ (adjective) costume. Once he went outside, he decided to ____ (adverb) ____ (verb). Before he reached ____ (noun), he spotted a ____ (Halloween monster). He tried to ____ (verb), but he was frozen with fear. 

As the ____ (adjective) monster came closer, he heard a familiar voice. It was then that he realized it wasn’t a ____ (Halloween monster). It was his best friend, ____ (proper noun). That’s when he realized that the ____ (adjective) monsters on Halloween were all just ____ (adjective) little kids like him.

Quick Tip

If you're a Halloween party parent for your child's elementary class, mad libs can be a fun activity to add to the class party. You can do it together and call on different kids to answer, then read the end result aloud. 

Write a Homemade Halloween Candy Recipe

Ready to have some sugar-induced laughs? This mad lib blends creativity and humor for a silly homemade Halloween candy recipe that could end up yummy or questionable by the time each blank is filled in.

This is my recipe for the most ____ (adjective) homemade Halloween candy ever. It tastes just like ____ (Halloween candy) and ____ Halloween candy). Here’s my ____ (adjective) recipe:

First, start by chopping up ____ (food) with a ____ (noun) and place them in a bowl.

Next, you’ll add ____ (number) cups of sugar. ____ (Verb) the mixture for ____ (number) minutes.

Now you will ____ (adverb) mix in 3 ____ (types of candy) and a ____ (fruit).

Bake your homemade candy for ____ (number) minutes or until it’s ____ (color).

____ (Adverb) take out of the oven, place it on a ____ (noun), and let it cool.

In ____ (number) minutes, you’ll get to dig into your ____ (adjective) homemade Halloween candy! 

Helpful Hack

This Halloween mad lib is perfect for a group of kids to contribute to one hilarious recipe made with a class effort.

Help Middle Schoolers Laugh & Learn

Not everyone finds grammar and sentence structure interesting concepts to discuss, especially in middle school. But a Halloween-themed mad lib might actually encourage some serious learning while you're having a laugh at the same time.

A Spooky Halloween Adventure

At this age, many middle schoolers might be as interested in the frights of Halloween as they are in the candy. This story provides age-appropriate spookiness, and it's a great opportunity to test those growing language skills. 

One ____ (adjective) Halloween night, ____ (proper noun) went out for a ____ (action verb). Suddenly, there was a ____ (adjective) sound that ____ (past tense verb) the night sky. Breaking into a ____ (action verb), ____ (proper noun) moved with ____ (uncountable noun). 

As the sound ____ (intransitive verb) closer, ____ (proper pronoun) ____ (past tense verb) faster. Without thinking, ____ (pronoun) turned left toward ____ (common noun). Realizing the ____ (adverb) steps were coming closer, ____ (pronoun) turned around to get a good look at what was ____ (progressive tense verb) closer. 

At first glance, it looked like a ____ (common noun) was chasing ____ (pronoun). But, at a closer glance, there was something familiar about the ____ (noun). With a ____ (verb) of relief, ____ (proper noun) realized what ____ (pronoun) thought was a ____ (adjective) stalker, was really just a runaway ____ (Halloween decoration) from ____ (pronoun) front yard. Grabbing the rogue yard decoration, ____ (pronoun) walked home feeling a little ____ (past-tense adjective).

Try a Halloween Heist Mission

Many of us dreamed about a mission like this in middle school: sneaking some delicious Halloween candy with a group of our friends. This story has the potential to send everyone into fits of laughter.

We had a small group of ____ (adjective) friends, a bag of the world's ____ (adjective) Halloween candy, and a ____ (adjective) mission.

We had to ____ (adverb) swap a bag of ____ (adjective) candy for the bag of full-sized candy bars currently hiding under my brother's messy bed.

Would it be easy? No. Would it be worth it? Yes. Would we face ____ (noun) and ____ (noun) should we be discovered? Most likely.

But we set out to try, anyway. The candy was too ____ (adjective) to give up before we even started.

It took ____ (number) of us to complete the mission. We needed a ____ (adjective) diversion, a ____ (adjective) thief, and a ____ (adjective) mastermind to run the whole operation. 

With our plan in place, we set out at ____ (time). As predicted, ____ (proper noun) was too focused on his ____ (adjective) game to care much about what we were doing. He wouldn’t take a break for a ____ (adjective) snack for at least another ____ (number) minutes. We had time.

With a ____ (adjective) diversion set and a ____ (adjective), ____ (adjective) approach to the ____ (adjective) room, we laser-focused on the candy.

I was, of course, chosen to execute the most ____ (adjective) part of the plan: get to the candy and ____ (adverb) ____ (verb) out of the room before he noticed.

The whole thing only took ____ (number) minutes. But it felt like ____ (number) hours. As I ____ (adverb) ____ (past tense verb) my body across the room, beads of sweat started to ____(adverb) pour down my face. Once I was mere inches from the bed, he ____ (adverb) ____ (verb), nearly making me ____ (verb) in surprise.

After I recovered from that ____ (adjective) setback, I reached for the candy, covered by a pile of ____ (adjective) socks, and started my ____ (adjective) journey back to the door.

It wasn’t until I was through the door, down the stairs, and with the rest of the team that we noticed our ____ (adjective) mistake. 

This was no bag of full-size candy bars. This was a gym bag full of my brother’s ____ (adjective) football uniforms and ____ (adjective) shoes. Mission, not so complete.

Make a Monster

Halloween is all about the spooktacular monsters and a mad lib that describes a truly unique creature is exactly what the mad scientist prescribed. Just try to get through this one without laughing to the point of tears.

He was ____ (adjective). Looming at an ____ (adjective) ____ (number) feet tall, I could barely make out his ____ (adjective) ____ (noun).

This was a monster unlike anything I'd ever seen. He was ____ (adjective) and holding a ____ (noun). He would ____ (verb) in an ____ (adjective) language, exposing his ____ (adjective) ____ (noun) teeth. 

I couldn't believe my eyes. Was this ____ (adjective) monster real or did I eat too much ____ (noun) last night? 

Instead of eyes, he had two ____ (adjective) ____ (noun) on his face. His hair was ____ (adjective) and ____ (adjective). He had ____ (number) arms and there were ____ (plural noun) where his fingers should have been.

He had massive ____ (plural noun) on his back and they were made entirely of ____ (noun). He walked ____ (adverb) and it sent a shiver up my spine when I saw that his tail was made of ____ (plural noun).

He started to ____ (verb) toward me and I opened my mouth to scream. 

Before his ____ (adjective) ____ (noun) came down on my head, I sat straight up in bed and realized it was all a ____ (adjective) dream.

Find a Halloween Mad Lib High School Students Will Love

Holiday fun isn't just for kids. Those on the cusp of adulthood still love this time of year (hey, we do too) and deserve to let off some steam with a little leisurely amusement. 

A Relatable Wardrobe Crisis

Many high schoolers know the stress of choosing a Halloween costume for a party or a contest. This mad lib is a bit longer than the average — you've gotta love a good challenge — but it's relatable in many ways.

There wasn’t much time left. The ____ (adjective) Halloween party started in just ____ (number) minutes and I had no idea what to wear. My original costume was a ____ (adjective) disaster since I tried to make it myself. Turns out I’m not great at DIY.

So, I had to come up with something ____ (adjective), ____(adjective), and ____ (adjective) and I had to do it ____ (adverb). I was growing more ____ (adjective) by the minute. That’s when I spotted the shiny ____ (noun) draped over my bedroom ____ (noun). It was a little ____ (adjective), but I thought if I wore it as a ____ (noun), it would make a ____ (adjective) top for the costume I’d just conceptualized. 

I pulled the ____ (noun) over my head, only to realize it was never going to work. Unless, of course, I wanted to go to the party looking like a ____ (noun) who was still learning how to ____ (verb). No, I had to think of something else.

I ____ (adverb) peered into my closet, hoping it would give me a spark of inspiration. The only thing it gave me was a reminder that most of my clothing was in the ____( noun). 

What was I going to do? I couldn’t go to the most ____ (adjective) party of the year naked! 

That’s it! I suddenly had the most ____ (adjective) idea for a Halloween costume that wouldn’t cost a thing or require a ____ (adverb) ____ (verb).

I ran to the ____ (noun) to grab one of those yard sale signs we used in the spring and some of Dad’s fishing line. I used a ____ (noun) to punch holes into the sign and ____(past tense verb) the line through, making myself a ____ (adjective) oversized necklace.

For the final part of the costume, I needed the ____ (superlative) black marker I could find. I ____ (past tense verb) through the junk drawer, tossing out ____ (noun), old gum, and ____ (plural noun) as I went. I finally found a ____ (color) highlighter. It would do.

Later that night, I won the prize for the most ____ (adjective) Halloween costume. Beaming with ____ (noun), I accepted my prize with a ____ (adjective) sign hung around my neck which said “nudist on strike.” 

Write a Halloween Haiku 

Haikus feel silly even when they aren't crafted with random nouns and adjectives. Try to write the most hilarious or ironic Halloween haiku with this guide. It might be a short mad lib, but it has countless opportunities for laughter.

Spooky ____ (one-syllable noun) is here,

I've ____ (two-syllable past tense verb) all the ____ (two-syllable noun),

Oh no, my ____ (two-syllable noun). 

Quick Tip

Crafting a Halloween haiku with a class is a great opportunity to provide a word bank and let students create the most random and hilarious haikus they can. 

Get Creative & Have Some Laughs This Halloween

You can use mad libs for an educational game or for a casual way to enjoy some downtime. What makes this Halloween activity so exciting is that it encourages imagination and creativity. Plus, it reminds us how impactful words are, no matter the time of year.

Hilarious Halloween Mad Libs: 8 Printables for Every Age